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MBA General Knowledge: Current Affairs

MBA General Knowledge: Current Affairs

Beijing Olympics is the 29 th olympics 30th Olympics will be held in London 2010 th Common Wealth Games will be held at Delhi 2008 SAARC Submit was held in Srilanka Biggest in the World Biggest Continent:Asia Biggest Ocean : Pacific ocean Biggest River : Amazon Biggest Lake :Lake Badkal,(Siberia) Biggest gorge :Hudson Bay (North Canada) Biggest Lake(Salt water) : Hells Canyon,(USA) Biggest Point in the Ocean :Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean

  1. Red cross was founded by-J.H. Durant , Established in 1864 World red Cross day iscelebrated on May 8,The Birthday its founder J.H. Durant.
  2. Sir Robert S.S Baden Powell is the founder of scouting
  3. Who gave the call go back to Vedas-Dayanand
  4. The construction of Qutab Minar was begun by Quatubuddin Aibak. but it was completed by lltutumish.
  5. Who built the Sanchi Stupa- Agratala.
  6. Who founded slave dynasty in 1206 A.D.- Quatubuddin Aibak.
  7. He Capital of Tripura is Agratala.
  8. The Capital of Mizoram is aizawl.
  9. The Capital of Australia is –Canberra.
  10. Spring tides occurs on- Full moon day as well on new moon day.
  11. Tides in the oceans are caused by-Attraction of the moon.
  12. Buddhism place of worship is-Pongda.
  13. Jews place of worship is-Synagogue.
  14. Holish book of Jews-Talmud.
  15. Malguddi days written by –R.K. Naraynan
  16. Das capital-Karl Marx
  17. The father of Economics- Adam smith.
  18. The Chipko Movement was associated with-preventing felling of trees.
  19. Pashmina is a breed of -Sheep.
  20. What is the meaning of Buddha –An enlightened one.
  21. Which is the holy book of Parsis- Jorah
  22. Parliament of U.S.A is known as- Congress
  23.  Parliament of Afghanistan- Shoora
  24.  Parliament of Russia-Duma.
  25.  Parliament of Japan –Diet.
  26. SARS:-It Stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. SARS is caused by viruses from the corona and paramyxo virus family.
  27. New Governors of India:- -Kailashpati Mishara Gujrat -Ram Parkash Gupta Madhya Pradesh -O.P Verma -Punjab -V.S Kokje - Himachal Pradesh - irmal Chand - Rajasthan
  28. LCA(Light Combat Aircraft)is named as “Tejas”
  29.  Lakshva is Pilot Less target Aircraft
  30. Kalpna Chawla: She was an Indian born American Astronaut. She died with other six astronauts in the Columbia shuttle crash on feb.1,2003.She embarked on her second Voyage in the United State space shuttle Columbia on Jan 16,earlier.She was an Indian born American Astronaut.She died with other six astronauts in the Columbia shuttle Columbia on jan 16,earlier.She was one of the six astronaut crew that flew the Columbia Flight STS-87in nov.1997 Chawla who had her schooling in Karnal (Haryana)and college education in Punjab did her Masters in Aerospase Engineering from the university of Taxes in in 1984 and Doctorate from Colorado University two year later. An avid flier, she held certified flight instructor’s license with Airplane and Gladder ratings, commercial Pilot L icense for single and multi-engine land and seaplanes
  31. Jan. 9,the day Mahatma Gandhi return from South Agrica in 1915-was chosen to celebrate the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
  32. Sriska and Ranthambore are the reserve for lion.
  33. .International Criminal court was launched formally in the mid march in the Hauge . The first eighteen judges took Oath in the grand ceremony. The court has been set up to handle genocide and the Worst case of war crime or mass atrocities against civilians when no national court is able or willing to do so.
  34. .Right to Education:-article 21A provides the free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen.
  35. .Freedom of information bill:- The parliament approved the “Freedom of information bill”.Now it is statutory right of the citizen to access information from the Government.
  36. Right to Education :- article21A provides the free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen
  37. Freedom of information bill:- The Parliament approved the “freedom of information bill”. Now it is statutory right of the citizen to access information from the Government.
  38. Minister of state for defence is prof. Chaman lal gupta
  39. Ajit singh is Agriculture Minister.
  40.  Sapan is not a member of G-8 group.
  41.  APSARA is the name of the India’s first Nuclear Reactor.
  42. The world environment day is celebrated on june 5.
  43. Jainism:-Founded by (Rishabha)Varhamana Mahavira. He was a great 24th Triathankras (Pathfinder).Or prophet of Jainism .Mahavir was agreast Kshtiya ,born at Kundagram (Vaishali) in bihar. He came to be known as Mahavir of jina. The conqueror of passing; his following are known as Janis. He passed away at age 72 in 462 B. C at Pavapuri, a place near modern Rajgir . Mahavira Teaching are known as the “Tri Ratna” or the three jewels of Jainisn,which lead to the attainment of salvation . They are (I) Right Knowledge and (II) Right Action .The Janis used and developed Prakrit,The language of the common people .Their religious literature was written in Ardhamagadhi.
  44. Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut in 1498.
  45. Ist Chinese traveler, Fahein came to India during the period of chandra Gupta-II(Vikramaditya)
  46. 2nd Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang came to India during the region of Harshvardhana
  47. Who is the Napoleon of India –Samundra Gupta for his military exploits.
  48. Harshvardhana written three books-1.Priya Darshika 2.Rattanavali 3.Naga Nanda. The official poet of harshvardhana was bana bhatt .Bana bhatta composed harsha chirtra and kadambari
  49. first battle of panipat in 1526 and founded the Mugahal dynasty in India
  50. Second battle of Panipat was fought between Akbar and Ibrahim Lodhi at Panipat in 1556 Akbar Defeated Himu and became the ruled of Delhi and Agra
  51. Third battle of Panipat fought between Ahmed Shah Abdali of Afghanistan and Marathas in 1761.In this third battle of Panipat Marathas were completely routed by Ahmed Shah Abdali.
  52. Indian National Army was founded by Subash Chander Bose in 1943 in Singapore alongwith Rasbihari Bose. The main aim of Azad Hind Fauz was to liberation of India.
  53. The Brahmo Samaj was established by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1828 whose leadership was later taken by Debendernath tagore and Keshub Chande Sen.
  54. The Arya Samaj founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1875 attempted to reform the Hindu religion from its decadence.
  55. The Ramakrishana Mission was founded by Swami Vevekananda in 1896 .
  56. Annie besant:- Founded Theosophical society started home rule league in 1916. She was the first woman president of Indian National Congress.Indian ational Congress Founded by A.O.Hume in 1885. However first President of Indian national congress was W.C. Banerjee.
  57. Swadeshi movement was started in 1905.
  58. Gadder party was founded by lala Hardayal singh in 1913 at Francisco.
  59. Home rule league founded by Annie Besant and Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak in 1916. 1916.Rowlatt Act. Passed in 1919.
  60. 0.Non-Co-Operation movement started in 1920 by Gandhi ji. This movement ended in 1922 after Chauri Chaura incident.
  61. Simons commission –1928
  62. .Civil Disobedience movement-1930
  63. “Do or die” Mahatma Gandhi
  64. “Nightingale of India”-Saorjini Naidu.
  65.  “Father of Indian Unrest”-Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak.
  66. “Architect of India”- Pandit Nehru.
  67. “Man of Peace”-Lal Bhadur Shastri.
  68. “Iron Man of India”-Sardar.
  69. “jai hind” –subash chander bose
  70. “Grand old man of India” –Dada Bhai Naoroji



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