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History Of Kishangarh

History Of Kishangarh

History of Kishangarh

Kishangarh is a town which is about 27 kms from Ajmer. It was founded in 1611 by Kishan Singh a Rathore prince who was a brother of the Raja of Jodhpur. Although Kishangarh is politically important yet Kishangarh has back one of India's most famous schools of minituate paintings. One of the most famous renowned paintings is that of Krishna's consort Radha, who is depicted as a beautiful women with enchanting almond eyes.

Rajput Princes has adopted the sophisticated and luxurious painting had become an integral part.The greatest patron of Kishangarh art was Raja Satwant Singh. He was himself a painter and poet and wrote verses under the pseudonym of Nagaridas. He fell in love with a court singer, Bani Thani, who subsequently became his mistress. It is said that the famous Kishangarh Radha is made in her likeness, but in fact the lotus-eyed woman had long been the Rajput ideal of feminine beauty. In 1757, Satwant Singh abdicated and left with Bani Thani for Vrindavan. By then the excellence of Kishangarh painting was equalled only by those of the Kangra school of Himachal in the Himalayan foothills. The artists were obsessed with the Krishna leela theme, but they ,portrayed Krishna in a courtly instead of a pastoral setting. Hunting scenes were also popular, as were equestrian portraits. The paintings belonged to the Raja's of Kishangarh and were first seen by the outside world in the 1940s. Some of these exquisite masterpieces are now on view at the National Museum, New Delhi.

Twenty-Five km out o flown is Roopangarh fort which has recently been converted into a delightful hotel by the maharaja and maharani of Kishan Garh. Roopangarh was the capital of this province for about 100 years and was never conquered despite being repeatedly attacked by neighboring states. The fort was founded in 1653 by maharaja Roop Singh, the fifth ruler of Kishangarh. He was inspired to make this site his capital after watching a sheep gallantly protect her lambs from a pack of hungry wolves.

The old city of Kishangarh still has the flavor of the magic world created by the artists. Modern Kishangarh is bustling and crowded, important as a wholesale market for red chilies and a cotton-weaving center. But Kishan Singh's city is about 2.5 miles away, on the fringe of an enormous lake. A road leads to the fort and buses and tongas ply regularly.

The fort and palaces overlook the lake in the center of which is another palace, accessible by boat. The area is especially beautiful during the monsoon when the lotus blooms, and herons, egrets and ducks are to be seen.



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