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Nick Names Of Important Indian Places

Nick Names Of Important Indian Places

Nick Names of Important Indian Places

ick Names of Important Indian Places

Nick NamePlace
Golden City Amritsar
Manchester of India Ahmedabad
City of Seven Islands Mumbai
Queen of Arabian Sea Cochin
Space City Bangalore
Garden City of India Bangalore
Silicon Valley of India Bangalore
Electronic City of India


Pink City Jaipur
Gateway of India Mumbai
Twin City Hyderabad-Sikandarabad
City of Festivals Madurai
Deccan Queen Pune
City of Buildings Kolkata
Dakshin Ganga Godavari
Old Ganga Godavari
Egg Bowls of Asia Andhra Pradesh
Soya Region Madhya Pradesh
Manchester of the South Coimbatore
City of Nawabs Lucknow
Venice of the East Cochin
Sorrow of Bengal Damodar river
Sorrow of Bihar Kosi river
Blue Mountains Nilgiri
Queen of the Mountains Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)
Sacred river Ganga
Hollywood of India Mumbai
City of Castles Kolkata
State of Five Rivers Punjab
City of Weavers Panipat
City of Lakes Srinagar
Steel City of India Jamshedpur (Called Tatanagar)
City of Temples Varanasi
Mancheater of the North Kanpur
City of Rallies New Delhi
Heaven of India Jammu & Kashmir
Boston of India Ahmedabad
Garden of spices of India Kerala
Switzerland of India Kashmir
Abode of the God Prayag (Allahabad)
Pittsburg of India Jamshedpur



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