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Test Your GK - 3

Test Your GK - 3

Test your GK - 3

1. The twinkling of stars is due to the phenomenon of….

a. Reflection
b. Refraction
c. Diffraction
d. Scattering

2. Which of the following articles envisages the provision of Finance Commission of India?
a. Article 260
b. Article 280
c. Article 285
d. Article 290

3. Who wrote Sidhanta Shiromani?
a. Bhaskara - 1
b. Aryabhatta
c. Bhaskaracharya
d. Adi Shankaracharya

4. How many Indian states have bicameral legislatures?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6

5. Ibn Batuta visited India during the reign of . . .
a. Qutub-ud-din Aibak
b. Mohammad Ghouri
c. Mohammad - bin - Tughlaq
d. Mahmoud Ghaznavi

6. Which of the following personalities was elected as the President of India unopposed?
a. Rajendra Prasad
b. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
c. Gyani Jail Singh
d. Zakir Hussain

7. Which of the following represents the number of languages that are now entertained by the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India?
a. 18
b. 20
c. 22
d. 24

8. Flemish is a term used to describe the inhabitants of …
a. Australia
b. The UK
c. Belgium
d. Italy

9. ‘Satyamev Jayate’, integral part of our national emblem, has been taken from…
a. Bhagavat Gita
b. Kathopanishada
c. Munadaka Upanishada
d. Matsya Purana

10. Which chemical is cloud seeding?
a. Potassium Chloride
b. Silver Iodide
c. Calcium Sulphate
d. Zinc Sulphide

11. Which of the following is NOT a bacterial disease?
a. Pneumonia
b. Tetanus
c. Cholera
d. Yellow fever

12. Which animal is NOT a part of the National emblem of India?
a. Lion
b. Horse
c. Bull
d. Camel

13. Limonite and Siderite are the ores of…
a. Magnesium
b. Iron
c. Aluminum
d. Lead

14. Name the first woman deputy governor of Reserve Bank of India.
a. Chokila Aiyar
b. KJ Udeshi
c. Kanchan Choudhary
d. Neera Yadav

15. Which of the following is NOT the Constitutional commission?
a. Finance Commission
b. Election Commission
c. Planning Commission
d. Public Service Commission

16. Herring pond is the sobriquet used for…
a. Pacific Ocean
b. Arctic Ocean
c. Atlantic Ocean
d. Indian Ocean

17. The capital of Norway is …
a. Warsaw
b. Madrid
c. Oslo
d. Vienna

18. Diego Garcia is the …
a. Arctic Ocean
b. Pacific Ocean
c. Atlantic Ocean
d. Indian Ocean

19. Uttar Ramacharita is a famous work of …
a. Patanjali
b. Ved Vyas
c. Tulsidas
d. Bhavbhuti

20. Which of the following is a source of citric acid?
a. Milk
b. Tea
c. Lemon
d. Coffee

21. This Indian king is also known as the ‘Napoleon of India’. Can you identify the name of the king from the given options?
a. Chandragupta- II
b. Ashok
c. Harshavardhana
d. Samudragupta

22. Which of the following is the chemical name of baking soda?
a. Sodium Carbonate
b. Sodium Bicarbonate
c. Sodium Hydroxide
d. Sodium Peroxide

23. This great personality is also known as the ‘Man of Destiny’. Identify him from the given options.
a. Adolf Hitler
b. Napoleon Bonaparte
c. George Washington
d. Joseph Stalin

24. This Veda deals with medicine and it contains descriptions of gold smithy, black smithy and organized agriculture. We are talking about…
a. Rig Veda
b. Sam Veda
c. Yajur Veda
d. Atharva Veda

25. International Court of Justice is headquartered at…
a. Paris
b. The Hague
c. Viennad
d. New York


1. b. Refraction
2. b. Article 280
3. c. Bhaskaracharya
4. c. 5
5. c. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq
6. b. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
7. c. 22
8. c. Belgium
9. c. Mundaka Upanishada
10. b. Silver Iodide
11. d. Yellow fever
12. d. Camel
13. b. Iron
14. b. KJ Udeshi
15. c. Planning Commission
16. c. Atlantic ocean
17. c. Oslo
18. d. Indian Ocean
19. d. Bhavbhuti
20. c. lemon
21. d. Samudragupta
22. b. Sodium Bicarbonate
23. b. Napoleon Bonaparte
24. d. Atharva Veda
25. b. The Hague



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