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Objective General Knowledge

Objective General Knowledge

Q. Rabindranath Tagore was awarded Noble Prize for his literary work named
  1 Geetanjali
  2 Rajtarangini
  3 Chokher Bali
  4 Kapal Kundala
Q. Which of the following department of Indian Government takes care of education of children with physical disabilities?
  1 Ministry of Welfare
  2 Ministry of Sports
  3 Ministry of HRD
  4 Ministry of Rural Development
Q. Amrita Pritam's work "A Revenue Stamp" is
  1 A book of stories
  2 A novel
  3 A biography
  4 An autobiography
Q. "Nadi Ke Dweep" is the creation of
  1 Nirmala Verma
  2 Krishna Sobit
  3 Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh
  4 Sachidananda Heeranand Vatsyayan Agyeya
Q. The poetic work "Rashmirathi" was written by
  1 Maithilisharan Gupt
  2 Mahadevi Verma
  3 Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
  4 Surya Kant Tripathi Nirala
Q. "Operation Black Board" refers to providing schools with
  1 Enough number of black boards
  2 New type of black boards
  3 Training for using new type of black boards
  4 All essential learning materials.
Q. Transistors used in electronic equipments are mostly made of
  1 Silver
  2 Copper
  3 Silicon
  4 Carbon
Q. The disease diphtheria affects
  1 Lungs
  2 Intestine
  3 Throat
  4 Body joints
Q. Which of the following is the brightest planet as seen from the earth?
  1 Mercury
  2 Uranus
  3 Venus
  4 Mars
Q. The Harry Potter series is written by
  1 K K Rowling
  2 K J Rowling
  3 J K Rowling
  4 A K Rowling



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