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Foreign Towns And Industries

Foreign Towns And Industries

Foreign Towns and Industries

List of Foreign Towns and Industries

Town Country Industry
Aberdeen Scotland (UK) Granite mining
Abadan Iran Oil refineries
Baku Azerbaijan Petroleum
Bangkok Thailand Shipping
Belfast N.Ireland (Ulster) Ship-building, linen
Buenos Aires Argentina Dairy products
Cadiz Spain Cork
Chicago USA Gramophone, agricultural implements, meat products
Dhaka Bangladesh Jute
Detroit USA Automobiles
Dresden Germany Optical and photographic instruments
Dundee Scotland (UK) Jute, linen
Essex England (UK) Engineering works
Geneva Switzerland Watches
Glassgow Scotland (UK) Machinery, Textiles
Havana Cuba Cigars, Sugar
Hollywood USA Films
Johannesbourg South Africa Gold mines
Kansas USA Meat packing
Leeds England (UK) Woollen garments
Los Angeles USA Films, Oil mining
Lyons France Silk
Melbourne Australia Chocolate
Milan Italy Silk
New Orleans USA Cotton
Northampton UK Leather goods
Oporto Portugal Wine
Oslo Norway Paper
Ottawa Canada Paper
Pittsburgh USA Iron and Steel


Port Louis Mauritius Sugar
Sheffield England (UK) Cutlery
Rotterdam Netherlands Ship - building
Teheran Iran Carpets
Tokyo Japan Rayon and Textiles
Venice Italy Glass
Vienna Austria Glass
Wellington New Zealand Diary products
Yenang Yaung Myanmar Oil fields
England (UK) Ship - building



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