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Yamuna Rises To 32-yr High, Delhi Homes Deluged

Yamuna Rises To 32-yr High, Delhi Homes Deluged

Yamuna rises to 32-yr high, Delhi homes deluged

NEW DELHI: The city witnessed its worst flood since 1978 as the Yamuna touched 207.11 metres late Wednesday night and remained at that level for eight hours. This was only the second instance in city records when the river had crossed the 207m mark and it led to water gushing into Kashmiri Gate, Batla House, portions of Ring Road, Jaitpur and Majnu Ka Tila.

Overflowing sewers submerged several hundred houses in low-lying colonies such as Mukherjee Nagar and Civil Lines. With many homes under 5-6 feet of water, residents were seen jumping into rescue boats from first-floor balconies. In the outskirts, crops worth crores was destroyed.

By Thursday morning, Yamuna started receding and by 8pm, it was flowing at 206.52m. Hathnikund, meanwhile, released more water but it was not expected to raise the Yamuna level. "Around 5pm on Wednesday, Hathnikund again increased the volume of releases to over 1 lakh cusec. At 6am, the discharge had reached a high of 3,03,169 cusec before dropping to 1 lakh cusec in the evening. Since the river already is carrying a huge volume of water, this will not make a significant difference to its level," said an official of the Central Water Commission.

CWC officials said the water level could continue to fall through Friday but would stabilize once the fresh releases reach Delhi in another couple of days. "Delhi's situation is not going to change much now unless for the better. It did not rain much in the hills on Thursday. However, downstream Mathura is now at risk since the water from Delhi will reach it by Thursday," said an official.

Several areas in Greater Noida were also severely affected by the flooded Yamuna on Wednesday. According to the SDM (Sadar) office, at least nine villages situated in the Yamuna Khadar region lost standing crops worth a couple of crores. While Motipur village had to be evacuated, several others like Dhoom Manikpur, Chithara, Nai Basti and Palla are under a severe threat after about 2.84 lakh cusecs water was released from the Okhla barrage.

In Delhi, several areas along the river continued to be submerged and boats had to be deployed in localities like the Tibetan market on the Ring Road. Officials said that many people were refusing to leave their homes, scared that their belongings might be stolen in their absence. At places like Batla House, where the water had receded somewhat, residents pointed to large scale mosquito breeding. "There is a lot of slush inside houses and on the roads. Pools of water have also got left behind. MCD teams came for defogging on Wednesday but ran out of medicine in a short while and left. There's a high risk of disease spreading in the area," said Sultana Khatoon, a resident.



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