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SSC 2010 English Answer Key For May 16 Pre Combined Graduate Level Exam

SSC 2010 English Answer Key For May 16 Pre Combined Graduate Level Exam

SSC English answer key for May 16, 2010 pre graduate level exam. This paper has been provided to us by Arun Yadav, we sincerely thank him and wish him success. All the best Arun.

Q. 1-5: Spotting Error:

1.He who has suffered most/A for the cause/B let him speak/C No error/D
Ans: C. It should be must speak

2. A cup of coffee/A is an excellent complement/B to smoked salmon/C No error.
Ans: D. no error

3. He is a university professor/A but of his three sons/B neither has any merit/C No error/D
Ans: C. it should be none instead of neither

4. After knowing truth/A they took the right decision/B in the matter/C No error/D
Ans: C. it should be on/about the matter

5. It is time you/A decide on your next/B course of action/C No error/D
Ans: b.

Q. 6-10 Fill in the blanks:
6. The____of our civilization from an agricultural society to today's complex industrial world was accompanied by war.
Ans: metamorphosis

7. The hotel was not too expensive, ___
Ans: was it

8. Like humans, zoo animals must have a dentist ___their teeth
Ans: filling

9. It was very kind of you to do the washing, but you___ it,
Ans: mustn't have done

10. He went ___sea alone
Ans: in

Q. 11-15. Choose the most opposite word:
11. Perspicuity
Ans: vagueness

12. Fervent
Ans: dispassionate

13. Meandering
ans: Straight

14. Florid
Ans: Pale

15. Verity
Ans: Falsehood

Q. 16-20. Choose the nearest similar word:
16. Derision
Ans: ridicule

17. Trite
Ans: Commonplace

18. Luxuriant
Ans: abundant

19. Cantankerous
Ans: Quarrelsome

20. Onus
Ans: Responsibility

Q.21-25: choose the correct alternative:
21. The brown shirt wants washing:
Ans: requires wash

22. You are asked to copy this letter word by word:
Ans: word to word

23. The weak man is a slave of his sensuous pleasures.
Ans: sensual

24. Obviously he isn't cut up to be a good teacher.
Ans: cut for

25. Power got with money is the most craved for today:
Ans: sought after.

Q. 26-30: Choose the right word/sentence
26. Science of the races of mankind:
Ans. Ethnology

27. Detaining and confining someone
Ans: interrogation

28. An underhand device resorted to in order to justify misconduct
Ans: subterfuge

29. One who criticizes popular belief which he thinks is mistaken or unwise
Ans: Iconoclast

30. Impossible ti describe:
Ans: Ineffable

Q. 31-35: Correct spelling:
31. Accommodative

32. Benediction

33. collaborate

34. Clairvoyant

35. Serenity

Q. 36-40: Arrange the sentences. These sentences are very long to write so we are writing the correct sequence directly:

36. Education in India has a glorious beginning:
Ans: B. QPRS

37. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach the young moral values on life.
Ans: A. SRPQ

38. It is easy to criticize the people at the helm for the slow progress in every field.
Ans: D.

39. The man who does his duty without any selfish desire for fruit may be called a sanyasi as well as a yogi.
Ans: D. PRSQ.


Q. 41-45: Active passive:

41. The news has been brought to us by him.
Ans:A . He brought us the news.

42. Why did he deprive you of the membership?
Ans:D.Why were you deprived of your membership by him?

43.They have made a film based on this novel
Ans.C.A film,based on this novel,has been made.

44. The people couldn't move me to the hospital and the doctor operated on me at home.
Ans:C.I couldn't be moved to the hospital and I was operated at home by the doctor.

45.Not a word was spoken by the criminal in self-defense.
Ans:C.The criminal did not speak a word in self-defense.

46-50 Questions based on passage/paragraph

46 .It is true that
Ans:A.Various professions and occupations have interchangeable words.

47.In recent years,there has been a marked increase in the number of technical terms in nomenclature of
Ans:A. Farming

48.Special words are used in technical discussion
Ans:A.may become part of common speech.

49. The writer of this article is
Ans:C. A linguist

50. This passage is primarily concerned with
Ans:B. Technical terminology.



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