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Objective General Knowledge

Objective General Knowledge

Q. The U.S. Senate, on December 24, 2009, approved the nomination of - to head the US Agency for International Development (USAID).
  1 Anil Gujral
  2 Mahesh Tyagi
  3 Rajiv Shah
  4 Pankaj Sinha
Q. Hollywood actress ----, noted for her roles in movies like The White Hotel and Clueless, died in Los Angeles after suffering a cardiac arrest on December 20, 2009.
  1 Meryl Streep
  2 Samantha Fox
  3 Eva Green
  4 Brittany Murphy
Q. Vitali Klitschko, on December 13, 2009, retained his WBC heavyweight title, scoring a unanimous points decision over - of the United States in Bern.
  1 David Clayton
  2 Kevin Johnson
  3 Mark Richardson
  4 Alex Montfort
Q. ---, on December 27, 2009, won the 38th senior National men's handball championship, dethroning Services in the final in Kolkata.
  1 Railways
  2 State Bank of India
  3 Jharkhand
  4 Chhattisgarh
Q. Boris Gelfand of Israel, on December 15, 2009 won the Chess World Cup, defeating former World champion Ruslan Ponomariov of - in Khanty Mansiysk in Russia.
  1 Latvia
  2 Uzbekistan
  3 Ukraine
  4 Russia
Q. ---, in December 2009, became the first Indian boxer to clinch a gold medal in the inter-continental President's Cup, winning the flyweight (51 kg) final in Baku.
  1 Suranjoy Singh
  2 Avinash Duggal
  3 Mohnish Sharma
  4 Dinesh Gunjal
Q. Sriram Jha, on December 9, 2009, became India's - Grandmaster by completing his final Grandmaster-norm in the 47th National premier chess championship at Mumbai.
  1 16th
  2 21st
  3 26th
  4 32nd
Q. The - Finance Commission headed by Vijay Kelkar, on December 30, 2009, submitted its five-year roadmap for fiscal consolidation to the Union Government.
  1 11th
  2 12th
  3 13th
  4 14th
Q. Reliance Industries Ltd., on December 22, 2009, announced a third successive gas discovery in the - deep-sea block in the Krishna-Godavari basin, off the east coast.
  1 D9
  2 D3
  3 D34
  4 D32
Q. On which date in 2009 did the Central Board of Direct Taxes notify the Income-tax (13th Amendment) Rules, 2009?
  1 December 11
  2 December 31
  3 December 1
  4 December 18



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