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Railway Modal Paper

Railway Modal Paper

113. IBEx is—
(A) NASA’s Probe
(B) EU’s Probe
(C) EU NASA joint Probe
(D) None of the above
Ans : (A)

114. According to Forbes Magazine the richest lady of India is—
(A) Indira Nooyi
(B) Sonia Gandhi
(C) Savitri Jindal
(D) Teena Ambani
Ans : (C)

115. National Women Excellence Award 2008 has been given to—
(A) Pritika Kalra Gandhi
(B) Sheila Dixit
(C) Sharmila Tagore
(D) Shabana Azmi
Ans : (A)

116. The female Athlete of the Year Award has been conferred on—
(A) Yelena Isinbayeva
(B) Tirunesh Dibaba
(C) Pamela Jelimo
(D) Anne Frazer
Ans : (A)

117. World Junior Badminton Championship (Woman’s title) has been won by—
(A) Sayaka Sato
(B) Fu Mingtian
(C) Saina Nehwal
(D) Xie Jing
Ans : (C)

118. India’s first 3G Technology-based mobile phone service of MTNL was launched on—
(A) December 15, 2008
(B) December 11, 2008
(C) December 10, 2008
(D) December 8, 2008
Ans : (B)

119. The new Chief Minister of Mizoram is—
(A) P. A. Sangma
(B) Mr. Lalthanhawla
(C) R. Lalzirliana
(D) H. Liansailova
Ans : (B)

120. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) the number of farmers who committed suicides during 2007 is—
(A) 16,632
(B) 4,238
(C) 11,026
(D) 1,21,617
Ans : (A)

121. India–U.S. Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement was signed on—
(A) October 11, 2008
(B) October 20, 2008
(C) October 15, 2008
(D) October 5, 2008
Ans : (A)

122. The IIM Review Committee which recommended higher government control on IIMs is headed by—
(A) M. K. Prasad
(B) R.C. Bhargava
(C) Ravi Kumar
(D) C. Rangrajan
Ans : (B)

123. India launched its first Moon Mission Chandrayaan-1 on—
(A) October 10, 2008
(B) October 15, 2008
(C) October 20, 2008
(D) October 22, 2008
Ans : (D)

124. The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle which put Chandrayaan-1 into its orbit is—
(A) PSLV-C-9
(B) PSLV-C-8
(C) PSLV-C-11
(D) PSLV-C-7
Ans : (C)

125. India is the ……country to send Moon Mission.
(A) Fifth
(B) Fourth
(C) Sixth
(D) Seventh
Ans : (B)

126. The number of instruments which the spacecraft Chandrayaan carried is—
(A) 15
(B) 20
(D) 9
Ans : (C)

127. Union Cabinet has cleared Right to Education Bill which is the enabling legislation to notify—
(A) The 91th Constitutional Amendment
(B) The 86th Constitutional Amendment
(C) The 95th Constitutional Amendment
(D) The 93rd Constitutional Amendment
Ans : (B)

128. On October 15, 2008 the……IBSA Summit concluded in New Delhi.
(A) Third
(B) Fourth
(C) Fifth
(D) Sixth
Ans : (A)

129. The IBSA Dialogue Forum was formalised through the adoption of the Brasilia Declaration in—
(A) 2004
(B) 2003
(C) 2005
(D) 2006
Ans : (B)

130. ACD stands for—
(A) Asian Cooperative Dialogue
(B) Asia Cooperation Dialogue
(C) Asia China Dialogue Forum
(D) Asian-Chinese Dialogue
Ans : (B)

131. The number of member countries who participated in Asia-Europe Meeting Summit held on October 24-25, 2008 was—
(A) 45
(B) 40
(C) 35
(D) 30
Ans : (A)

132. The new-President of Maldives is—
(A) Abdul Gayoom
(B) Mohammad Anni Nasheed
(C) Mohammad Irshad
(D) Abdul Qadir
Ans : (B)

133. Which of the following states has topped in Governments’ Primary Education Development Index ?
(A) Delhi
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Kerala
(D) Tamil Nadu
Ans : (C)

134. EDI stands for—
(A) Enforcement Directorate Index
(B) Education Development Infrastructure
(C) Education and Development Identity
(D) Education Development Index
Ans : (D)

135. Which one of the following is not the winner of 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine ?
(A) Professor Herald Zur Hausen
(B) Martin Chalfi
(C) Prof. Luc Montagnier
(D) Francoise Barre-Sinoussi
Ans : (B)

136. Which one of the following is not the winner of 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics ?
(A) Jean Marie Gustave Le Clezio
(B) Makoto Kobayashi
(C) Toshihide Maskawa
(D) Yoichiro Nambu
Ans : (A)

137. Which one of the following has not won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry ?
(A) Martin Chalfi
(B) Roger Y. Tsien
(C) Osamu Shimomura
(D) Franco Basse Sinoussi
Ans : (D)

138. Traditionally, the first of Nobel Prizes awarded each year in the category of—
(A) Physics
(B) Chemistry
(C) Medicine
(D) Literature
Ans : (C)

139. The Alternative Nobel Prizes are—
(A) Magsaysay Awards
(B) Right to Livelihood Awards
(C) Global Energy Awards
(D) Grammy Awards
Ans : (B)

140. National Consumer Rights Day is observed on—
(A) December 4
(B) December 7
(C) December 24
(D) December 10
Ans : (C)



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