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Confucianism In 551 B.C. a man by the name of Kongzi was born to a poor family in the province of Shandong. Kongzi is known in the western world as Confucius. Confucius saw many problems in the world in which he lived. He wanted to help make improvements, in order to change the world for the ....
Religion In China
Religion In China The religious history of China is complex, and has evolved over the centuries. Deeply interwoven into their beliefs is the worship of their ancestors. The Chinese believed that the spirits of their ancestors were watching over them, and that they could be called upon during ....
The End Of The Han Dynasty
The End of The Han Dynasty By A.D. 220 the Han Dynasty had fallen into a weakened state. Warriors from competing areas began fighting one another, throwing China into a period of civil war that would last for many years.

Even though the Han Dynasty had ended, many of the ....
Pax Sinica
Pax Sinica During the rule of the Han emperors, China enjoyed a 400 year period of peace and prosperity. During this time, the Han emperors established a strong central government that was designed to help the people, and protect them. One such innovation was the storage of food. During ....
The Silk Road
The Silk Road In order to make trade possible The Emperor Wudi began to develop what has been called in modern times, the silk road. Following this route merchant traders brought silk from China westward, and glass, linen, and gold from the West back into China.

The silk road ....
Chinese Exploration
Chinese Exploration In 139 B.C. a Han emperor by the name of Wudi sent out one of his generals to explore other nations. This general was a man by the name of Zhang Qian. Zhang Qian and his army marched throughout distant regions visiting other civilizations and nomadic tribes.

The Han Dynasty
The Han Dynasty In the year 207 B.C. a new dynasty began to rule China. This dynasty was lead by a peasant whose name was Liu Bang. Liu Bang had grown tired of the brutal leadership of the Qin Dynasty. Many other people also were tired of the Qin. Liu Bang proclaimed that the Qin had lost the ....
Qin Dynasty Ends
Qin Dynasty Ends By 210 B.C. the peasants were tired of being forced to build one project after another for their emperor. The noblemen were upset that their power had been taken away, and the scholars were upset at the emperor who had ordered all the books to be burned.

In ....
The Great Wall Of China
The Great Wall of China Early emperors had built walls in the northern territories to protect their nation against attack from outside forces. These walls were spread across the landscape, and not connected. Qin was an ambitious leader. He ordered his people to connect the existing walls ....
Qin Building Projects
Qin Building Projects The Qin emperor set out to build up China into the most glorious nation on Earth. In order to do this he needed labor. Qin used the peasants, forcing them to work under slave conditions, so that he could build roads, bridges, canals, buildings, and his most famous ....

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Current Affairs
♦ PRAGATI प्‍लेटफार्म एक _____________ स्तरीय प्रणाली है। » 3
♦ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा दिवस कब मनाया गया? » 24 जनवरी
♦ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा दिवस कब घोषित किया गया था? » 3 दिसंबर, 2018
♦ भारत-पाकिस्तान युद्ध कब स्थापित किया गया था? » 1965
♦ शिक्षा का अधिकार भारतीय संविधान के ____________ में डाला गया था » अनुच्छेद 21-ए
♦ ऑपरेशन शरद हवा कब खत्म हुआ? » 27 जनवरी, 2021
♦ शिक्षा का अधिकार ____________ आयु वर्ग के बच्चों के लिए एक बुनियादी अधिकार है। » 6 से 14
♦ मानव अधिकारों की सार्वभौमिक घोषणा के ____________ में शिक्षा का अधिकार शामिल है। » अनुच्छेद 26
♦ पेरियार टाइगर रिजर्व कहाँ स्थित है? » केरला
♦ नवंबर 2020 तक, भारत की स्थापित सौर ऊर्जा क्षमता ____________ है » 36.9 GW