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Objective General Knowledge

Objective General Knowledge

Q. Who amongst the following is the author of the book' colours of the rainbow'?
  1 A. V. Kamath
  2 Anita Nayyar
  3 Pritish Nandy
  4 Ranjita Biswas
Q. Magasaysay Awards are NOT given in which of the following categories?
  1 Literature
  2 Peace and International Understanding
  3 Music
  4 Public Service
Q. Which of the following countries is likely to become the member of the European Union as formal negotiations for the same started recently?
  1 Turkey
  2 India
  3 China
  4 None of these
Q. Which of the foolowing terms is associated with the game of Football?
  1 Scissor Kick
  2 Follow on
  3 Slice
  4 Short Corner
Q. Who amonst the following is the author of the book 'Freedom from Fear'?
  1 Nelson Mandela
  2 Aung San Suukyi
  3 Taslima Nasreen
  4 Benazir Bhutto
Q. Vyas Sanman is given for excellence in the field of -
  1 Music
  2 Literature
  3 Social Service
  4 Sports
Q. Guantanamo Bay' which has been in news in recent past is a detention cell located in -
  1 Russia
  2 Germany
  3 USA
  4 Iraq
Q. M. S. Dhoni is the first wicket-keeper to make two centuries in One-Day International Cricket in India. he made these centuries while playing against -
  1 Sri Lanka and Pakistan
  2 Pakistan and Bangladesh
  3 Bangladesh and New Zealand
  4 Australia and Sri Lanka
Q. The Government of India is planning to open Rail Link between Sealdah to Devpura. Devpura is locatd in -
  1 Nepal
  2 Bangladesh
  3 Bhutan
  4 Pakistan
Q. Which of th following jails where hundredws of freedom fighters spent their time, recently completed its 100 years?
  1 Naini Jail
  2 Tihar Jail
  3 Alipore Jail
  4 Cellular jail



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