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Geographical Epithets

Geographical Epithets

Geographical Epithets

List of Epithets

SI. No.Geographical EpithetsLocation
1. Bengal's Sorrow Damodar River
2. Blue Mountains Nilgiri Hills
3. Britain of the South New Zealand
4. City of the Golden Gate San Francisco (USA)
5. City of Dreaming Spires Oxford (UK)
6. City of Magnificent Distance Washington, DC, USA
7. City of Sky - Scrapers New York
8. City of Seven Hills Rome
9. City of Palaces Kolkata
10. China's Sorrow Howang-Ho
11. Cockpit of Europe Belgium
12. Dark Continent Africa
13. Eternal City Rome
14. Emerald Island Ireland
15. Empire City New York, U.S.A.
16. Forbidden City Lhasa, Tibet
17. Garden of England Kent, England
18. Gate of Tears Bab-el-mandeb, Jerusalem
19. Garden City Chicago
20. Gateway of India Mumbai
21. Gift of the Nile Egypt
22. Granite City Aberdeen, Scotland
23. Great Whiteway Broadway, New York
24. Granery of South India Tanjore
25. Hearing Pond Atlantic Ocean
26. Hermit Kingdom Korea
27. Holy Land Palestine
28. Island Continent Australia
29. Island of Cloves Zanzibar
30. Island of Pearls Bahrain
31. Key to Mediterannean Gibraltar
32. Lady with a lamp Florence Nightangle
33. Land of Lakes Scotland
34. Land of Golden Fleece Australia
35. Land of Golden Pagoda Myanmar


37. Land of Lilies Canada
38. Land of Morning Calm Korea
39. Land of Thunderbolt Bhutan
40. Land of Five Rivers Punjab, India
41. Land of Rising Sun Japan
42. Land of Midnight Sun Norway
43. Land of Thousand Lakes Finland
44. Land of Maples Canada
45. Land of White Elephant Thailand
46. Mysore Tiger Tippu Sultan
47. Manchester of India Mumbai
48. Manchester of Tamil Nadu Coimbatore
49. Never Never Land Prairies of N. Australia
50. Pearl of the Pacific Guyayaquil Port of Ecuador
51. Playground of Europe Switzerland
52. Playground of India Kashmir
53. Pearl of the Antilles Cuba
54. Pillar of Hercules Gibraltar
55. Pink City Jaipur
56. Quaker City Philadelphia, U.S.A.
57. Queen of the Adraitic Venice, Italy
58. Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi
59. Roof of the World Pamirs, Central Asia
60. Saint of the Gutters Mother Terasa
61. Sickman of Europe Turkey
62. Spice Garden of India Kerala
63. Sugar Bowl of the World Cuba
64. Venice of the East Alappuzha, India
65. Venice of the North Stockholm, Sweden
66. White City Belgrade, Yugoslavia
67. Windy City Chicago, U.S.A.
68. White Man's Grave Guinea Coast
69. World's Bread Basket Prairies of N.America
70. World's Loneliest Island Tristanda Cuntra
71. Yellow River Howang Ho
Land of Kangaroo Australia



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