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Objective General Knowledge

Objective General Knowledge

Q. Sebastian Vettel recently emerged winner in-
  1 Qater Grand Prix
  2 Malaysian Grand prix
  3 Chinese Grand Prix
  4 None of the winner
Q. Who won the Chinese Grand Prix recently?
  1 Jenson Button
  2 Sebastian Vettel
  3 Valentino Rossi
  4 Mark Webber
Q. The winner of Augusta Masters title(Golf) is-
  1 Ruchard Karlberg
  2 Phil Mickelson
  3 Tiger Woods
  4 Lee Westwood
Q. Which of the following won the Sony Ericsson Tennis Championship men's title?
  1 Lucky Dlouhy
  2 Mahesh Bhupati
  3 Leander Peas
  4 Andy Roddick
Q. How many teams participated in ICC World Twenty-20 Cup?
  1 Ten Teams
  2 Twelve Teams
  3 Eight Teams
  4 Seven Teams
Q. The champion of India Premier League-III is-
  1 Mumbai Indians
  2 Chennai Super King
  3 Deccan Chargers
  4 Rajasthan Royals
Q. The government has decided to declare the World's largest river island Majuli-
  1 A protective zone
  2 An eco-sensitive zone
  3 A national heritage
  4 None of the above
Q. SIMBEX-10 was a recently held maritime exercise between India and-
  1 USA
  2 China
  3 Malaysia
  4 Singapore
Q. Which south Asian country in April 2010 experienced heavy quake?
  1 Nepal
  2 China
  3 India
  4 Afghanistan
Q. Which of the following Indians has got prestigious Dan David Award?
  1 Amitav Ghosh
  2 Dev Anand
  3 Mani Shankar Mukherjee
  4 None of the above



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