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DSSSB Teachers Exam GK Sample Paper

DSSSB Teachers Exam GK Sample Paper

In the forthcoming DSSSB teachers recruitment exam, there would be 20 questions of general awareness for 20 marks. Below is one set of sample paper for GK section...

1. The first British Prime minister to visit India was?
a. James Atleee
b. Harold Macmillan
c. Yuri Nelson
d. None of these

2. Food and Agriculture organisation headquarter is at?
a. London
b. New York
c. Rome
d. Paris

3. Reserve Bank of India was set up in?
a. 1935
b. 1965
d. 1700

4. The President's rule can be imposed in a state for a maximum period of?
a. 3 years
b. 18 months
c. 2 years
d. 6 months

5. Uranium is obtained from?
a. Copper ore
b. Iron ore
c. Pitch blend
d. None of these

6. Lakshadeep Islands are situated on the coast of?
a. Maharashtra
b. Kerela
c. AP
d. Orissa

7. where is Mansarovar lake?
a. India
b. Pakistan
c. Bhuta
d. China

8. Leva is the currency of?
a. Russia
b. Poland
c. Belarus
d. Bulgaria

9. The other name of Japan is?
a. Eeezee
b. Nippon
c. Sun of east
d. The rising Sun

10. Israeli parliament is known as?
a. Diet
b. Upper house
c. Knesset
d. Shora

11. Gold and silver are found in?
a. Igneous rocks
b. Sedimenatary rocks
c. Rudimentary rocks
d. Dunes

12. Gales are high velocity winds which blow with the speed of?
a. 150 km/hour
b. 90-100 km/hour
c. 4-70 km/hour
d. 60-100 km/hour

13. The Rowlatt act was paseed in?
a. 1913
b. 1919

13. Who were the first to invade India?
a. Arabs
b. Turks
c. Afghans
d. Mongols

14. One Byte is equal to how many bits?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 8
d. 32

15. A group of stars is called as?
a. Constellation
b. Galaxt
c. Red stars
d. Nebula

16. The planet nearest to Earth is?
a. Venus
b. Jupitar
c. Mars
d. Moon

17. Vitamin which contains cobalt is?
a. B1
b. B12
c. A
d. C

18. The largest organ in human body is?
a. Brain
b. heart
c. Kidney
d. Liver

19. Plants are composed of which compounds?
a. Carbon
b. Sulphar
c. Nitrogen
d. leaves

20. The unit of intensity of sound is?
a. Bel
b. Watt
c. Erg
d. Lumen

1. b
2. c
3. a
4. a
5. c
7. d
11. a
12. d
13. a
14. b
15. a
16. c
17. b
18. d
19. a
20. a



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