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QUESTION 10-13: Analyze the following statements and give an appropriate answer for the following questions.

10. "If the forest continues to disappear at its present pace, the Royal Bengal tiger will approach extinction," said the biologist.
"So all that is needed to save the tiger is to stop deforestation," said the politician.

Which one of the following statements is consistent with the biologist's claim but not with the politician's claim?
A. Deforestation continues and the tiger becomes extinct.
B. Deforestation is stopped and the tiger becomes extinct.
C. Reforestation begins and the tiger survives.
D. Deforestation is slowed and the tiger approaches extinction.

11. There is little point in looking to artists for insights into political issues. Most of them hold political views that are less insightful than those of any reasonably well-educated person who is not an artist. Indeed, when taken as a whole, the statements made by artists, including those considered to be great» indicate that artistic talent and political insight are rarely found together.

Which one of the following can be inferred from the passage?
A. There are no artists who have insights into political issues.
B. Some artists are no less politically insightful than some reasonably well-educated persons who are not artists.
C. Every reasonably well-educated person who is not an artist has more insight into political issues than any artist.
D. Politicians rarely have any artistic talent.

12. All intelligent people are nearsighted. I am very nearsighted. So I must be a genius.

Which one of the following exhibits both of the logical flaws exhibited in the argument above?

A. Iacocca is extremely happy, so he must be extremely tall because all tall people are happy.
B. All chickens have beaks. This bird has a beak. So this bird must be a chicken.
C. All geniusses are very nearsighted. I must be very near sighted since I am a genius.
D. I must be stupid because all intelligent people are nearsighted and I have perfect eyesight.

13. The district health officer boasts that the average ambulance turnaround time, the time from summons to delivery of the patient, has been reduced this year for top-priority emergencies. This is a serious misrepresentation. This "reduction" was produced simply by redefining "top priority". Such emergencies Used to include gunshot wounds and electrocutions, the most time-consuming cases. Now they are limited strictly to heart attacks and strokes.

Which one of the following would strengthen the author's conclusion that it was the redefinition of "top priority" that produced the reduction in turnaround time?

A. The number of heart attacks and strokes declined this year.
B. The health officer redefined the district's medical priorities this year.
C. One half of all last year's top-priority emergencies were gunshot wounds and
electrocution cases.
D. Other cities include gunshot wound cases in their category of top-priority emergencies.






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