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Hindu Religious Books

Hindu Religious Books

Hindu Religious Books


There are four Vedas–
1. The Rig Veda
2. The Sama Veda
3. The Yajur Veda and
4. The Atharva Veda



They represent the high water mark of Hindu intellect. They constitute the basis of vedantic philosophy.



1. The Ramayan written by Valmiki
2. The Mahabharat written by Ved Vyas


They are 18 in number. They constitute a mixture of religion, history, mythology and
tradition. These Puranas are–
01. Brahma Purana
02. Padma Purana
03. Vishnu Purana
04. Vayavya Purana
05. Bhagvad Purana
06. Naridiaya Purana
07. Markandeya Purana
08. Brahmvaivart Purana
09. Leng Purana
10. Varah Purana
11. Skanda Purana
12. Garud Purana
13. Brahmand Purana
14. Aagneyay Purana
15. Bhavishya Purana
16. Baaman Purana
17. Karma Purana
18. Matsaya Purana


Shastras or the Darshanas

Six in number.



Ten in number.



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