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Sample Paper MCQ Quiz Objective Science For B.Ed Navy And Army Jobs In India

Sample Paper MCQ Quiz Objective Science For B.Ed Navy And Army Jobs In India

Sample paper MCQ Quiz objective Science for B.Ed navy and Army jobs in india

1. In fog, we are not able to see objects at a distance, although fog contains fine drops of water suspended in air and water is transparent. This is because
(A) the light rays suffer total internal reflection
(B) most of the light is absorbed by the fog
(C) most of the light is scattered
(D) fog affects our vision adversely

2. Which of the following statements regarding the consequences of the movement of the earth is not correct?
(A) The rotation of the earth causes variation in the duration of day and night
(B) The revolution of the earth around the sun is the cause of the change of seasons
(C) The rotation of the earth is the cause of day and night
(D) The rotation of the earth affects the movement of wind and ocean currents

3. If a ship has to travel the shortest route, it must follow?
(A) Latitudes
(B) Streams
(C) Along a great circle
(D) Longitudes

4. The auto shut off in electric equipment works on the principle of the
(A) thermal effect
(B) optical effect
(C) diode
(D) Both (A) and (B)

5. For which of the following can ‘mode’ be used?
(A) The size of clothes
(B) The size of shoes
(C) Most frequently seen cable channels
(D) All of the above

6. Diesel engines are heavier than petrol engines because?
(A) diesel is heavier
(B) diesel generates more power
(C) diesel is used in heavy vehicles
(D) diesel was invented earlier

7. Two unbiased coins are tossed in the air and both of them land with heads down. What are the chances that, on the next toss, at least one will land with head upwards?
(B) 50%
(D) 33%

8. Cell phones work on the principle of?
(A) sound waves
(B) magnetic waves
(C) ultrasonic waves
(D) electromagnetic waves.

9. If there was no friction, which of the following would become impossible?
(A) Walking on the road
(B) Using a toothpick
(C) Using a pulley
(D) All of the above

10. For an electron moving in ‘s’ orbital, the total angular momentum is?
(A) 1/2
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) 0

11. Which of the following disorder of the eye is treated by the use of cylindrical lenses?
(A) Myopia
(B) Hypermetropia
(C) Cataract
(D) Astigmatism

12. What quantity of oxygen (O2) contains the same number of molecules as 36 g of water?
(A) 64.0 g
(B) 32.0 g
(C)16.0 g
(D) 18 g

13. In honour of which eminent Indian Scientist, is the National Science Day celebrated in India?
(A) J. C. Bose
(B) C. V. Raman
(C) S. Ramanujan
(D) H.J.Bhabha

14. Which of the following causes reduction in the ozone layer?

(A)Rising sea temperature
(B) Use of specific refrigerants
(C)Smog in the cities
(D)Cutting trees

15. The colours corresponding to the shortest and longest wavelength are?
(A) red and green
(B) green and red
(C) red and violet
(D) violet and red

16. When salt is dissolved in water, the salt solution will have
(A) a lower boiling point than that of pure water
(B) a higher boiling point than that of pure water
(C) no change in the boiling point
(D) a fluctuating boiling point

17. The ‘Origin of Species’ written by Charles Darwin appeared first about?
(A) 100 years ago
(B) 150 years ago
(C) 200 years ago
(D) 250 years ago

18. The difference between tap water and rain water is due to?
(A) the presence of nitrates in rain water
(B) the presence of nitrates in tap water
(C) the presence of impurity in tap water
(D) the presence of sulphates in rain water

19. Among air, vacuum, water and glass, the speed of light is?
(A) the same in all mediums
(B) fastest in air
(C) fastest in vacuum
(D) the same in air and vacuum

20. Between a dry, pen size cell and a big torch, of which cell is the voltage more?
(A) Both are the same
(B) The torch cell is more
(C) The pen size cell is more
(D) None of the above

21. A cassette tape and a CD are both used for sound recording. On what principle do they work?
(A) Both work on the same principle
(B) The cassette works on soft laser and the CD on magnetic field
(C) The cassette works on magnetic field and the CD on soft laser
(D) The cassette works on soft magnetic field and the CD on strong magnetic field

22. Capillary action is due to?
(A) air pressure
(B) surface tension
(C) due to both air pressure and surface tension
(D) the movement of air

23. Decimals can also be represented as?
(A) integers
(B) fractions
(C) natural numbers
(D) odd numbers

24. Vaccination helps in controlling diseases as it?

(A) kills the germs which cause disease
(B) develops resistance to attack
(C) prevents contact with germs
(D) activates germs causing the disease

25. The sun’s energy is produced as a result of?
(A) explosion
(B) fission
(C) thermonuclear fusion
(D) combustion

26. The human body adopts to living at high altitudes by producing?
(A) more white blood cells
(B) more red blood cells
(C) fewer white blood cells
(D) fewer red blood cells

27. The injection of large quantities of distilled water into a person’s veins would cause many of the red blood cells to?
(A) shrink
(B) form new cells
(C) swell and burst
(D) carry more oxygen

28. The dissolved carbon dioxide in rainwater makes it acidic. What happens to the pH of rain water when it falls upon a limestone rock?
(A) pH rises from 7 to 10
(B) pH falls from 5 to 3
(C) pH rises from 5 to 8
(D) pH remains at 7

29. Which of the following is likely to consist of one element?
(A) A silver spoon
(B) A bronze statue
(C) A brass plate
(D) A steel tumbler

30. When water is added to baking powder, the resultant solution formed would be?
(A) alkaline
(B) acidic
(C) neutral
(D) acidic as well as alkaline

31. A solution conducting electric current confirms that the solution?
(A) has a variable boiling point
(B) is a good oxidising agent
(C) is a good reducing agent
(D) contains ions

32. if a magnet is divided into two pieces?
(A) the magnet will loose its magnetic power
(B) both the pieces will become independent magnets
(C) one piece will behave like a North pole and the other like. a South pole
(D) the magnetic power of the magnet will increase

33. The fuel used in nuclear reactors is?
(A) hydrogen
(B) liquid nitrogen
(C) uranium
(D) carbon isotope

34. Our blood is?
(A) neutral in nature
(B) slightly alkaline in nature
(C) highly alkaline in nature
(D) slightly acidic in nature

35. Paper is recyclable because?
(A) paper is coarse
(B) paper is fine
(C) paper burns on healing
(D) None of the above

36. Most of the glucose in the human
blood is transported by the?
(A) red blood cells
(B) plasma
(C) platelets
(D) white blood cells

37. Nights are cool when?
(A) the nights are cloudy and the days are dear
(B) the nights are clear and the days are cloudy
(C) both the nights and the days are cloudy
(D) both the nights and the days are dear

38. The first life came on earth?
(A) in water
(B) on land
(C) in air
(D) on the mountain

39. Which of the following animals was not known to the Indus
Valley Civilization?
(A) Bull
(B) Horse
(C) Elephant
(D) Giraffe

40. Aurora borealis is—
(A) a medical term for boric powder
(B) red and green lights in the sky near the North pole by electrical radiation
(C) a chemical
(D) a Russian master craftsman

1 C
2 A
3 C
4 D
5 D
6 B
7 C
8 D
9 D
10 A
11 D
12 B
13 B
14 B
15 D
16 B
17 B
18 C
19 C
20 A
21 A
22 B
23 B
24 B
25 B
26 B
27 C
28 B
29 A
30 A
31 D
32 B
33 C
34 B
35 D
36 B
37 D
38 A
39 D
40 B



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