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Railway Modal Paper

Railway Modal Paper

57. ‘India and China—A Thousand Years of Cultural Relations’ is the book written by—
(A) Probodh Chandra Bagchi
(B) K. Bikram Singh
(C) Romila Thapar
(D) None of the above
Ans : (A)

58. World Consumer Rights Day is observed on—
(A) March 12
(B) March 15
(C) March 23
(D) March 24
Ans : (B)

59. The Government of India has declared……as the National Day for the Girl Child.
(A) February 25
(B) January 27
(C) March 22
(D) January 24
Ans : (D)

60. In 2007-08, Enrolment rate for Muslim children increased to—
(A) 8·41%
(B) 10·49%
(C) 9·39%
(D) 7·25%
Ans : (B)

61. The 75th edition of Ranji Trophy was won by—
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Railways
(C) Rajasthan
(D) Mumbai
Ans : (D)

62. Recently, the scientist who came into news is—
(A) Albert Einstein
(B) Charles Darwin
(C) Newton
(D) Vikram Sarabhai
Ans : (B)

63. In the Interim Budget 2009-10 the Government of India has allocated for its flagship programmes, the amount of—
(A) Rs. 112,571 crore
(B) Rs. 122, 841 crore
(C) Rs. 131,317 crore
(D) Rs. 451,311 crore
Ans : (C)

64. The new Prime Minister of Zimbabwe is—
(A) Robert Mugabe
(B) Morgan Tsvangirai
(C) Thabo Mbeki
(D) None of the above
Ans : (B)

65. In recently held elections in Israel, the political party which emerged largest in terms of number of seats is—
(A) Likud Party
(B) Kadima Party
(C) Labour Party
(D) Yisrael Beiteinu
Ans : (A)

66. 35th National Games will be held in—
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Karnataka
(C) Gujarat
(D) Kerala
Ans : (D)

67. Prashant Prakash and Kalki Koechlin are the winners of—
(A) Padma Shree
(B) Metro Plus Playwright Award
(C) Assam Ratna
(D) None of the above
Ans : (B)

68. The winner of Duleep Trophy is—
(A) East Zone
(B) South Zone
(C) West Zone
(D) North Zone
Ans : (C)

69. The Punjab Gold Cup has been won by—
(A) Poland
(B) The Netherlands
(C) England
(D) Norway
Ans : (B)

70. World Social Forum meeting was recently held in—
(A) Paris
(B) Belem
(C) Davos
(D) Moscow
Ans : (B)

71. The controversial Pakistani scientist who was recently in news is—
(A) Abdul Jamal
(B) Shah Mahmood Qureshi
(C) Kazi Hussain
(D) Abdul Qadir Khan
Ans : (D)

72. The new Chairman of Satyam Computer Services is—
(A) Kiran Karnik
(B) Prem Chand Gupta
(C) Habil Khorkiwala
(D) R. N. Mittal
Ans : (A)

73. In Iraqi Parliamentary elections Prime Minister Nouri-Al-Maliki’s candidates have won in—
(A) 14 provinces
(B) 9 provinces
(C) 8 provinces
(D) 7 provinces
Ans : (B)

74. In the latest ICC ODI (Team) ranking, India has occupied—
(A) No. 2 position
(B) No. 3 position
(C) No. 4 position
(D) None of these
Ans : (A)

75. The Sustainable Leadership Award has been given to—
(A) R. K. Pachauri
(B) Bill Gates
(C) Ban Ki-Moon
(D) Arundhati Roy
Ans : (C)

76. ‘QUARK 2009’ is—
(A) An exhibition on peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy
(B) India’s ambitious project to Mars
(C) India-Russia joint noval exercise
(D) Annual-National level technical festival of BITs Pilani
Ans : (D)

77. ‘Best Executive 2008’ by Asia-money magazine has been given to—
(A) S. M. Natrajan
(B) O. P. Bhatt
(C) Ravinder Zutshi
(D) C. B. Bhav
Ans : (B)

78. Twelve new frog species have been found in—
(A) Konkan region
(B) Malwa
(C) Eastern Ghats
(D) Western Ghats
Ans : (D)

79. Sheik Sharif Ahmed is the new President of—
(A) Uganda
(B) Rawanda
(C) Somalia
(D) Morocco
Ans : (C)

80. India’s Moon Impact Probe (MIP) landed on Moon’s Surface on—
(A) November 10, 2008
(B) November 11, 2008
(C) November 14, 2008
(D) November 15, 2008
Ans : (C)

81. Stolt Valor which was recently hijacked by sea-pirates belongs to—
(A) Germany
(B) Japan
(C) U.S.A.
(D) Saudi Arabia
Ans : (B)

82. During the Egyptian President’s visit to India in November 2008 five pacts were signed with Egypt. Which of the following was not signed ?
(A) Pact in the field of health and medicine
(B) Agreement on purchasing petrol at cheaper rate
(C) An extradition treaty
(D) Agreement on abolition of visa for specific categories
Ans : (B)

83. Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President who recently visited India, has been the President of his country since—
(A) 1971
(B) 1981
(C) 1961
(D) 1990
Ans : (B)

84. On November 12, 2008 India testfired successfully Shourya missile. It is a—
(A) Air to air missile
(B) Air to surface missile
(C) Surface to surface missile
(D) Surface to sea missile
Ans : (C)



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