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Computer GK Question Series 2

Computer GK Question Series 2

Operating system of a computer manages

Ans : all the operations of a computer

Software that can manipulate or destroy data or programs in a computer is known as

Ans : Virus

Binary Code’ used in computers makes use of which numbers

Ans : 0 & 1

One kilobyte is equal to

Ans : 1024 bytes

Who is the architect of Supercomputer

Ans : Seymour Cray

Which computer company introduced mouse for the first time

Ans : Apple Corporation

Who developed the World Wide Web first

Ans : Timothy Berners Lee

The first large scale, general purpose digital computer



Ans : Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer

The shortcut key to print documents is

Ans : Ctrl + P

The function of key F4 in keyboard is

Ans : to repeat the last action

Name the first general purpose electronic computer




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