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Previous Solved Paper Delhi Police Constable Driver Exam 2009 Drivers Exam Questions In MCQ Quiz Form

Previous Solved Paper Delhi Police Constable Driver Exam 2009 Drivers Exam Questions In MCQ Quiz Form

Previous Solved Paper Delhi Police Constable Driver Exam 2009 Drivers Exam Questions in MCQ Quiz Form

1. A number is greater than 7 but less than 19. It is also greater than 17 but less than 33. The number is?

(A) 19

(B) 18

(C) 31

(D) None of these

2. In a ‘Left Hand Drive’ vehicle, the steering wheel is located on the ?

(A) Left hand side

(B) In the centre

(C) Right hand side

(D) None of these

3. While driving in the city at night, the headlight should normally be kept?

(A)       Switched off

(B)       At low beam

(C)       At high beam

(D)       None of these

4.. In a round-about, who has the right of way?

(A) The traffic to your right

(B) The traffic to your left

(C) The faster moving vehicle

(D) All of the above

5. If there are 3 lanes in a carriage way, the overtaking lane is usually on the?

(A) On the left side

(B) In the middle

(C) On the right side

(D) None of the above

6. Before leaving a parked vehicle, you should

(A) Turn the ignition key off

(B) Stop the engine, lock the ignition, remove the key, and set the hand brake

(C) Stop the engine and lock the car

(0) None of the above

7. Double solid tines in the middle of the road indicate

(A) You may cross over while overtaking

(B) You may not cross over the lines unless there is an obstruction

(C) No overtaking

(D) One way traffic only
8. Flashing yellow light means?

(A) Slow down and proceed with caution

(B) Stop, if possible to do so safely

(C) Continue at the same speed

(D) None of the above

9. To top up the batterymeans?

(A) Acid is to be filled

(B) Distilled water is to be filled

(C) Mixture of both

(D) Mixture of distilled water and coolant is to be filled

10. The braking action has reduced after washing the vehicle, what can be done?

(A) Have the brakes adjusted at a workshop

(B) The vehicle is unserviceable and must be withdrawn from the traffic at once

(C) Normal braking action can be restored by operating the brakes several times at a slow driving speed

(D) None of the above

11. Ravi buys a bicycle for Rs. 1200 and later sells it to Ganesh at a loss of Rs. 200. Ganesh then sells it to Irfan for a loss of 10% . How much did Irfan pay for the bicycle?

(A) Rs.1100

(B) Rs. 950

(C) Rs. 1000

(D) Rs. 900

12. Petrol engine : Spark plug

Diesel engine:?

(A) Piston rings

(B) Crankshaft

(C) Heater plug

(D) Distributor

13. A bus leaves for Bhopal from Delhi every 40 min The last bus for Bhopal left 15 minutes back and right now it is 11-25 AM. At what time will the next bus for Bhopal leave?

(A) 11:50A.M.

(B) 12-05P.M.

(C) 11-40 A.M.

(D) 11-45 P.M.

14. The distance between Delhi and Lucknow is 520 km. A train has covered 70 km in the first hour. What will the total time taken for the journey if the train goes at a speed of 90 km per hour for the remaining distance?

(A) 5 hrs.

(B) 7 hrs.

(C) 5 hrs. 30 min

(D) 6hrs.

15. Mandatory traffic signs are in which shape?

(A) Triangle

(B) Circle

(C) Rectangle

(D) Can be of any shape
16. The choke can be used if the

engine is?

(A) Hot

(B) Cold

(C) Giving Smoke

(D)All of the above

17. In cold climate, kerosene can be mixed with?

(A) Petrol

(B) Diesel


(D) All of the above

18. Every time engine oil is changed……must also be changed.

(A) Transmission oil

(B) Coolant

(C) Brake oil

(D) Oil filter

19. Informatory signs are usually in shape.

(A) Circle

(B) Triangle

(C) Rectangle

(D) No particular shape

20. 10% of the potatoes bought by a trader turned out to be rotten. He sold the rest of them for a profit of 20%. What per cent profit did he make on the whole deal?


(B) 12%


(D) 6%

21. Ustad Zakir Hussain is associated   with the—


(B) Sitar


(D) Flute

22. Amartya Sen is a famous Indian

(A)       Musician

(B)       Businessman

(C)       Economist

(D)       None of these

23. Overtaking from left side of another vehicle is permitted:

(A) Always

(B) Only when the driver ahead of you gives a signal

(C) Only when the vehicle ahead is going to take right turn and if there is no obstruction on left

(D) Only if you are in the left lane

24. The carburettor is found in—

(A) Diesel engine

(B) Petrol engine

(C) Both types of engines

(D) None of the above

25. Emperor Ashok was shocked by the pain and suffering he saw in the?

(A) Baffle of Plassey

(B) Magadha wars

(C) Battle of Lumbini

(D) Kalinga war

26.The vacuum booster in a vehicle is used to assist the—

(A)       Power

(B)       Braking

(C)       Fuel consumption

(D)       None of the above

27. The term of a member of the Rajya Sabha is for ?

(A) 5 years

(B) 6 years

(C) 4 years

(D) None of the above

28. The central office of the Reserve Bank of India is in?

(A) New Delhi

(B) Mumbai

(C) Kolkata

(D) Chennai

29. Complete the series:

23, 40, 57…….


(B) 80


(D) 93

Directions—(Q 30 to 33)

Find  the odd one out:

30. (A) Cow

(B) Goat

(C) Camel

(D) Dog

31. (A) Petrol

(B) Wood

(C) Diesel


32. (A) Sun

(B) Moon

(C) Rainbow

(D) Stars


(B) Potato


(D) Grapes

34. When starting a car, the accelerator should—

(A) Be kept pressed down fully

(B) Be pumped rapidly

(C) Normally not be pressed at all

(D) None of the above

35. Talking on the mobile phone while driving—

(A) Is permitted if a hands-free kit is used

(B) Is prohibited

(C) Is permitted if you are driving within the speed limit

(D) None of the above

36. A driving license issued in Rajasthan is valid

(A) Only in Rajasthan

(B) In Rajasthan and adjoining states

(C) All over India

(D) In all states of North India

37.Our body is made up predominantly of?


(B) Muscle


(D) Water

38. Which of these is not an eco friendly power source?

(A) Solar power

(B) Wind power

(C) Coal

(D) None of the above

39. Who has the right of way in the hills ?

(A) The vehicle going uphill

(B) The vehicle going downhill

(C) The heavier vehicle

(D) Depends on the situation

40. Which types of brakes are found in modern vehicles?

(A) Drum brakes

(B) Disc brakes

(C) Both of the above

(D) None of the above

41. Engine oil should be checked?

(A) When the engine is cold and vehicle is level

(B) When the engine is warm

(C) While the engine is running

(D) All of the above

42. Saina Nehwal is associated with ?


(B) Badminton

(C) Swimming

(D) Chess

43. The Delhi Police Act came into effect in the year?

(A)       1861

(B)       1951

(C)       1978

(D)      1975

44. Using a pressure horn

(A) Helps to clear the road

(B) Should be avoided at night

(C) Is illegal

(D) Is allowed only for  VIP vehicles

45. India is a member of?



(C) UN Security Council

(D) All of the above

46…….. is the Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha.

(A) Deputy Speaker of LokSabha

(B) Vice-President of India

(C) Attorney General

(D) None of the above

47. A car runs 2480 km on 310 litres of petrol during the first 15 days of the month. During the next 15 days, it travels 2560 km on 320 litres of petrol. What is the distance travelled per litre during the entire month?

(A) 9 km

(B) 7 km

(C) 8.4 km

(D) 8 km

48. Abhinav Bindra won the Olympic gold medal in?


(B) Chess


(D) Shooting

49. The port of Vishakhapatnam is on the coast of?

(A) The Bay of Bengal

(B) The Arabian Sea

(C) The Gulf of Khambat

(D) The Palk Straits

50………… is famous for its marble.

(A) Ranchi

(B) Makrana

(C) Bokaro

(D) Madurai

51. The oldest football tournament in India is the?

(A) Santosh Trophy

(B) Ranji Trophy

(C) Durand Cup

(D) None of these

52.The……. links jammu to the kashmir valley.

(A) Rohtang Pass

(B) Baralacha Tunnel

(C) Jawahar Tunnel

(D) Sela Pass

53. The Arnarnath cave is situated in?

(A)Jammu & Kashmir

(B)Himachal Pradesh



54. Registration numbers of private cars are written in?

(A) Black letters on white back ground

(B) White letters on black back ground

(C) Black letters on yellow back ground

(D) Yellow letters on black back ground

55. The minimum age for applying for a learners license is—

(A) 21 years

(B) 18 years

(C) 16 years

(D) None of the above

56. A person who has consumed alcoholic drinks can drive if?

(A) He thinks he can control the car

(B) His house is close by

(C) He is an expert driver

(D) None of the above

57. A water tank has a capacity of 400 litres. It gets half-filled by putting 10 buckets of water in it. What is thecapacity of the bucket?

(A)10 litres

(B) 15 litres

(C)40 litres

(D) 20 litres

58. Keeping one foot on the clutch

(A) Helps in relaxing the leg

(B) Helps in changing gears

(C) Is a bad habit

(D) None of the above

59. Where is the famous Sun Temple located?


(B) Mathura


(D) Calicut

60. A flashing red light means—

(A) Stop, and wait for the light to turn green

(B) Stop, and proceed when it is safe to do so

(C) Slow down the check for oncoming traffic and proceed when it is safe

(D) None of the above

61. It is illegal to park—

(A) On a footpath

(B) On a bridge or inside a tunnel

(C) In a bicycle lane

(D) All of the above

62. Your vehicle is involved in an accident hurting people, you should—

(A) Report to the nearest police station, and take the persons to the hospital

(B) First take the injured people to the hospital and then report to the police station

(C) Need not report to the police station but should take the persons to the hospital

(D) Inform PCR on 100 and continue your journey

63. Which lane must you be in, while making a right turn?

(A) Any lane

(B) Extreme left lane

(C) Extreme right lane

(D) Middle lane

64. While driving on a wet slippery road

(A) lyre pressure must be reduced

(B) Sudden braking or acceleration must be avoided

(C) Vehicle should be driven at a high speed

(D) All of the above

65. To drive a vehicle with expired insurance, one

(A) Shall drive cautiously to avoid any accident and subse quent loss to the third party

(B) Shall not drive in any case

(C) May drive if insurance policy covering the drivers personal insurance is valid

(D) All of the above

66. With which country did India sign a nuclear accord in 2008?




(D) Germany

67. Who built the Red Port?

(A) Akbar

(B) Aurangzeb

(C) .Jehangir

(D) Shah Jahan

68. Who is the President of Pakistan?

(A) General Kayani

(B) Pervez Musharraf

(C) Vusuf Gilani

(D) A. A. Zardari

69. The latest differences between the Ambani brothers are over?

(A) Natural gas

(B) Cotton textiles

(C) Mobile ptiones

70. The Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its—

(A) Rhinocerous

(B) White Tigers

(C) Ghariyal

(D) Great Indian Bustard

71. The electric current in our households is—

(A) 220 volt AC

(B) 220 volt DC

(C) 440 volt AC

(D) None of these

72. Itanagar is the capital of?

(A) Mizoram

(B) Iripura

(C) Arunachal Pradesh

(D) Meghalaya

73. Car : Petrol: : Torch: ?

(A) Plastic

(B) Bulb

(C) Cell

(D) None of these

74.Neighborhood :  House::Student. : ?

(A) Class

(B) Books

(C) Uniform

(D) None of these

75 …..:Deer :: Cow :Grass





76.Shared Needle:…..::Mosquito Bite : Malaria.

(A) Pain

(B) Injection


(D) Cancer

77. Cassette Tape : Audio ::

? : Digital Picture.

(A)       Photo film

(B)       Camera

(C)       Computer

(D)       None of these

Answers :

1          B

2          A

3          B

4          A

5          C

6          B

7          C

8          A

9          B

10        C

11        D

12        B

13        A

14        D

15        D

16        B

17        B

18        D

19        C

20        C

21        C

22        C

23        C

24        B

25        D

26        B

27        B

28        B

29        A

30        D

31        B

32        C

33        B

34        C

35        B

36        C

37        D

38        C

39        A

40        C

41        A

42        B

43        C

44        C

45        B

46        B

47        D

48        D

49        A

50        B

51        C

52        C

53        A

54        A

55        B

56        D

57        D

58        C

59        C

60        B

61        D

62        B

63        C

64        B

65        B

66        B

67        D

68        D

69        A

70        A

71        A

72        C

73        C

74        A

75        B

76        C

77        A



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