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Venue, Year And Presidents Of Indian National Congress (INC)

Venue, Year And Presidents Of Indian National Congress (INC)

Venue, Year and Presidents of Indian National Congress (INC)

Presidents of Indian National Congress (INC)

Year Venue President
1885, 1882 Bombay W.C.Bannerji
1886 Calcutta Dadabhai Naoroji
1893 Lahore Dadabhai Naoroji
1906 Calcutta Dadabhai Naoroji
1887 Madras Badruddin Tyyabji (fist Muslim President)
1888 Allahabad George Yule (first English President)
1889 Bombay Sir William Wedderburn
1890 Calcutta Sir Feroze S.Mehta
1895, 1902 Poona, Ahmedabad S.N.Banerjee
1905 Banaras G.K.Gokhale
1907, 1908 Surat, Madras Rasbehari Ghosh
1909 Lahore M.M.Malviya
1916 Lucknow A.C.Majumdar (Re-union of the Congress)
1917 Calcutta Annie Besant (first woman President)
1919 Amritsar Motilal Nehru
1920 Calcutta (sp.session) Lala Lajpat Rai
1921, 1922 Ahmedabad, Gaya C.R.Das
1923 Delhi (sp.session) Abdul Kalam Azad (youngest President)


1925 Kanpur Sarojini Naidu (first Indian woman President)
1928 Calcutta Motilal Nehru (first All India Youth Congress Formed)
1929 Lahore J.L.Nehru (Poorna Swaraj resolution was passed)
1931 Karachi Vallabhbhai Patel (Here, resolution on Fundamental rightsand the National Economic Program was passed)
1932, 1933 Delhi, Calcutta (Session Banned)
1934 Bombay Rajendra Prasad
1936 Lucknow J.L.Nehru
1937 Faizpur J.L.Nehru (first session in a village)
1938 Haripura S.C.Bose (a National Planning Committed set-up underJ.L.Nehru).
1939 Tripuri S.C.Bose was re-elected but had to resign due to protestby Gandhiji (as Gandhiji supported Dr.Pattabhi Sitaramayya). Rajendra Prasadwas appointed in his place.
1940 Ramgarh Abdul Kalam Azad
1946 Meerut Acharya J.B.Kriplani
1948 Jaipur Dr.Pattabhi Sitaramayya.
Belgaon M.K.Gandhi



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