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Objective General Knowledge

Objective General Knowledge

Q. The controversial Perambikulam-Aliyar project (PAP) which is built on the river Aliyar serves mainly for irrigation purpose involves which two states
  1 Kerala & TN
  2 Kerala & Karnataka
  3 Kerala & Goa
  4 Kerala & Maharashtra
Q. Which is the only state that has applied the electronic payment facility for its traders so that they could make their VAT payment through e-payment?
  1 Gujarat
  2 Maharashtra
  3 Tamil Nadu
  4 Kerala
Q. According to the Mo-HRD there will be no examination for the 10th standard called the boards in India from the year
  1 2010
  2 2011
  3 2012
  4 2013
Q. The recently launched Oceansat-II satellite was launched by which launch vehicle of ISRO
  1 PSLV-C14
  2 PSLV-16
  3 PSLV-C
  4 PSLV-C6
Q. The medical technique that is very much similar to Ayurveda called "sowa-rigpa" has got official recognition as a way of medicine has its official book called
  1 Ringche Bomjee
  2 Rgyud-bzi
  3 Rigoche
  4 Ayur-rimponche
Q. According to the recent finding a medical journal said that the core reason for the blood pressure increase that finally leads to coronary heart disease is caused by
  1 Bacteria
  2 Virus
  3 Fungus
  4 Nemathelminthes
Q. The International Equipment machine number that is the unique identification number given to each mobile by its manufacturer has been made mandatory in India; in this context the GSM and the CDMA have the IEMN that is technically called (respectively) I International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and; II Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEI)
  1 Both are incorrect
  2 Both are correct
  3 Only I is correct
  4 Only II is correct
Q. The Asiatic Cheetah being the Asian breed that was once found in the forest of India. At present its hightest number is found in
  1 Iran
  2 Iraq
  3 Indonesia
  4 Maleyasia
Q. Which nation at present has the highest number of Cheetah in the world
  1 Namibia
  2 Tanzania
  3 Iran
  4 Kenya
Q. Which of the following statements are correct: I The SC was first set up in the Chambers of the Princes within the Parliament building. II. It was set up two days after India become independent.
  1 Both are correct
  2 Both are incorrect
  3 Only I. is correct
  4 Only II. is correct



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