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1. Which of the following is the slogancan be associated with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)?a. Earth and natureb. Nature is lifec. For a living planetd. Life and planet 

2. Pulsar, Discover and Ninja , are names of bike models that you would associate with …a. TVS Motors Ltdb. Bajaj Auto Ltdc. Hero Honda Motors Ltdd. Honda Motors Ltd 

3. Servo brand of industrial oil belongs to the stable of …a. HPCLb. Indian Oil Corporationc. BPCLd. ONGC

 4. Which company is a joint venture between Norway’s leading Telecom operator Telenorand India’s leading reality major,Unitech, and has recently launched the mobile phone services in India?a. Peninorb. Uninorc. Teletechd. None of these

5. Real GDP growth rate in the second quarter of 2009-10 was?a. 6.1 per centb. 6.7 per centc. 7.1 per centd. 7.9 per cent

6. The Union Minister for Corporate Affairs is ...a. SK Shindeb. Salman Khursheedc. Veerappa Moilyd. None of these

7. What is the percentage stake acquired by Arcelor Mittal in Uttam Galva Steel in a deal worth 422 crores recently?a. 21 per centb. 23 per centc. 25 per centd. 29 per cent

8. The amount invested by the Venture Capital fi rms in around 92 deals in India by the end of 2009 is?a. $345 millionb. $475 millionc. $550 milliond. $640 million

9. Subir Raha who passed away recently, was an outstanding public service executive and headed one of the major oil companies of India. Identify the name of the organisation that he headeda. IOCb. ONGCc. BPCLd. HPCL

10. The name of the recently appointed disinvestment secretary of India is …a. Ashok Chawlab. Sumit Bosec. Sunil Mitrad. Krishna Kumar Goyal

11. Which veteran journalist has been appointed as the chairman of the Prasar Bharti recently.a. Vir Sanghvib. N. Ramc. Mrinal Pandeyd. Pravin Swami

12. Name the famous businessperson from India who was awarded the ‘Order of Diplomatic Service Merit’ by South Korea recently.a. Rahul Bajajb. Venu Srinivasanc. Vijay Mallayad. Kumaramangalam Birla

13. Identify the name of the bank whose punch line is ‘where every individual is committed’.a. Indian Bankb. Bank of Indiac. Oriental Bank ofCommerced. Bank of Baroda

14. The fi rst city in the world where metro started is?a. New Yorkb. Londonc. Tokyod. Hong Kong

15. The deal in which Edelweiss Capital bought domestic retail brokering fi rm Angram Capital recently was worth?a. Rs. 64 croreb. Rs. 164 crorec. Rs. 264 crored. Rs. 364 crore

16. Identify the name of the automobile major which recently recalled millions of its sold vehicles that were potentiallyprone to uncontrolled acceleration ...a. General Motorsb. Toyota Motorsc. Ford Motorsd. Honda Motors

17. Identify is the new group CEO of Tata Motors?a. Allan Mullalayb. Carl Peter Forsterc. Rick Wagoner Jrd. PM Telang

18. Recently Bharti Airtel bided for the Kuwait based Zain Telecom’s Affrican assets. What was the amount of the bid?a. $ 9.8 billionb. $10.7 billionc. $12.2 billiond. $ 14.9 billion

19. The present chief economic advisor to the Finance minister of India...a. Deepak C Jainb. Bimal Jalanc. Bibek Debroyd. Kaushik Basu

20. Boxster S - the car model can be associate with …a. Volkswagen AGb. Porschec. Ford Motorsd. General Motors

21. Identify the main author of The Maruti Story ...a. Jagadish Khattarb. RC Bhargavac. Ravi Kantd. None of these

22. D. Shiva Kumar is the managing director of ….a. LG Indiab. Nokia Indiac. Sony Indiad. IBM India

23. Pranab Mukharjee represented maximum budgets in the history of India. How many budgets hashe represented so far …a. 4 timesb. 5 timesc. 6 timesd. 7 times

24. As per the Union Budget 2010-2011, the percentage increase in the allocation for the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is?a. 10 per centb. 15 per centc. 20 per centd. 25 per cent

25. As per the Union Budget 2010-2011, which of the following represents the percentage of the planned expenditure that is allocated for the infrastructure development?a. 35 per centb. 46 per centc. 52 per centd. 56 per cent

26. Author of "INDIA 2039 An Affl uent Society in One Generation" is …a. VJ Taraporevalab. Bibek Debroyc. Onkar Goswamid. Ashok V Desai

27. ‘Obsessed with quality since 1895’, is the punch line of …a. Volkswagen AGb. TAG Heuerc. Skoda Automobilesd. Swarovski

28. Rodeo, Duro and Flyte are the names of the two wheelers that originally belonged to …a. Hero Honda Motorsb. Kinetic Engineering Ltdc. Bajaj Auto Ltdd. TVS Motors Ltd

29. Prius is the name of the car brand that was launched by …a. Hyundai Motors Ltdb. Honda Motors Ltdc. General Motorsd. Toyota Motors

30. Who amongst the following is the present Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)?a. KT Chackob. RS Gujralc. Saarthak Behuriad. None of these

31. The Double Life of Ramalinga Raju The Story of India’s Corporate Fraud, is authored by …a. Raghav Bahlb. Udayan Bosec. Kingshuk Nagd. Gita Piramal

32. The fi rst Fortune 200 Chief Executive Offi cer to tweet his resignation recently wasa. Eric Schmidtb. Jonathan Schwartzc. John T Chambersd. Samuel J Palmasino

33. The India businessman to win the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur award for the Year 2009 is?a. PC Reddyb. Anand Mahindrac. KP Singhd. Tulsi Tanti

34. KN Raj, a famous economist of India who passed away recently was famous for his …a. Karnataka Model ofdevelopmentb. Kerala Model ofdevelopmentc. Tamil Nadu Model ofdevelopmentd. Maharashtra Model ofdevelopment

35. As per the domestic passenger vehicles sales in January 2010 , which of the following was the market leader?a. Tata Motorsb. Hyundai Motors India Ltdc. Maruti Suzuki Ltdd. Honda Motors India Ltd

36. Recently SEBI constituted a committee for the review of the ownership and governance structure of the stock exchangesof India. Identify the chairperson of this committee?a. Deena Mehtab. CB Bhavec. Bimal Jaland. Usha Thorat

37. As per a recent development, in order to overhaul the existing Public Distribution System that is considered as one of thefactors for the increasing food prices in India, a 11 member committee has been constituted. It will be chaired by …a. Pranab Mukharjeeb. Sharad Pawarc. Montek Singh Ahluwaliad. Dr. Manmohan Singh

38. As per a recent development Fortis Healthcare will buy 23.9 per cent stake in a Singapore Healthcare provider Parkwayholdings. Identify the worth of the deal from the given options?a. $ 485 millionb. $ 585 millionc. $ 685 milliond. $ 785 million

39. The richest person of the world according to the recent Forbes annual list of world’s top billionaires is?a. Bill Gatesb. Warren Buffetc. Carlos Slim Helud. Ingwar Kemprad

40. The richest person of India according to the recent Forbes annual list of world’s top billionaires is?a. LN Mittalb. Mukesh Ambanic. Sunil Bharti Mittald. Anil Ambani

41. Which of the following represents India’s Industrial growth for the month of January 2010?a. 15.6 per centb. 16.2 per centc. 16.7 per centd. 17.3 per cent

42. You might have heard of IPO that is Initial Public Offer but which of the following represents the expansion of ‘F’ in ‘FPO’?a. Financeb. Follow-onc. Fringed. Foreign

43. Which of the following represents the expansion of DTC, linked with Financial sector?a. Dealers TechnologicalCorporationb. Direct Tax Codec. Digital Taxation Codifi edd. Digitised Technical Code

44. As per the Union Budget 2010-2011, the amount allocated to extend the green revolution to the eastern region of thecountry is?a. 400 croresb. 500 croresc. 600 croresd. 700 crores

45. As per the Union Budget 2010-2011, BE, which of the following represents the fi scal defi cit as a percentage of GDP?a. 4.5 per centb. 5.2 per centc. 5.5 per centd. 6.2 per cent

46. As per the new taxation slabs under the Union Budget 2010-2011, which of the following represents the amount up towhich there is no tax?a. 1.3 lakhsb. 1.6 lakhsc. 1.8 lakhsd. 2 lakhs

47. The new service tax rate as per the Union Budget of 2010-2011 is...a. 10 per centb. 10.5 per centc. 10.8 per centd. 11.2 per cent

48. Find the odd one out.a. Civicb. CRVc. Cityd. Getz

49. The Generali group in the Future Generali insurance venture, hails from …a. Germanyb. Italyc. Franced. Australia

50. The percentage stake of ICICI Bank in the ICICI Lombard General Insurance is ...a. 66 per centb. 74 per centc. 80 per centd. 85 per cent
1. c. For a living planet2. b. Bajaj Auto Limited3. b. Indian Oil Corporation4. b. Uninor5. d. 7.9 per cent6. b. Salman Khursheed7. d. 29 per cent8. b. $ 475 million9. b. ONGC10. b. Sumit Bose11. c. Mrinal Pandey12. b. Venu Srinivasan13. c. Oriental Bank of Commerce14. b. London15. b. Rs 164 cr16. b. Toyota Motors17. b. Carl Peter Forster18. b. $ 10.7 billion19. d. Kaushik Basu20. b. Porsche21. b. R.C. Bhargava22. b. Nokia India23. c. 6 times24. b. 15 per cent25. b. 46 per cent26. b. Bibek Debroy27. c. Skoda Automobiles28. b. Kinetic Engineering Ltd29. d. Toyota Motors30. b. RS Gujral31. c. Kingshuk Nag32. b. Jonathan Schwartz33. b. Anand Mahindra34. b. Kerala Model of Development35. c. Maruti Suzuki Ltd.36. c. Bimal Jalan37. d. Dr Manmohan Singh38. c. $685 million39. c. Carlos Slim Helu40. b. Mukesh Ambani41. c. 16.7 per cent42. b. Follow-on43. b. Direct Tax Code44. a. 400 cr45. c. 5.5 per cent46. b. 1.6 lakhs47. a. 10 per cent48. d. Getz49. b. Italy50. b. 74 per cent



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