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Test English Paper-7

Test English Paper-7

Test English-7



1. The test comprises of 25 questions.
2. The total time allocated is 45 minutes.
3. There is only one correct answer to each question.
4. All questions carry four marks each.
5. Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark.
6. Do not use calculators.
7. Directions for answering the questions are given before each group of questions to which they apply. Read these directions carefully.
8. For marking the answers, click on the oval corresponding to the answer selected by you.

Directions for questions 1 to 5: Choose the option in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPROPRIATE

Question 1. CONDUCT

a. There are a few metals that conduct heat and there are others that do not.
b. Jacobs conduct during the interview was impeccable.
c. Irene was ecstatic when the London Philharmonic orchestra asked her to conduct the orchestra.
d. Stan could conduct the hurdles well and came first in the race.
Ans: d

Question 2. CORRECT

a. I took the car o correct its wheel alignment
b. Maxine can be trusted to show correct behavior when the guests come
c. After the test, I was checking my answers so I went to the library to correct the dictionary
d. Judy was asked to correct her attitude after the CEO noticed the of customer complaints that cited her as uncooperative.
Ans: c

Question 3. MARK

a. Joe lagged behind in his schoolwork and it was obvious that his parents divorce had left a mark on him.
b. Being polite is a mark of a cultured person.
c. Sistines point was dismissed in the discussion as it was understood to be unworthy of mark
d. Irene scoffed at the Professor's
Ans: d

Question 4. TWEIGHT

a. Paul tried to lessen the weight of his conscience by donating to the poor
b. For my career choice, my grandfather's opinion carried great weight.
c. Alicia has been exercising hard in order to loose weight.
d. Phoenix was working two shifts and it was obvious that the weight of the resp.
Ans: a

Question 5. PRIME

a. My teachers prime to me was to prepare vocabulary for the exam.
b. Inspector Clouseau knew the danger of the operation and he spoke to his family before he went to prime the guard dogs.
c. My niece was battling with the concept of prime numbers after her math class.
d. The prime reason for this calamity was the build up of atmospheric pressure.
Ans: a

Directions for questions 6 to 11:Identify the ERROR in following sentences. Select d for No error.

Question 6. The sales man demonstrated the company's most recent product a refrigerator than flashes the temperature in lighted numerals when closing the door

a. demonstrated
b. lighted numerals
c. closing the door
d. no error
Ans: c

Question 7. Lions and tigers may be identical in size, but the tiger is the fiercer animal and the lion the strongest

a. may be
b. fiercer
c. strongest
d. No error
Ans: c

Question 8. If he had begun earlier he might have succeeded in finishing the extremely Complex project before the deadline

a. had begun
b. earlier
c. finishing
d. No error
Ans: d

Question 9. If one is interested in learning even more about the doyens of the Indian industry, you should read Gita Pirmal's biography

a. is interested
b. more about
c. you should
d. No error
Ans: c

Question 10. Air pollution caused by industrial fumes has been studied for years , but only recently has the harmful effects of noise pollution become known.

a. has been studied
b. but only
c. has
d. No error
Ans: c

Question 11. Although the new device was the most clever designed submersible pump that Mr. Tyrant had ever owned , it guzzled more fuel than other ordinary ones available in the market

a. most clever
b. ever owned
c. guzzled more fuel
d. No error
Ans: a

Directions for questions 12 to 14: Select the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

Question 12.

A. China's U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya told reporters that the council must give a "firm, constructive, appropriate but prudent response" to North Korea.
B. Wang spoke before a meeting of the five permanent members of the Security Council " Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States " plus Japan, to discuss a U.S.-proposed draft Security Council resolution.
C. North Korea must face "some punitive actions" for testing a nuclear device, China's UN ambassador said Monday, suggesting that Beijing may be willing to impose some form of Security Council sanctions against Pyongyang.
D. I think there has to be some punitive actions but also I think these actions have to be appropriate, he said.

Ans: c

Question 13.

A. Not only do we have a better understanding of the toll our invasion has had on the country, but we also understand better just how those deaths have come about.
B. But since the invasion over half of deaths are from violent causes.
C. Before the invasion only a tiny proportion of deaths were due to violence.
D. It is our occupation and our continued presence in Iraq that is fuelling this violence.

Ans: a

Question 14.

A. Dale Fuller, a member of McAfee's board since January, was appointed interim chief executive and president.
B. Mr Fuller is a former chief executive of Borland and WhoWhere, and a former vice-president of Apple Computer.
C. McAfee said that it was looking for a permanent new chief executive.
D. Charles Robel has been named non-executive chairman.

Ans: d



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