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TOEFL : Structure & Written Expression (Prepositional Phrase)

TOEFL : Structure & Written Expression (Prepositional Phrase)

On the second level of mammalian evolution, that ________ mammals or marsupials, the eggs are practically yolkless.

a. to the pouching
b. of the pouched
c. in the pouches
d. by the pouchable

Answer: B


Foraging ants make a network ________ around the nest.

a. inside roads
b. by roads
c. of roads
d. to roading

Answer: C


Disappointingly, many software companies have discovered a limited audience for _______ from the couch.

a. Web surfing
b. Web to surf
c. to Web surf
d. Web surfs

Answer: A


Shooting stars, otherwise known as meteorites, often fall to Earth in a pattern dictated _______ and Earth rotation.

a. to solar winds
b. by solar winds
c. on solar winds
d. which solar winds

Answer: B


Ink stains, commonly regarded _________ difficult stains to remove, will not succumb to the usual array of detergents and cleaners found in supermarkets.

a. as the most
b. to the most
c. in the most
d. through the most

Answer: A


Examples of selective use _________ are found in commercial leaf removal prior to harvest in the cotton and sugar beet industries.

a. of defoliants
b. by defoliants
c. in defoliants
d. through defoliants

Answer: A


Ethyl cyanoacetate is derived _________ of an alkali cyanide and chloroacetic ethyl ester.

a. at the reaction
b. from the reaction
c. to the reaction
d. above the reaction

Answer: B


________ its richness and varied coloring, Schubert's Symphony in C has enjoyed a deserved reputation among classical music lovers.

a. Renowning by
b. Renownable to
c. Renowned for
d. Renowning with

Answers: C


In _________, the crime rate has begun to drop due to neighborhood

a. the past few years
b. a few years ago
c. few years
d. a few years since

Answer: A


Three responsibilities _______ are to search out, identify, and assess patentable inventions and technologies.

a. to a patent manager
b. with a patent manager
c. on a patent manager
d. of a patent manager

Answer: D



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