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GK Questions - XAT

GK Questions - XAT

GK Questions - XAT

1. The celebrated Temple of Lord Jagannath now existent at Puri was constructed by the King of Orissa known as
Ans: Raja Ananta Varman Chodaganga Dev

2. Atish-e-Chinar is the autobiography account of
Ans: Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah

3. Which is the least corrupt nation of the world?
Ans: Finland

4. The trade related investment measures are related with…

5. This personality became the first Prime Minister of Indian Origin in Trinidad and Tobago’s. Can you name the person?
Ans: Basdeo Pandey

6. Seven sisters in business history relates to…
Ans: Major oil companies of USA

7. Rockefeller family created their fortune in…
Ans: Oil industry

8. Nobel Prize in physiology for 2003 was awarded for
Ans: MRI related work

9. Fresco ceiling of Sistine Chapel was painted by…
Ans: Michelangelo

10. What was world’s first synthetic drug made by a German scientist?
Ans: Acetylsalicylic acid

11. The largest single grass root refinery is owned by…
Ans: Reliance Industries

12. Winner of PGA Championship receives…
Ans: Wanamaker Trophy

13. Who declares the companies as sick?

14. Hutchison Whampao is headquartered at
Ans: Hong Kong

15. Which company failed in hostile takeover attempt of Indal?
Ans: Sterlite Industries

16. The name of the company that owns EVA trademark is…
Ans: Stern Stewart & Co

17. Pohang Iron & Steel Company hails from…
Ans: South Korea

18. The concept of Kanban was pioneered in…
Ans: Toyota

19. Which award is given for Agricultural research?
Ans: Borlaug Award

20. Who presided over Ranbaxy Laboratories from the period 1970-1980?
Ans: Dr. Parvinder Singh

21. Economic model that provided way for the Five year plans in India was given by
Ans: P.C. Mahalonobis

22. Latest Booker Prize winning book by Allan Hollinghurst was…
Ans: The Line of Beauty



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