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Bahmani Kingdom

Bahmani Kingdom

Bahmani Kingdom

History of Bahmani Kingdom

  • The Bahmani Kingdom of the Deccan was the most powerful of all the independent Muslim kingdoms that arose on account of the disintegration of the Delhi Sultanate.

  • Alauddin Hasan, who took the title of Abul Muzaffar Alauddin Bahman Shah, was the first king of Bahmani Kingdom in 1347.

  • Bahman Shah selected Gulbarga as his capital and gave it the name of Ahsanabad. At the time of his death, his dominions had four provinces, namely Gulbarga, Daulatabad, Berar and Bidar.

  • Bahman Shah (1347-58) was succeeded by his elder son, Muhammad Shah I (1358-75). He had troubled relationship with Vijaynagar Empire.
  • Mujahid Shah (1375-78) succeeded Muhammad Shah. During his rule, Raichur Doab was the bone of contention between Vijaynagar and Bahmani kingdom.

  • The next ruler was Muhammad Shah II (1378-97). A man of peace, he set up monastries and public schools.

  • Muhammad Shah II was followed by his two sons, namely Ghiyasuddin and Shamsuddin. However, their rule lasted for a few months only.
  • The throne was finally captured by Tajuddin Firoz Shah (1397-1422). During his term, Bahmani Kingdom and Vijaynagar Empire were mostly in war.

  • The next ruler was Tajuddin's brother, Ahmad Shah (1422-36), who again had a fight with Vijaynagar Empire.

  • Ahmad Shah was succeeded by his son Alauddin II (1336-58).

  • Humayun (1458-61) succeeded his father Alauddin II. He was so cruel that he got the title of "Zalim" or the tyrant.

  • Humayun was succeeded by his son Nizam Shah (1461-63). He was succeeded by his brother Muhammad Shah III (1463-82).
  • During his reign, his minister Mahmud Gawan was practically the king. Mahmud won Konkan, Goa, Orissa, Kanchi, etc. Nikitin, a Russian merchant, visited Bidar during his reign.

  • Muhammad Shah III was succeeded by his son Mahmud Shah (1482-1518).

  • The last ruler of the Bahmani Kingdom was Kalim Ullah Shah (1524-27).

  • After the break up of the Bahmani Kingdom, five separate States of the Muslims came into existence:
    1. Adilshahi Kingdom of Bijapur : Founded by Yusuf Adil Shah. It was annexed by Aurangzeb in 1686.

    2. Nizam Shahi Kingdom of Ahmednagar : Founded by Malik Ahmad. It was annexed by the Mughals in 1636.

    3. Imadshahi Kingdom of Berar : Founded by Fateh Ullah Imad Shah. It was annexed by Ahmednagar in 1574.

    4. Qutub shahi Kingdom of Golconda : Founded by Qutub Shah. It was annexed by Aurangzeb in 1687.

    5. Baridshahi Kingdom of Bidar : Founded by Amir AH Barid. It was annexed by Bijapur in 1618-19.

Bahmani Kingdom



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