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Q.1. In 2007 elections BJP retained power in Gujarat winning 117 assembly seats. How many seats did it win in the last 2002 state elections?
Q.2. What of the margin of victory for Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Maninagar constituency?
Q.3. Which central leader was BJP’s chief coordinator of elections in Gujarat?
Q.4. Which Congress Minister in Maharashtra raised a banner of “revolt” against Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh?
Q.5. What is the issue before the Delhi High Court in the case of GSM and CDMA Technology telecom operators?
Q.6. Which BJP leader celebrated his 84th birthday on December 25?
Q.7. Which sports promotion organization is entrusted the responsibility of the Apollo Tyres Mission 2018 which is aimed at producing international level tennis players?
Q.8. Which sportsware company recently signed Sania Mirza as brand ambassador?
Q.9. Amitabh Bachchan was bereaved with the death of his mother what is her name?
Q.10. Who is the Governor of Gujarat?
Answers: (1) 127 seats. (2) 87,161 votes, (3) Arun Jaitley. (4) Revenue Minister Narayan Rane. (5) Spectrum, which provides some headway advantages for GSM operators. (6) Former Prime Minster Atal Bihari Vajpayee. (7) Globo Sport, promoted by Mahesh Bhupathi. (8) Adidas. (9) Teji Bachhan. (10) Naval Kishore Sharma.

Q.11. Which Maharashtra Navnirman Sena leader attacked actor Amitabh Bachchan for his excessive love for his home state Uttar Pradesh and not for Mumbai?
Q.12. Which satellite did ISRO launch last week on commercial terms. Who have commissioned it?
Q.13. Which science award in the United States is often called the “Junior Nobel Prize”?
Q.14. Who is the head of the Indian Space Research Organization who expressed hope of sending a manned spaceship to the moon in seven years?
Q.15. Which Indian automobile giant is planning to make a debut in the American market with its mini truck the “Ace”?
Q.16. Which Best Bakery witness was slapped a fine of Rs. 38.63 lakhs by the Income Tax Department?
Q.17. In the BOP employee Pratibha Murthy murder case which CEO has been named to be prosecuted by the Supreme Court of India?
Q.18. Which software giant is negotiating a deal to by yahoo inc.?
Q.19. Which Pakistani cricketer was reported to have married a Hyderabad girl?
Q.20. Who was the doyen of Indian tabloid journalism, who died recently in Mumbai?
Answers: (11) Raj Thackeray. (12) Vice-Admiral R.F. Contractor (13) Science Talent Search in which 7 Indian American high school students are selected this year. (14) Madhavan Nair. (15) Tata Motors. (16) Zahira Sheikh. (17) Hewled Packard’s Som Mittal. (18) Microsoft (19) Pakistan Captain Shoaib Malik . (20) Russy Karanjia.

Q.1. Which first woman IPS officer announced voluntarily retirement from service?

Q.2. Which eyewitness in 1984 anti-Sikh riots case wants to testify in the court against Jagdish Tytler?

Q.3. What political front does Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee plan to from to fight the Left Front in West Bangal?

Q.4. Which senior Pakistan politician’s nomination papers were rejected on December 1 by the Returning Officer on the grounds of criminal cases pending against him in different courts?

Q.5. Who won the Miss World 2007 crown?

Q.6. What is the project the Passport authorities plan to launch to make the issuance of passport more easy and transparent?

Q.7. Which feature film was banned by the UP, Punjab and Haryana governments when a section of society complained against hurting their sentiments?

Q.8. Which artist’s painting was carried on the world’s most expensive sari, worth Rs. 40 Lakh?

Q.9. Who is appointed the General of Pakistan Army after General Parvez Musharraf relinquished the post?

Q.10. Who won the gold medal at the Archery world Championship in Dubai?

Answers: (1) Kiran Bedi. (2) Jasbir Singh, now based in California. (3) Progessive Secular Democratic Front. (4) Shahbaz Sharif, Brother of former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif. (5) Miss China Zhangzilin. (6) Passport Seva Project. (7) “Aaja Nachle” (8) Raja Ravi Verma (9) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani. (10) Dola Banerjee.

Q.1. Which is the name given to the super cyclone that devastated Bangladesh last week and, according to the last count, took more than 3,000 lives?

Q.2. Who led the Indian delegation to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and meets with its Director General Mohammed EIBaradel for talks on the nuclear deal?

Q.3. Where is the Rs. 1,106-core second uranium plant being set up in the country, the first being the Jadugoda Plant in Jharkhand?

Q.4. Who provided the seed money for construction of the Vishwa Shanti Stupa (world Peace Pagonda) in Delhi, which was thrown open for public last week?

Q.5. Who has been appointed as the head of the 13 Finance Commission?

Q.6. Which country’s High Court ruled against the discriminatory rules in appointment of doctors?

Q.7. Which production house produced “Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal” In which John Abraham and Bipasa Basu were lead stars?

Q.8. Which club in the United Kingdom has invited the Chennai boys from slum areas to train and play football with?

Q.9. Which city will host the 2014 Commonwealth Games after 2010 CEG in New Delhi?

Q.10. Who is spearheading the campaign in England to restore democracy in Pakistan?

Answers: (1) Sidr. (2) Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Anil Kakodakar. (3) Thummalapalle, Andhra Pradesh . (4) Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, a Japanese Buddhist monk. (5) Vijay L. Kelkar (6) Britain . (7) UTV Motion Pictures (8) Manchester United (9) Glasgow, Scotland. (10) Jemima Khan, ex wife of former Cricketer Imarn Khan .

Q.1. Who is the governor of West Bangal who described Nandigram as WAR ZONE?

Q.2. Which party does Imran Khan, cricketer turned-politician lead in Pakistan?

Q.3. Name the Indian American, who has been appointed president and chief executive officer of Adobe System Incorporated from December 1.4. Which RSP leader and PWD Minister threatened to resign from the West Bengal Government?

Q.5. How many farm suicides were reported in India during 1997-2005?

Q.6. Which area in Delhi faced monkey menace in which more than 25 people received monkey bites in one day?

Q.7. Which political party is leading in terms of the number of MLAs in the Karnataka Assembly?

Q.8. Which state does Anil Kumble, the new Test captain, belong to?

Q.9. With which Bollowood film Madhuri Dikshit is making a come back?

Q.10. Which spiritual leader claimed recently that the met Mahatma Gandhi in his dream?Answers: (1) Gopal Krishan Gandhi (2) Tehreek-e-Insaf. (3) Shantanu Narayen. (4) Kashiti Goswami. (5) More than 1.5 lakh (6) Shastri Park in Shahadra area (7) BJP with 79 members (8) Karnataka (9) Aaja Nachle (10) Dalal Lama .20.09.2008

Q.1. Which Union Minister is set for a major confrontation with the Director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi?

Q.2. Which Indian automobile maker and space agency ISRO are likely to launch next year the prototype of the world’s cleanest vehicle that will run on hydrogen?

Q.3. Which alma mater of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is initiating a scholarship in his name in New Delhi to help spot and develop potential Indian leaders in the fields of science and technology. Economics and the social sciences?

Q.4. Which Indian diplomat has been elected Secretary General of the Commonwealth, the first Indian to hold the top Job?

Q.5. Who directed the latest Hollywood film, “Elizabeth the Golden Age”?

Q.6. Who was declared the “Man of the Match” in the Delhi Test against Pakistan?

Q.7. Who was invited to be the chief guest to inaugurate the 38the international Film Festival of India in Panaji?

Q.8. Which young filmmaker is contesting against Chief Minister Narendra Modi?

Q.9. Which Indian company has signed us as sponsor and official information technology (IT) services provider for the next two editions of the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and 2014?

Q.10. Who won the Prime Ministerial race in Australia last week on Labour Party ticket?Answers: (1) Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss (2) Tata Motor. (3) St. John’s College, Cambridge University. (4) High Commissioner to the UK, Kamalesh Sharma (5) Shekhar Kanpur (6) Anil Kumble (7) Shahrukh Khan (8) Praveen Mishra (9) Satyam Computer (10) Kavin Rudd.

Q.1. Who was the Foreign Minister of China who was on a three-day official visit to India?

Q.2. Which Calcutta High Court judge is charged with misappropriation of funds and now recommended for removal through the impeachment proceedings?

Q.3. Which country of the Nuclear Suppliers Group said no to India to supply uranium unless India signs the NPT agreement?

Q.4. Who is the industry minister of West Bengal busy during the Tata Motors land dispute negotiations?

Q.5. Which former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu’s family member is involved in the murder of his son-in-law Vijayan over sharing of property?

Q.6. Who won the US open 5 times in a row?

Q.7. Which student union won the DUSU presidential election after a gap of five years, but conceding victory in three important post to NSUI?

Q.8. Who won the ONGC IBSF World Billiard Championship in Bangalore defeating Geet Sethi?

Q.9. Which artist was given a clean chit by the Supreme Court for his controversial painting, “Bharat Mata”?

Q.10. When American business magazine conferred a Life Time Achievement aware to steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal?

Answers: (1) Yang Jiechi (2) Justice Soumitra Sen. (3) Australia. (4) Nirupam Sen (5) M.G. Ramachandran (6) Roger Federer (7) Nupur Sharma of ABVP. (8) Pankaj Advani. (9) M.F. Husain (10) “Forbes” magazine.

Q.1. Which there MPs of BJP created a stir by flashing wades of currency notes on the floor of Lok Sabha claiming that Samajwadi Party has given them the money to abstain from voting on the confidence motion?

Q.2. While speaking on confiderice motion in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi referred the name of Kalawati, a dalit women. Where does the hail from?

Q.3. Who has been elected the President of Nepal?

Q.4. How many MPs does BSP have in Lok Sabha?

Q.5. Which TV news channel carried out during the trust vote?

Q.6. Which Bengali filmmaker has been conferred with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award this year?

Q.7. Where is India’s first commercial heliport built?

Q.8. Which India’s neighbor has taken up the campaign to stall the civilian nuclear deal?

Q.9. Which captain went for the review of an on-field umpire’s decision in the Indo Sri Lanka Test series?

Q.10. Who beat Roger Federer in the first round match of the Rogesrs Cup in Tornonto?Answers: (1) Ashok Arga, Faggan Singh Kulaste and Mahavir Bhagora. (2) Jalka, Vidarbha. (3) Ram Barna Yadav. (4) 17 MPs. (5) CNN-IBN (6) Tapan Sinha. (7) Rohini, New Delhi (8) Pakistan (9) Anil Kumble (10) Gilles Simon.

Q.1. Which provience in China was ravaged by the earthquake that reportedly killed more than 32,000 people till date?

Q.2. How many Pakistani cabinet minister resigned from the Gilani Government on the issue reinstatement of Supreme Court judges?

Q.3. Which terrorist group claimed responsibility for jaipur bombing?

Q.4. Which corporate houses are behind the concept of Health Cities to promote health services in the county to both Indians and foreign health tourists?

Q.5. Where public sector undertaking based in Visakhapattnam merged with BHEL?

Q.6. Which Bollywood star s arms licence was cancelled by the court?

Q.7. Which Bollywood star was acquitted of charges of killing his wife Geetanjali?

Q.8. In which state in the United States six Indian were killed in a road accident?

Q.9. Which bowler achieved a hat-trick in IPL T20?

Q.10. In which category Indian joined a select Club of 5 in the capability to launch ballistic missiles?

Answers: (1) Chinchuwan (2) 9 Cabinet minister belonging to Nawaz Shariff s Pakistan Muslim League (N). (3) Indian Mujahidin. (4) BioCon and ICICI Bank with support from Central and state governments (5) BHPV (6) Soha Ali (7) Navin Nischel (8) Pennsylvania (9) Lakshmipathi Balaji (10) Submarine Launch Vehicle Missiles.

Q.1. Which senior leader of BJP was charged with serving opium at a family get-together?

Q.2. Who is the governor of Karnataka?

Q.3. Which former Kolkata Police Commissioner is being interrogated by CBI in the Rizwan death Case?

Q.4. Who has been accused in the alleged rape and murder of a young girl that led him to tender his resignation from the Mayawati Government?

Q.5. In Which superspeciality hospital the two year-old Lakshmi, a conjoined twin, was operated by a team of about 30 surgeons?

Q.6. Which private bank was fined Rs. 55 Lakh for using recovery agents with strong arm tactics to recover money the state consumer disputes redressal Commission in Delhi?

Q.7. Which private English news channel aired live telecast of Duran Cup football recently?

Q.8. Which Formula 1 Indian driver, after Narain Karthikeyan, is dreaming to make it to the big league?

Q.9. Which consumer electronics retailing industry has acquired Planet M, the music and entertainment retail?

Q.10. Which writer is writing a book about “Crocodile Hunter” Steve lrwin?

Answers: (1) Jaswant Singh (2) Rameshwar Thakur. (3) Prasun Mukherjee (4) Minister of State for Food and Processing Anand Sen (5) Sparsh Hospital In Bangalore (6) ICICI Bank (7) NDTV 24x7 (8) Karun Chandhok (9) Videocon (10) Terri lrwin, wife of Steve.21.09.2008

Q.1. The river that devastated half of the Bihar is commonly called as the sorrow of Bihar which is the river?

Q.2. Which district in Orissa had become a centre of the communal violence between the tribal and Christian groups last week?

Q.3. Which party was launched by Telugu matinee idol Chiranjeevi in Tirupati?

Q.4. Who is the new governor of the Reserve Bank of India?

Q.5. Which lady Governor of Alaska has become the Republican Party vice-presidential nominee?

Q.6. Who is the head coach of the Bhiwani Boxing Club who has been conferred with the Droncharya award by President Smt. Pratibha Patil?

Q.7. Which former Indian skipper came in support of Tata’s Nano plant?

Q.8. Which grandson of the former Naval Chief was convicted in the BMW car case?

Q.9. Which Australian all-rounder was asked to go back home from the Bangladesh cricket tour?Q.10. Who directed the mega film Drona in which Abhisekh Bachhan played lead role?

Answers: (1) Kosi (2) Khandamal district. (3) Praja Rajyam (4) D. Subba Rao (5) Sarah Palin (6) Jagdish SIngh (7) Saurav Ganguly (8) Sanjeev Nanda (9) Andrew Symonds (10) Goldie Bahl.

Q.1. When the former Pakistan President did overthrow his mentor Nawaz Shariff in a bloodless coup?

Q.2. From which small town in Haryana do the Indian boxing heroes at Beijing come from?

Q.3. Who was the law minister and the deputy chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir who first pushed the land transfer case to Amarnath shrine and later vehemently opposed it?

Q.4. Which Olympics record, the most coveted one, did Michael Phelps, brake at the Beijing Olympics?

Q.5. Which Jamaican sprinter created a world record in the 100-metre event?

Q.6. Which women sprinters created history in the 100-metre event?

Q.7. What is the common between Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam, former BJP leader Pramod Mahajan’s son Rahul and Monica Bedi, wife of Abu Salem, the underworld don?

Q.8. Which media coverage in recent months prompted the Supreme Court to consider on laying down rules and regulation for the media?

Q.9. Who is the chief Minister of Jharkhand? 10. Which model is being launched in India by Volkswagen next year?

Answers: (1) October 12, 1999 (2) Bhiwani. (3) Muzaffar Baig (4) Won 8 Gold Medals (a total of 14 Olympic Golds including the Olympics at Athens) and erasing Mark Spitz’s record of 7 Golden Medals (5) Usain Bolt, clocking 9.69 seconds (6) Jamaican women team swept clean all the medals in the event. Shelly-Ann Fraser won Gold in a time of 10.78 Second, and Kerron Stewart and Sheron Simpson grabbed silver after tying at 1098 seconds (7) They are part of a reality TV show Bigg Boss (8) Aarushi murder case (9) Madhu Koda (10) Beetle.



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