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Test English-28

Test English-28

Test English-28


1. The test comprises of 15 questions. You should complete the test within 20 minutes.
2. There is only one correct answer to each question.
3. All questions carry four marks each.
4. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.

Direction for question number 1 to 3:
Fill the gaps in the passages below with the most appropriate word from the options given for each gap. ___16_______Such a model reflects major simplifications of the way divisions are made in the real world. Humans are not able to process information as quickly as effectively as the model assumes; they tend not to think ____17_____ as easily as the model calls for; they often deal with a particular option without really assessing its _____18______ And when they do assess alternatives, they may be extremely nebulous about their criteria of evaluation


a. Regrettably
b. Firstly
c. Obviously
d. Apparently
Ans: c


a. Quantitatively
b. Systematically
c. Scientifically
d. Analytically
Ans: a


a. Implications
b. Disadvantages
c. Utility
d. Alternatives
Ans: d

Direction for question number 4 to 7: The passage given below is followed by a set of four questions. Choose the most appropriate answer to each question

Those long uneven lines Standing as patiently As if they were stretched outside The Oval or Villa Park,

The crowns of hats, the sun On moustached archaic faces Grinning as if it were all An August Bank Holiday lark; And the shut shops, the bleached Established names on the sunblinds,

The farthings and sovereigns, And dark-clothed children at play Called after kings and queens, The tin advertisements For Cocoa and twist, and the pubs Wide open all day; And the countryside not caring; The place-names all hazed over With flowering grasses and field; Shadowing Domes day lines Under wheat’s restless silence; The differently – dressed servants With tiny rooms in huge houses, The dust behind limousines; Never before such innocence, Never before or since, As changed itself to past Without a word – the men Leaving the gardens tidy, The thousands of marriages Lasting a little while longer: Never such innocence again


4. This poem can be best described as:

a. a sentimental look at life
b. a nostalgia for things lost
c. a tribute to childhood
d. an imaginative reconstruction of the past
Ans: b

5. Which of the following is NOT suggested in the poem ?

a. People in the past led comparatively simpler lives
b. The future can erase the tranquility of the past.
c. The poet feels nostalgia and regret for a vanished way of life
d. The poem predict the end of the world
Ans: d

6. The kind of life depicted in the poem is

a. tranquil
b. arcadian
c. bucolic
d. turbulent
Ans: a

7. The poem is one long sentence, without any breaks. Pick the option that CANNOT account for this,

a. It shows a smooth flow of life until some disastrous event changes it forever
b. It shows that life never really changes, it continues on forever
c. It is thus so as not to break the sense of the past merging into the future.
d. It is to give the impression that the past was a harmonious composite until the future shattered it.
Ans: b

Direction for question number 8 to 10
Choose the option that rearranges the sentences to form a coherent passage.


A. It was shortly thereafter that the United States Government began the serious undertaking known then only as "The Manhattan Project."
B. Einstein and several other scientists told Roosevelt of efforts in Nazi Germany to purify uranium-235, which could be used to build an atomic bomb.
C. On August 2, 1939, just before the beginning of World War II, Albert Einstein wrote to then President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
D. Simply put, the Manhattan Project was committed to expediting research that would produce a viable atomic bomb.

Ans: a


A. But the White House has shown no willingness to stray from the position that President Bush took five years ago
B. When he halted government funding of any new embryonic stem cell research, a practice he called immoral.
C. Bush said at the time that 78 stem cell lines existed on which research could continue,
D. But in the years since, scientists have found that number to be far lower.

Ans: a


A. House supporters say a veto-proof margin in the Senate might inspire one in the House, though that is unlikely.
B. Vote-counters on both sides expect at least 60 supporters, the number required to pass.
C. But whether the legislation can display the crucial veto-proof 67 is unknown.
D. The wild card is the number of Senate supporters the legislation will win in Tuesday's tally.

Ans: c

Direction for question number 11 to 15:
Choose the correct answer from the given 4 options

11. The words "ENSURE" and "INSURE"

a. Can be used interchangeably.
b. Both mean "to cover with insurance".
c. Both mean "to make certain".
d. Have opposite meanings.
Ans: c

12. The word "RADAR" is acronym
b. a palindrome
c. an abbreviation for "RAdio Detecting And Ranging"
d. all of the above
Ans: d

13. Select the appropriate category to which the following words refer: TOURACO, TRAGOPAN, CURASSOW, and CARACARA

a. animals
b. Vegetables
c. Minerals
d. Abstract concepts
Ans: a

14 Select the correct sentence.

a. I poured a picture of beer on the pitcher.
b. On the pitcher of beer I poured a picture.
c. You can pour a picture of beer on the pitcher.
d. I poured a pitcher of beer on the picturer.
Ans: d

15. The word "PLEONASM" means

a. Neoplasm
b. Redundancy
c. Contraction
d. Assembly
Ans: b



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