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Current Affairs June 2021

Q.1 Which state of India lauched Animal Ambulance Network first?

A. Andhra Pradesh B. Madhya Pradesh C. Kerala D. Karnataka

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: The state government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to establish "the first government-operated ambulance network in India" for animals. This decision was made to further promote the state’s livestock and veterinary departments.

Q.2 Soyuz is manufactured in _____________.

A. China B. Russia C. Germany D. Japan

Correct Ans:Option B

Explanation: The Soyuz is a series of Soviet expendable launch systems developed by OKB-1. It was manufactured by the Progress Rocket Space Center in Samar located in Russia. This is the most commonly used launch vehicle(LV) in the world.

Q.3 Fins of alligator can grow upto _____________ feet

A. 10 B. 11 C. 12 D. 13

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: Alligator finches naturally exist in the fresh waters of North America. It can grow up to 10 feet. They were brought to India to be sold as aquarium species. Although they look fierce, they do not pose a threat to humans, nor do they attack humans.


Q.4 Where is Archaeological Society of India located?

A. New Delhi B. Kolkata C. Chennai D. Mumbai

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: The Archaeological Survey of India is an Indian government agency attached to the Ministry of Culture that is responsible for archaeological research and the conservation and preservation of cultural monuments in the country located in New Delhi.

Q.5 In India, rhinos are mainly distributed in ____________.

A. Assam B. West Bengal C. Uttar Pradesh D. All the above

Correct Ans:Option D

Explanation: In India, rhinos are mainly distributed in Assam, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Assam has an estimated 2,640 rhinos in four protected areas, namely Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park, Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park.


Q.6 UN Human Rights Council was established in ____________.

A. 2006 B. 2005 C. 2004 D. 2003

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: The council was established by the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) in 2006. It replaced the former UN Human Rights Commission The headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland.


Q.7 When was International Meteorological Organization established?

A. 1873 B. 1875 C. 1876 D. 1877

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: World Meteorological Organization: It is a specialized agency of the United Nations, with 193 member states and regions. It originated from the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), which was established in 1873 to promote the exchange of weather information across borders.


Q.8 UNHRC consists of _____________ member states.

A. 46 B. 47 C. 48 D. 49

Correct Ans:Option B

Explanation: The UNHRC consists of 47 member states. Member states elected by a majority of the member states of the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) through direct and secret ballot. The membership of the Security Council is based on equitable geographical distribution.


Q.9 World Meteorological Day is on ______________.

A. 23rd March B. 24th March C. 25th March D. 26th March

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: World Meteorological Day 2021: Observe on March 23 every year. The anniversary is commemorated by commemorating the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization, which took effect in 1950.


Q.10 Singhraj defeated Ibragimov in World Shooting Para Sport World Cup. Ibragimov belongs to ____________.

A. Pakistan B. Afghanistan C. Uzbekistan D. Kazakhstan

Correct Ans:Option C

Explanation: Singhraj defeated Ibragimov (Uzbekistan) and won the highest honor in the P1 men's 10m air pistol SH1 final.


Q.11 Where is Lake Neknampur located?

A. Andhra Pradesh B. Telangana C. Kerala D. Karnataka

Correct Ans:Option B

Explanation: Neknampur Lake is a lake located in Telangana Hyderabad. It is often in the news due to pollution, and it is one of the famous lakes focusing on restoring biodiversity and aquatic health. It is also famous for its floating water treatment.


Q.12 When was Global Partnership between Japan and India launched?

A. 2000 B. 2001 C. 2002 D. 2003

Correct Ans:Option B

Explanation: The foundation for “Global Partnership between Japan and India” was laid in 2001. Annual bilateral summits were agreed in 2005. However, it was Abe who accelerated the pace of ties since 2012. In first term - Abe, who visited India in 2007, laid the foundation for his concept of Indo-Pacific.


Q.13 Which of the following disease is related to SAANS initiative?

A. Pneumonia B. Flu C. Covid D. None

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: SAANS Initiative: The Social Awareness and Action for Neutralize Pneumonia Successfully (SAANS) initiative was launched to accelerate the action to reduce the number of deaths from childhood pneumonia.


Q.14 In Which state One District One Product Scheme launched first?

A. Uttar Pradesh B. Madhya Pradesh C. Andhra Pradesh D. Kerala

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: First started by the Uttar Pradesh government. ODOP is aimed at giving a major push to traditional industries synonymous with the respective districts of the state.


Q.15 Where is the headquarters of National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd?

A. New Delhi B. Kolkata C. Mumbai D. Chennai

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: Nafed was setup with the object to promote Co-operative marketing of Agricultural Produce to benefit the farmers. Agricultural farmers are the main members of Nafed, who have the authority to say in the form of members of the General Body in the working of Nafed.


Q.16 When was Tiananmen Square protests happened?

A. 1989 B. 1986 C. 1985 D. 1988

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: The Tiananmen Square protests, known in China as the June Fourth Incident, were student-led demonstrations held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing during 1989.


Q.17 What is the IUCN Status of Greater One-Horned Rhino?

A. Extinct B. Vulnerable C. Endangered D. Least Concern

Correct Ans:Option B

Explanation: The Greater One-Horned Rhino is one of five different kinds of rhinos. The other four rhinos are: black rhino, white rhino, Javan rhino and Sumatran rhino There are three types of rhinos in Asia: Greater one-horned (Rhinoceros unicornis), Javan and Sumatran.


Q.18 When was National Biopharma Mission launched?

A. 2017 B. 2015 C. 2018 D. 2019

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: The National Biopharma Mission (NBM) is an industry-academia collaborative mission for accelerating biopharmaceutical development in the country. It was launched in 2017 at a total cost of Rs 1500 crore and is 50% co-funded by World Bank loan.


Q.19 When was Project Mausam launched?

A. 2015 B. 2014 C. 2017 D. 2016

Correct Ans:Option A

Explanation: Project Mausam is a cultural and economic project by the Indian Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Survey of India with the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts which aims to connect countries on the Indian Ocean. Project Mausam is launched in 2014.


Q.20 Which of the Indian States have relation Jaapi, Xorai And Gamosa like items?

A. Arunachal Pradesh B. Assam C. Mizoram D. Nagaland

Correct Ans:Option B

Explanation: Due to the upcoming parliamentary elections, decorative jaapis (field hats), hand-woven gamosas and bell-shaped metal xorais often appear in Assam. The jaapi is a conical hat made of bamboo and covered with dried tokou (a palm tree found in rainforests of Upper Assam) leaves. The jaapi is a conical hat made of bamboo and covered with dried tokou (a palm tree found in rainforests of Upper Assam) leaves. Made of bell-metal, the xorai — essentially a tray with a stand at the bottom, with or without a cover — can be found in every Assamese household.

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