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TOEFL Preparation : Listening Comprehension Page 2

TOEFL Preparation : Listening Comprehension Page 2

TOEFL Preparation : Listening Comprehension Page 2

Woman: The truck is gone and I don't see Fred anywhere.
Man: He must have decided to go to work after all.

What had the man assumed about Fred?

a. Fred had stolen a truck.
b. Fred wasn't going to work.
c. Fred couldn't make a decision..
d. Fred's truck was broken down..

Answers: B


Man: Michael passed the GRE test easily.
Woman: You're surprised?

What had the woman assumed about Michael?

a. Michael would do well on the test.
b. Michael never talked about his past.
c. Michael surprised his professor.
d. Michael was in love with her.

Answers: A


Woman: What a birthday party! All of the food is great--but this strawberry cheesecake is especially good. Why don't you try some?
Man: If I weren't on a diet I would. Strawberry cheesecake is my favorite.

What is the man probably going to do?

a. Pass up the food.
b. Try a bite of the cake.
c. Buy a strawberry cheesecake.
d. Get the recipe for the cake.

Answers: A


Man: John's grades in math are incredibly low. Maybe he needs a tutor to get through the class.
Woman: That could be true, but we should talk to him first.

What are these people probably going to do next?

a. Study math with John.
b. Take John to a doctor.
c. Discuss the problem with John.
d. Find John a study group.

Answers: C


Man: It's really hot today. The temperature must be over a hundred. The forecast is for rain in the afternoon.
Woman: How about putting off the picnic until tomorrow?

What does the woman suggest that they do?

a. Take a walk in the rain.
b. Delay their outing.
c. Go on a picnic.
d. Find out the weather forecast.

Answers: B


Man: It looks like Jane is coming apart at the seams. I think she should seek psychological help.
Woman: Oh, I wouldn't say that. She seems to be coping with her problems reasonably well

What does the woman imply?

a. Jane is not losing emotional control.
b. Jane is more intelligent than she seems.
c. Jane made an excellent copy of the parts.
d. Jane wouldn't say that.

Answer: A


Man: I've heard that the new Chemistry class is really difficult.
Woman: Oh, I wouldn't say that. I took Chemistry 402 last quarter, and I think the course went very smoothly.

What does the woman mean?

a. The chemistry class is very tough.
b. The chemistry class is not teaching this quarter.
c. The chemistry class is easier than the man thinks.
d. The chemistry class should be avoided if possible.

Answer: C


Woman: The milk in the refrigerator is sour. I don't think it's drinkable.
Man: No joke. The expiration date was three weeks ago.

What does the man imply?

a. The woman has an extremely sour disposition.
b. They need to replace the refrigerator.
c. The woman is just kidding.
d. It's not surprising the milk has ruined.

Answer: D



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