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Question From XAT-2006-VERBAL ABILITY

Question From XAT-2006-VERBAL ABILITY

Question from XAT-2006-VERBAL ABILITY

DIRECTIONS (1- 6): Choose the correct alternative.

1. Which of the following choices MOST accurately captures the meaning of edifice as used in the sentence below?
The edifice of 'public space', built up through literacy or informative institutions of popular education and on which the pillars of democracy were mounted, is now crumbling.

A. Infrastructure
B. Building
C. Paraphernalia
D. None of the above

2. The__ of the Sanskrit Vedic hymns into English is often not possible; what experts do is a

Below there are three words indicated. Choose the alternative (among A, B,C, D) that you think has the right combination of words that can be used to fill the gaps in the sentence above and give it a coherent meaning.
X: Translation
Y: Rendition
Z: Conversion

A. X,Z in that order
B. Y,X in that order
C. X, Y in that order
D. Cannot be determined, since the choice depends on the context in which the sentence is used

3. The phrase 'Ranch on the Ganges':
A. Denotes an object
B. Qualifies an object
C. Alludes to a suggestive meaning
D. None of the above

4. 'In this place flowed a river. A town came up by its banks sometime. And today there is a concrete road of the metropolitan city. When I bend down and place my ears on the road, I can still hear the splashing of the water flowing underneath.'
The passage above is:

A. Literal
B. Discursive
C. Descriptive
D. None of the above


'When I become aware of the pain in my injured leg, it begins to hurt and the pain becomes so excruciating that I often loose control over my senses.'

5. In the above passage, 'excruciating' refers to:
A. Suddenness of the pain
B. Objectivity of the pain
C. Longevity of the pain
D. None. of the above

6. Which of the following words can possibly replace 'excruciating' without CHANGING the underlying meaning?
A. Dominating
B. Massive
C. Overwhelming
D. Irritating






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