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SSC Maths Answer Key Of Combined Graduate Level May 16, 2010 Exam

SSC Maths Answer Key Of Combined Graduate Level May 16, 2010 Exam

Q1. The number 0.121212 in the form of p/q is equal to
ans. 4/33

Q2. √ 0.009*0.036*0.016*0.08/0.002*0.0008*0.0002 is equal to
Ans 36

Q3. The greatest number,which when subtracted from 5834, gives a number exactly divisible by each of 20,28,32 and 35 is
Ans 4714

Q4. The ninth term of sequence
Ans 80

Q5. 0.125+0.027/0.25-0.15+0.09 is equal to
Ans 0.8

Q6. The sum of the series (1+0.6+0.06+0.006+0.0006+....).is
Ans 1*(2/3)

Q7.The H.C.F and L.C.M of two number are 8 and 48 respectively. If one of the numbers is 24 then the other number is
Ans. 16

Q8. a number when divided by 114, leaves remainder 21. If the same number is divided by 19, then the remainder will be
Ans. 2

Q9. The square root o 0.09 is
ans. 0.30

Q10. 256*256-144*144/112 is equal to
Ans. 400

Q11. If a and b be positive integers such that (a)square-(b)square=19 then the value of a is
Ans. 10

Q12. √0.001 is equal to
Ans. 1/999

13. 4.41*0.16/2.1*1.6*0.21 is simplified to
Ans. 1

Q15. If a and b are two odd positive integers,by which of the following integers is (a^4-b^4) always divisible
Ans. 8

Q16. If a=11 and b=9 then the value of (a^2+b^2+ab/a^3-b^3) is
Ans. 1/2

Q17.a drum of kerosene is 3/4 full. when 30 liters of kerosene is drawn from it,it remains 7/12 full. The capacity of the drum is
Ans. 180 litre

Q18. By what least number should 675 be multiplied so as to obtain a perfect cube number?
Ans. 5

Q19. (1 1/2+11 1/2+111 1/2+1111 1/2 ) is equal to
Ans. 1236

Q20. If (3/5)^3 (3/5)^ - 6 = (3/5)^ 2x -1, then x is equal to
Ans. -1

Q21. Two numbers are in ratio 3:5. their L.C.M is 84. The greater number is
Ans. 28

Q22. Two successive price increase of 10% and 10% of an article are equivalent to a single price increase of
Ans. 21%

Q23. If 60% of A= 3/4 of B, then A:B is
Ans 5:4

Q24. If A's income is 50% less than that of B's,then B's income is what percent more than that of A?
Ans. 100

Q25. 1.14 expressed as a percent of 1.9 is
Ans. 60%

Q26 Two natural numbers are in the ratio 3:5 and their product is 2160. The smaller of the numbers is
Ans. 36

Q27.By selling an article, a man makes a profit of 25% of its selling price. His profit percent is
Ans. 33 1/3

Q28 .By selling a bicycle for Rs. 2,850, a shopkeeper gains 14%. If the profit is reduced to 8%,then the selling price will be
Ans.Rs. 2,700

Q29. If the ratio of cost price and selling price of an article be as 10:11,the percentage of profit is
Ans. 10

Q30. A manufacturer marked an article at Rs.50 and sold it allowing 20% discount. If his profit was 25% then the cost price of the article was
Ans. 32

Q31.A shopkeeper earns a profit of 12%on selling a book at 10% discount on the printed price. Th ratio of the cost price and the printed price of the book is
Ans. 45:56

Q32.The length (in meters) of the longest rod that can be put in a room of dimensions 10m * 10m* 5m is
Ans. 15

Q33. If Rs. 1000 is divided between A and B in the ratio 3:2 then A will receive
Ans. Rs. 600

Q34. What must be added to each term of the ratio 7:11 so as to make it eual to 3:4
Ans. 5

Q35. If √3+x+√3-x / 3+x+√3-x =2 then x is eual to
Ans. 12/5

Q36What annual payment will discharge a debt of Rs.6,450 due in 4 years at 5% per annum simple interest ?
Ans. Rs. 1,500

Q37.A sum of money at compound interest doubles itself in 15 years. It will become eight times of itself in
Ans 45 years

Q38. Buses start from a bus terminal with a speed of 20km/hr at intervals of 10 minutes.what is the speed of a man coming from the opposite direction towards the bus terminal if he meets the buses at interval of 8 minutes?
Ans. 5km/hr

Q39. If the circumference of a circle is decreased by 50% then the percentage of decrease in its area is
Ans. 75

Q40.At what rate percent per annum will be a sum of Rs.1.000 amount to Rs. 1,102.50 in 2 years at compound interest?
Ans. 5

Q41.If 5 men and 7 women can earn Rs.%,250 per day,how much would 7 men and 13 women earn per day?
Ans Rs. 17,100

Q42If A and B together can complete a piece of work in 15 days and B alone can in 20 days,in how many days can a alone complete the work?
Ans .60

Q43The average of the first 100 positive integers is
Ans 50.5

Q44.In a family ,the average age of father and mother is 35 years.The average age of the father,mother and their only son is 27 years. What is the age of the son?
Ans. 11 years

Q45. A train ,300m long,passed a man walking along the line in the same direction at the rate of 3km/hr in 33 seconds. The speed of the train is
Ans. 35 8/11 km per hr

Q46By walking at 3/4 of his usual speed , a man reaches his office 20 minutes later than his usual time. The usual time taken by him to reach his office is
Ans. 60 minutes

Q47. a man can complete a piece of work in 18 days, B in 20 days,C in 30 days. B and C together start the work and are forced to leave after 2 days.The time taken by A alone to complete the remaining work is
Ans. 15 days



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