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Worlds Largest Biggest Smallest Speedest Longest Things

Worlds Largest Biggest Smallest Speedest Longest Things

Which is the Largest Continent

Ans : Asia

Which is the Largest Island

Ans : Greenland

Which is the Largest Ocean

Ans : Pacific

Which is the Largest Peninsula

Ans : Arabia

Which is the Largest Freshwater Lake

Ans : Lake Superior

Which is the Largest Archipelago

Ans : Indonesia

Which is the Largest Saltwater Lake

Ans : Caspian Sea

Which is the Largest Desert

Ans : Sahara (Africa)

Which is the Largest Delta

Ans : Sunderbans (Bengal)

Which is the Largest River

Ans : Nile

Which is the Smallest Continent

Ans : Australia

Which is the Highest Plateau

Ans : Pamir (Tibet)

Which is the Highest Mountain Peak

Ans : Everest (Nepal)

Wich is the Highest Mountain Range

Ans : Himalayas

Which is the Highest Lake

Ans : Titicaca

Longest Railway Platform

Ans : Kharagpur (West Bengal)

Largest Church

Ans : Basilica of St. Peters in Vatican City
Largest Park

Ans : The Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada

The largest Parliament
Ans : China

Largest Zoo
Ans : Kruger National Park, South Africa

The biggest Flower
Ans : Rafflesia

Largest Bird
Ans : Ostrich

Largest Land animal
Ans : Elephant

Largest man-like ape
Ans : Gorilla

Highest Mountain

Ans : Everest

Highest Airport

Ans : Leh

Highest waterfalls

Ans : Angel Falls, Venezuela

Oldest National Flag

Ans : Denmark

Fastest animal

Ans : Cheetah

Tallest animal

Ans : Giraffe



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