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1. How many carbon atoms are there in one molecule of methane (chemical formula CH4?)

a. 1

b. 4

c. 5

d. The number cannot be determined from the formula.

2. Which form of matter has a definite volume, but no definite shape?

a. Solid

b. Liquid

c. Gas

d. Plasma

3. Processes of changing a liquid to a gas is called

a. Melting

b. Boiling

c. Vaporization

d. Sublimation

4. An element is determined by the number of

a. Atoms

b. Electrons

c. Neutrons

d. Protons

5. Fluorine F is a

a. Metal

b. Non metal

c. Compound

d. Element

6. State of uranium (U) at 0? c and 1 atm of pressure is

a. Gas

b. Liquid

c. Solid

d. Vapour

7. CaSo4 is named as

a. Calcium carbonate

b. Calcium hydroxide

c. Calcium oxide

d. Calcium sulphate

8. Cobalt is a

a. Halogen

b. Transition metal

c. Alkaline earth metal

d. None of these

9. What term describes the concentration of a solution in moles per litter?

a. Molarity

b. Osmosis

c. Molality

d. Diffusion

10. The Ideal gas law is a combination of Boyle’s law, Charle’s law and Avogadro’s law .What is the Ideal gas law?


b. PE=mgh

c. F=ma

d. V=IR

11. Which of these values signifies the greatest temperature?

a. 1 degree Kelvin

b. 1 degree Rankin

c. 1 degree Fahrenheit

d. 1 degree Celsius

12. What is the abbreviation THEL stands for

a. Tactical high energy laser

b. Titanium harmonic emergent laser

c. Thermabaric harmonic emergent light

d. Thermo baric high energy light

13. Why are recoilless guns recoilless?

a. Their barrels are open at both ends.

b. They are loaded with missiles not cannon balls

c. They are not placed an wheels

d. They are made up of very heavy metal

14. Which statement is true about airplanes?

a. To dive, ailerons are down

b. To dive, elevators are down

c. To dive, elevators are up

d. To dive, ailerons are up

15. Taxonomy of vertebrate divides fishes in to which two basic groups?

a. Jawed and jawless

b. Gilled and non-gilled

c. Mammalian and non-mammalian

d. Nematodes and non-nematodes

16. What makes almost 99% of the visible Universe?

a. Quasars

b. Nitrogen

c. Plasma

d. Solids

17. What do we call cells with a nucleus?

a. Prokaryotic

b. Eukaryotic

c. Mitochondrial

d. Golgi

18. What does the prefix’ achy-‘’ means?

a. Too fast

b. Too slow

c. Too loud

d. Too soft

19. A doctor says you need a CBC.What is he talking about?

a. An enema

b. A vacation

c. A medication

d. A blood test

20. In preparation for a blood test, the lab slip says you have to be NPO for 8 hours prior to test, what do you have to do?

a. Sleep for 8 hours

b. Exercise for 8 hours

c. Lie flat in bed for 8 hours

d. Do not take anything by mouth

21. What is the exact value of the `Pi’?

a. 3

b. 22/7

c. Impossible to calculate

d. 3.14

22. What is the smallest prime number?

a. 2

b. 144

c. 1

d. 3

23. What is the only number with no reciprocal?

a. Pi

b. 0

c. 1

d. -1

24. How fast is a mile a minute?

a. Speed of the fastest human runner

b. 60 yards an hour

c. 60 kilometre an hour

d. 60 miles an hour

25. Yhrium

a. xe

b. Y

c. V

d. W


1. a 2. b 3. c 4. d 5. b

6. c 7. d 8. b 9. a 10. a

11. d 12. a 13. a 14. b 15. a

16. c 17. b 18. a 19. d 20. d

21. c 22. a 23. b 24. d 25. b





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