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Popular Books And Author 2

Popular Books and Author 2


A Backward Place : Ruth Prawer Jhabwala
A Bend in the Ganges : Manohar Malgonkar
A Bend in the River : V. S. Naipaul
A Billion is Enough : Ashok Gupta
A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories : Khushwant Singh
A Brief History of Time : Stephen Hawking
A Brush with Life : Satish Gujral
A Bunch of Old Letters : Jawaharlal Nehru
A Cabinet Secretary Looks Back : B. G. Deshmukh .
A Call To Honour-In Service of Emergent India : Jaswant Singh
A Captain's Diary : Alec Stewart
A China Passage : John Kenneth Galbraith
A Conceptual Encyclopaedia of Guru Gtanth Sahib : S. S. Kohli
A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy : Karl Marx
A Critique of Pure Reason : Immanuel Kant
A Dangerous Place : Daniel Patrick Moynihan
A Doctor's Story of Life and Death : Dr. Kakkana Subbarao & Arun K. Tiwari
A Doll's House : Henrik Ibsen
A Dream in Hawaii : Bhabani Bhattacharya
A Farewell to Arms : Ernest Hemingway
A Fine Balance : Rohinton Mistry
A Foreign Policy for India : I. K. Gujral
A Gift of Wings : Shanthi Gopalan
A Handful of Dust : Evelyn Waugh
A Himalayan Love Story : Namita Gokhale
A House Divided : Pearl S. .Buck
A Judge's Miscellany : M. Hidayatullah
A Last Leap South : Vladimir Zhirinovsky
A Long Way : P. V. Narasimha Rao
A Man for All Seasons : Robert Bolt
A Midsummer Night's Dream : William Shakespeare
A Million Mutinies Now : V. S. Naipaul
A New World : Amit Chaudhuri
A Pair of Blue Eyes : Thomas Hardy
A Passage to England : Nirad C. Chaudhuri
A Passage to India : E. M. Forster
A Peep into the Past : Vasant Navrekar
A Personal Adventure : Theodore H. White
A Possible India : Partha Chatterjee
A Prisoner's Scrapbook : L. K. Advani
A Revolutionary Life : Laxmi Sehgal
A Ridge Too Far : Captain Amarinder Singh
A River Sutra : Gita Mehta
A Royal Duty : Paul Burrel
A Search for Home : Sasthi Brata
A Secular Agenda : Arun Shourie
A Sense of Time : S. H. Vatsyayan
A Simple Path : Lucinda Vardey
A Sin of Colour : Sunetra Gupta
A Spaniard in the Works : John Lennon
A Speaker's Diary : Manohar Joshi
A Stream of Windows–Unsettling Reflections on Trade, Imigration and Democracy : Jagdish Bhagwati
A. Study of History : Arnold Toynbee
A. Sudden Change of Hearts : Barbara Taylor
A Suitable Boy : Vikram Seth
A Tale of a Tub : Jonathan Swift
A Tale of Two Cities : Charles Dickens
A Tale of Two Gardens : Octavio Paz
A Thousand Days : Arthur M. Schlesinger
A Thousand Suns : Dominique Lapierre
A Time of Coalitions : Paranjoy Guha Thakurta & Shankar Raghuraman
A Tribute to People's Princess–Diana : Peter Donelli
A Tryst With Destiny : Stanley Wolfer
A TunnelofTime-AnAutobiography : R. K. Laxman
A View from Delhi : Chester Bowles
A View from Outside : Why Good Economics Works for Everybody : P. Chidambaram
A Village by the Sea : Anita Desai
A Voice of Freedom : Nayantara Sehgal
A Week with Gandhi : Louis Fischer
A Woman's Life : Guy de Maupassant
Aasman Aur Bhi Hain : Mridula Halan
Abhigyana Shakuntalam : Kalidasa
Adam Bede : George Eliot
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : Mark Twain
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe : Daniel Defoe
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Adversary in the House : Irving Stone
Advice and Consent : Allen Drury
Afghanistan & Asian Stability : V D. Chopra
After All These Years : Susan Issacs
After the Dark Night : S. M. Ali
Against the Grain : Boris Yeltsin
Age of Reason : Jean Paul Sartre
Ageless Body; Timeless Mind : Deepak Chopra
Agni Pariksha : Acharya Tulsi
Agni Veena : Kazi Nazrul Islam
Ain-i-Akbari : Abul Fazal
Airport : Arthur Hailey
Ajatshatru : Jai Shankar Prasad
Akbarnama : Abul Fazal
Alexander the Great : John Gunther
Algebra of Infinite Justice : Arundhati Roy
Alice in Wonderland : Lewis Carroll
All for Love : John Dryden
All Is Well That Ends Well : William Shakespeare
All Quiet on the Western Front : Erich Maria Remarque
All the King's Men : Robert Penn Warren
All the President's Men : Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward
All the Prime Minister's Men : Janardhan Thakur
All Things Bright and Beautiful : James HerrQit
All Under Heaven : Pearl S. Buck
Along the Road : Aldous Huxley
Ambassador's Journal : J. K. Galbraith
Ambassador's Report : Chester Bowles
Amelia : Henry Fielding
American Capitalism : J. K. Galbraith
An Admiral's Fall : Wilson John
An American Dilemma : Gunnar Myrdal
An American in Khadi : Asha Sharma
An American Tragedy : Theodore Dreiser
An Area of Darkness : V. S. Naipaul
An Autobiography : Jawaharlal Nehru
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding : David Hume
An Equal Music : Vikram Seth
An Eye to China : David Selbourne
An Idealist View of Life : Dr. S.Radhakrishnan
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations : Adam Smith
An Unfinished Dream : Dr. Verghese Kurien
Anandmath : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
And Quiet Flows the Don : Mikbail A. Sholokhov
And Through the Looking Glass : Lewis Carroll
Angry Letters : Willem Doevenduin
Anguish of Deprived : Lakshmidhar Mishra
Anna Karenina : Leo Tolstoy
Another Life : Derek Walcott
Answer to History : Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Antic Hay : Aldous Huxley
Antony and Cleopatra : William Shakespeare
Ape and Essence : Aldous Huxley
Apple Cart : George Bernard Shaw
Arabian Nights : Sir Richard Burton
Arion and the Dolphin : Vikram Seth
Arms and the Man : George Bernard Shaw
Around the World in Eighty Days : Jules Verne
Arrival and Departure : Arthur Koestler
Arrow in the Blue : Arthur Koestler
Arrow of Gold : Joseph Conrad
Arthashastra : Kautilya
As I See : Kiran Bedi
As You Like It : William Shakespeare
Ascent of the Everest : Sir John Hunt
Ashtadhyayi : Panini
Asia and Western Dominance : K. M. Panikkar
Asian Drama : Gunnar Myrdal
Aspects of the Novel : E. M. Forster
Assassination of a Prime Minister : S. Anandram
Assignment Colombo : J. N. Dixit
Athenian Constitution : Aristotle
Atoms of Hope : Mohan Sundara Rajan
August 1914 : .Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Author's Farce : Henry Fielding
Autumn Leaves : O. Pulla Reddi
Ayodhya–6 December 1992 : P.V. Narasimha Rao

Back to Methuselah : George Bernard Shaw
Bandicoot Run : Manohar Malgonkar
Bang-i-Dara : Mohammad Iqbal
Beach Boy : Ardesher Vakil
Bearders–My Life in Cricket : Bill Frindall
Beast and Man : Murry NIidgley
Beginning of the Beginning : Acharya Rajneesh
Being Digital : Nicholas Negroponte
Being Freddie : Andrew Flintoff
Being Indian : Pawan Varma
Believe–Achieve : Paul Hanna
Beloved : Toni Morrison
Ben Hur : Lewis Wallace
Bermuda Triangle : Charles Berlitz
Betrayal of Pearl Harbour : James Rusbridger and Eric Nave
Between Hope and History : Bill Clinton
Between the Lines : Kuldip Nayar
Bewilderedlndia–Identity, Pluralism, Discord : Rasheeduddin Khan
Beyond Autonomy-Roots of India's Foreign Policy : A. K. Damodaran
Beyond Belief : V. S. Naipaul
Beyond Boundaries-A Memoire : Swraj Paul
Beyond Good and Evil : Friedrich Nietzsche
Beyond Modernisation, Beyond Self : Sisir Kumar Ghose
Beyond Peace : Richard Nixon
Beyond the Horizons : Eugene O'Neill
Beyond the Veil, Indian Women in the Raj : Pran Nevile
Beyond the Walls of Silence : Lalini Rajasuriya
Bhagvad Gita : S. Radhakrishnan
Bharat Aur Europe : Nirmal Verma
Bharat Bharati : Maithili Sharan Gupta
Bharatiya Parampara Ke Mool Swar : Govind Chandra Pande
Big Money : P. G. Wodehouse
Bin Laden–The Man Who Declared War on America : Yossef Bodansky
Birds and Beasts : Mark Twain
Birth and Death of the Sun : George Gamow
Birth and Evolution of the Soul : Annie Besant
Bisarjan : Rabindranath Tagore
Black Holes and Baby Universes : Stephen Hawking
Black Sheep : Honore de Balzac
Bleak House : Charles Dickens
Blind Ambitions : John Dean
Blind Beauty : Boris Pasternak
Blind Men of Hindoostan–Indo–Pak Nuclear War : Gen. Krishnaswamy Sundarji
Bliss was it in that Dawn : Minoo Masani
Blood Brothers : M. J. Akbar
Blood Sport : James Stewart
Blue Bird : Maurice Macterlink
Bofors The Ambassador's Evidence : B. M. Oza
Book of the Sword : Sir Richard Burton
Borders & Boundaries; Women in India's Partition : Ritu Menon & Kamla Bhasin
Born Free : Joy Adamson
Branded by Law : Dilip D'Souza
Bread, Beauty and Revolution : Khwaja Ahmed Abbas
Breaking the Silence : Anees Jung
Breakthrough : Gen. Moshe Dayan
Brick Lane : Monica Ali
Brideless in Wembley : Sanjay Suri
Bishbriksha : Bankim Chandra Chatterji
Britain's True History :Prem Bhatia
Broken Wings : Sarojini Naidu
Buddha Charitam : Ashvaghosha
Buddha's Warriors : Mikel Dunham
Bureaucrazy : M. K. Kaw
Burial At Sea : Khushwant Singh
Business at the Speed of Thought : Bill Gates
Business Legends : Gita Piramal
By God's Decree : Kapil Dev

Caesar and Cleopatra: George Bernard Shaw
Can India Grow Without Bharat : Shankar Acharya
Cancer Ward: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Candida: George Bernard Shaw
Candide: Voltaire
Candle in the Wind: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Canvas of Life : Sheila Gujral
Caravans: James A. Michener
Carnage By Angels: Y P. Singh
CBK : Graeme Wilson
Cell: Stephen King
Centennial: James lvIichener
Chaitali : R. N. Tagore
Chakori : Chandrasekhar Kamba
Chance: Joseph Conrad
Chandalika : Rabindranath Tagore
Charisma & Cannon–Essays on the Religious History of Subcontinent: Vasudha Dalmia, Angelika Malinar and Marcin Christ
Chemmeen : Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai
Chikaveera Rajendra : Masci Venkatesh Iyengar
Child and Law in India: K. Chandru, Geeta Ramaseshan and Chandra Thanikachalam
Child Who Never Grew: Pearl S. Buck
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: George Byron
Childhood: Maxim Gorky
Children and Human Rights: S. K. Pachuri
Children in Globalising India– Challenging Our Conscience: Enkashi Ganguly Thukral
Children of Gebelawi : Naquib Mahfouz
Children of the Sun: Maxim Gorky
China, the World and India: Mira Sinha Bhattacharjee
China's Watergate: Leo Goodstadt
China–Past and Present: Pearl S. Buck
Chinese Betrayal: B. N. Mullick
Chithirappaavai : P. V. Akilandam
Chithrangada: R. N. Tagore
Chitra: Rabindranath Tagore
Choma's Drum: K. Shivaram Karanth
Christabel : Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Christmas Tales: Charles Dickens
Chronicle of a Death Foretold: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Circle of Reason: Amitav Ghosh
City of Joy: Dominique Lapierre
City of Saints: Sir Richard Burton
City of the Yellow Devil: Maxim Gorky
Clear Light of Day: Anita Desai
Climate of Treason: Andrew Boyle
Clockwork Orange: Anthony Burgess
Cold Street: Paul Carson
Colonel Sun: Kingsley Amis
Comedy of Errors: William Shakespeare
Common Sense: Thomas Paine
Communalism-Handled with a Difference: Daniel Steel
Communist Manifesto: Karl Marx
Comus : John Milton
Confessions: J. J. Rousseau
Confessions of a Lover: Mulk Raj Anand
Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Confessions of a Swadeshi Reformer–My Years as Finance Minister :Yashwant Sinha
Confrontation with Pakistan: Gen. B. M. Kaul
Conquest of Happiness: Bertrand Russell
Conquest of Self: M. K. Gandhi
Considerations on Representative Government: John Stuart Mill
Continent of Circe: Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Corporate Governance, Economic Reforms & Development: Darryl Reed and Sanjoy Mukherjee
Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch: Arindam Chaudhuri
Court Dancer: Rabindranath Tagore
Courts and Their Judgements: Arun Shourie
Coverly Papers: Joseph Addison
Creation: Gore Vidal
Crescent Moon: Rabindranath Tagore
Crescent Over Kashmir: Anil Maheshwari
Cricket on the Hearth: Charles Dickens
Crime & Money Laundering: Jyoti Trehan
Crime and Punishment: Fyodor M. Dostoevsky
Crisis into Chaos :E.M.S. Narnboodiripad
Critical Mass: William E. Burrows
Crossing the River: Caryl Phillips
Crossing the Rubicon : C. Raja Mohan
Crossing the Threshold of Hope: Pope John Paul II
Cry, My Beloved Country: Alan Paton
Cuckold: Kiran Nagar Kar
Culture and Anarchy: Matthew Arnold
Culture in the Vanity Bag: Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Curtain Raisers: K. Natwar Singh

Damsel in Distress: P G. Wodehouse
Dancing with the Devil: Rod Barker
Dangling Man: Saul Bellow
Daniel Deronda : George Eliot
Dark Debts: Karen Hall
Dark Home Coming: Eric Lustbader
Dark Side of Camelot: Seymour Hersh
Darkness at Noon: Arthur Koestler
Das Kapital : Karl Marx
Dashkumar Charitam : Dandi
Dateline Kargil : Gaurav C. Samant
Daughter of the East: Benazir Bhutto
David Copperfield: Charles Dickens
Days of Grace: Arthur Ashe & Arnold Rampersad
Days of His Grace: Eyvind Johnson
Days of My Years: H. P. Nanda
De Profundis : Oscar Wilde
Dean's December: Saul Bellow
Death and Mter : Annie Besant
Death Be Not Proud: John Gunther
Death in the Casde : Pearl S. Buck
Death in Venice: Thomas Maim
Death of a City: Amrita Pritam
Death of a Patriot: R. E. Harrington
Death of a President: William Manchester
Death on the Nile: Agatha Christie
Death Under Sail: C. P. Snow
Death–The Supreme Friend: Kakasaheb Kalelkar
Debacle : Emile Zola
Decameron : Giovanni Boccaccio
Decline and Fall of Indira Gandhi : D. R. Mankekar and Kamala Mankekar
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: Edward Gibbon
Decline of the West: O' Spengler
Democracy Means Bread and Freedom: Piloo Mody
Democracy Redeemed: V. K. Narsimhan
Democratic Governance in India–Challenges of Poverty, Development & Identity: Nirja Gopal Jayal & Sudha Pai
Descent of Man: Charks Darwin
Deserted Village: Oliver Goldsmith
Detective: Arthur Hailey
Devdas : Sharat Chandra Chatterjee
Development and Nationhood–Essays in the Political Economy of South Asia: Meghnad Desai
Development As Freedom: Amartya Sen
Development Banks-Infrastructure and Industrial Output: Prakash Salvi
Development with Dignity-A Case for Full Employment: Amit Bhaduri
Devi–The Great Goddess: Vidya Dahejia
Dharamashastra : Manu
Dialogue With Death: Arthur Koestler
Dialogue With Pakistan: S. G. Kashika
Diana Versus Charles: James Whitaker
Diana–Her Time Story in Her Own Words: Andrew Martin
Diana–Princess of Wales: A Tribute: Tim Graham
Diana–The Story So Far: Julia Donelli
Diana–The True Story: Andrew Morton
Die Blendung : Elias Canetti
Differentiate or Die: Jack Trout & Steve Rivkin .
Difficult Daughters: Manju Kapoor
Dilemma of Our Time: Harold Joseph La ski
Diplomacy: Henry Kissinger
Diplomacy and Disillusion: George Urbans
Diplomacy for the Next Century: Abba Eban
Diplomacy in Peace and War: J. N. Kaul
Disappearing Acts: Terry McMillan
Discovery of India : Jawahadal Nehru
Disgrace: J. M. Coetzee
Distant Drums: Manohar Malgonkar
Distant Neighbours : Kuldip Nayar
Divine Comedy: A. Dante
Divine Life: Swami Sivananda
Doctor Faustus: Christopher Marlowe
Doctor's Dilemma: George Bernard Shaw
Dolly–The Birth of a Clone: Jina Kolata
Don Juan: George Byrqn
Don Quixote: Saavedra Miguel de Cervantes
Don't Laugh–We are Police: Bishan Lal Vohra
Double Betrayal: Paula R. Newburg
Double Tongue: William Golding
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Robert Louis Stevenson
Dr. Zhivago : Boris Pasternak
Dragon's Teeth: U. B. Sinclair
Dream of Fair to Middling Women: Samuel Beckett
Dreams,Roses and Fire :Eyvind Johnson
Drogon's Seed: Pearl S. Buck
Drunkard: Emile Zola
Dude, Where's My Country? : Michael Moore
Durgesh Nandini : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Dust to Dust: Tami Hoag
Dynamics of Social Change: Chandra Shekhar
Dynasties of India and Beyond–Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh: lnder Malhotra

Earth: Emile Zola
Earth in the Balance–Forging a New Common Purpose: Al Gore
East West: Salman Rushdie
East Wind: Pearl S. Buck
Echoes from Old Calcutta: H. E. Busteed
Economic Planning of India: Ashok Mehta
Economics of Peace and Laughter : John K. Galbraith
Economics of Public Purpose: John K. Galbraith
Economics of the Third World: S. K. Ray
Educational Reforms in India–For the 21st Century:J. C. Aggarwal
Edwina and Nehru: Catherine Clement
Egmont :J. W. Von Goethe
Eight Lives: Rajmohan Gandhi
Elegy Written in a Country
Churchyard: Thomas Gray
Emile: J. J. Rousseau
Eminent Churchillians : Andrew Roberts
Eminent Victorians: Lytton Strachey
Emma: Jane Austen
Empire of the Soul–Some Journeys in India : Paul William Roberts
End of an Era: C. S. Pandit
End of the Chapter: John Forsyte
End of the Line: Neelesh IvIishra
Ends and Means: Aldous Huxley
Enemies: Maxim Gorky
Engaging India–Diplomacy, Democracy & the Bomb: Strobe Talbott
Environmental Economics–An Indian Perspective: Rabindra N. Bhattacharya
Envoy to Nehru: Escott Reid
Erewhon : Samuel Butler
Escape: John Forsyte
Escape the Night: Richard North Patterson
Essay on Life: Samuel Butler
Essays for Poor to the Rich: John Kenneth Galbraith
Essays in Criticism: Matthew Arnold
Essays of Elia : Charles Lamb
Essays on Gita : Aurobindo Ghosh
Estranged Democracies: Dennis Kux
Eternal Himalayas: Major H. P. S. Ahluwalia
Eternity: Anwar Shaikh
Ethics: Aristotle
Ethics for New Millennium: Dalai Lama
Ethics Incorporated: Dipankar Gupta
Eugenie Grandet : Honore de Balzac
Europa: Time Parks
Everest Hotel: Allan Sealey
Every Man a Tiger : Tom Clancy
Executioner's Song: Norman Mailer
Exile and the Kingdom: Albert Camus
Expanding Universe: Arthur Stanley Eddington
Eyeless in Gaza : Aldous Huxley

50 Years of India's Independence: D. S. Subramaniam
Faces of Everest: Maj. H. P. S. Ahluwalia
Facing Up: Bear Grylls
Facts are Facts: Khan Abdul Wali Khan
Failing Slowly: Anita Brookner
Faith & Compassion: Navin Chawla
Faith & Fire: A Way Within: Madhu Tandon
Falling Leaves Return to Their Roots: Adeline Yen Man
False Witness: Dexter Dias
Family Matters: Rohinton :Mistry
Family Moskat : Issac Bashevis Singer
Far From the Madding Crowd: Thomas Hardy
Farewell the Trumpets: James Morris
Farewell to a Ghost: Manoj Das
Farm House: George Orwell
Fasting, Feasting: Anita Desai
Father and Sons.: Ivan Turgenev
Faust: J. W Von Goethe
Fidelio : L. Beethoven
Fiesta: Ernest Hemingway
Fifth Column: Ernest Hemingway
Fifth Elephant: Terry Pratchett
Fifty Years of Indian Management–An Insider's View: Arabinda Roy
Fights Into Fear: Captain Devi Sharan
Final Passage: Caryl Phillips
Finding a Voice–Asian Women in Britain: Amrit Wilson
Fire in the East–The Rise in Asian Military Power and the Second Nuclear Age : Paul Bracker
Firefly–A Fairytale : Ritu Beri
First Circle: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Flags in the Dust: William Faulkner
Flames from the Ashes: P. D. Tandon
Flash Point: Mainank Dhar
Flight into Fear: Captain Devi Sharan & Srijoy Chowdhury
Flight to Parliament: Rajesh Pilot
Follywood Flashback: Bwmy Reuben
Food, Nutrition and Poverty in India: V. K. R. V. Rao
For the Love of India: Russi M. Lala
For the President's Eyes Only: Christopher Andrew
For Whom the Bell Tolls: Ernest Hemingway
Fortynine Days: Amrita Pritam
Franklin's Tale: Geoffrey Chaucer
Fraternity: John Forsyte
Free Man's Worship: Bertrand Russell
Freedom at Midnight: Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre
Freedom Behind Bars: Tarsem Kumar
Freedom from Fear: Atmg San Suu Kyi
Freedom in Exile: Dalai Lama
Freedom Song: Amit Chaudhuri
French Leave: P. G. Wodehouse
French Revolution: Thomas Carlyle
Friends and Foes: Sheikh Mujibur Rehman
Friends, Not Masters: Ayub Khan
From Here to Eternity: James Jones
From India to America: S. Chandrashekhar
From Raj to Rajiv : Mark Tully and Zaheer Masani
From Raj to the Republic–A Political History of India: Jean Alphonse Bernard
From Rajpath to Lokpath : Vijaya Raje Scindia
Frozen Assets: P. G. Wodehouse
Fun Moon: P. G. Wodehouse
Fury: Salman Rushdie
Future of NPT : Savita Pande


G Ganadevata : Tara Shankar Bandopadhyaya
Gandhi and Stalin: Louis Fisher
Gandhi–A Sublime Failure : S. S. Gill
Ganganvani : Ram Karan Sharma
Gardener: Rabindranath Tagore
Garrick Year: Margaret Drabble
Gathering Storm: Winston Churchill
Geet Govinda : Jaya Dev
General Theory of Employment, Interest & Money: Keynes
Ghosts in the Machine: Arthur Koestler
Girl in Blue: P. G. Wodehouse
Girl On the Boat: P. G. Wodehouse
Gita Govinda : Jaydev
Gita Rahasya : Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Gitanjali : Rabindranath Tagore
Gladiators: Arthur Koestler
Glass Palace: Amitabha Ghosh
Glimpses of Indian Ocean: Z. A. Quasim
Glimpses of Some Great Indians: M. L. Ahuja
Glimpses of World History: Jawaharlal Nehru
Global Crises-Global Solutions: Bjorn Lombarg
Go Down Moses: William Faulkner
God and the Bible: Matthew Arnold
God as Political Philosopher–Buddha's Challenge to Brahminism : Dr. Kanchan Illaiah
God's Little Soldier: Kiran Nagarkar
Godaan : Munshi Prem Chand
Godrej–A Hundred Years: B. K. Karanjia
Golden Threshold: Sarojini Naidu
Gone with the Wind: Margaret Mitchell
Good Earth: Pearl S. Buck
Goodbye, Mr. Chips : James Hilton
Gora : Rabindranath Tagore
Governance and the Sclerosis that has set in :Arun Shourie
Jeet Singh & Sandeep Srivastava
Grace Notes: Bernard Mac Lavarto
Grammar of Politics: Harold Joseph Laski
Granny Dan : Danielle Steel
Grapes of Wrath: John Steinbeck
Great Expectations: Charles Dickens
Great Gatsby : F. Scott Fitzgerald
Great Illusion: Norman Angell
Great One-Day Internationals: Gulu Ezekiel
Great Tragedy: Z. A. Bhutto
Grey Eminence: Aldous Huxley
Ground Beneath Her Feet: Salman Rushdie
Growing Old In India–Voices Reveal, Statistics Speak: Ashish Bose & Mala Kapur Shanker Dass
Growing up in Anglo-India: Eric Stracey
Grub Street: Henry Fielding
Guide for the Perplexed: E. F. Schumacher
Guiding Souls-Dialogues on the Purpose of Life. : Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Arun K. Tiwari
Gulag Archipelago: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Gul-e-N aghma: Raghupati Sahai 'Firaq' Gorakhpuri
Gulistan Bostan : Sheikh Saadi
Gulliver's Travels: Jonathan Swift
Gulzari Lal Nanda : A Peep in the Service of the People: Promilla Kalhan
Guns & Yellow Roses-Essays on Kargil War: Pamela Constable
Gurusagaram : O. V. Vijayan

100 Best Parliamentary Speeches–1947-97 : Dr. Subhash C. Kashyap
Hacks And Headlines : Raslune Sehgal
Half a Life : V. S. Naipaul
Halfway to Freedom : Margaret Bourke-White
Hamlet : William Shakespeare
Hamsters : C. P. Snow
Hannibal : Thomas Harris
Happy Death : Albert Camus
Hard Times : Charles Dickens
Harlot High and Low : Honore de Balzac
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows : J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire : J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince : J. K. Rowling
Harsha Charita : Bana Bhatt
Harvest : Manjula Padmanabhan
Havana Bay : Martin Cruz Smith
Hayavadana : Girish Karnad
Headlong : .Michael Frayen
Heart of Darkness : Joseph Conrad
Heat and Dust : Ruth Prawer Jhabwala
Heaven Has No Favourites : Eric Maria Remarque
Heavy Weather : P G. Wodehouse
Heir Apparent : Dr. Karan Singh
Henderson the Rain King : Saul Bellow
Henry Esmond : William M. Thackeray
Heritage : Anthony West
Hero of Our Times : Richard Hough
Heroes and tIero Worship : Thomas Carlyle
Hidden Iran–Paradox and Power in the Islamic Republic : Ray Takeyh
Higher than Hope : Fatima Meer
Himalayan Blunder:J. P. Dalvi
Hind Swaraj : M. K. Gandhi
Hindi Sahitya Aur Samvedna Ka Vikas : R. S. Chaturvedi
Hindu Civilisation : J. M. Barrie
Hinduism : Nirad C. Choudhuri
Hindu-Muslim Unity : Ian Bryant Wells
His Excellency : Emile Zola
Hold Back the Night : Adam Baran
Home Comings : C. P. Snow
Honest Thief and Other Stories : Pyodor Dostoevsky
Horizons–The Tata India Century : Aman Nath, Jay Vithalani, Tulsi Vatsal
Hornet's Nest : Patricia Cornwell
Hot Water : P. G. Wodehouse
House of the Dead : Fyodor Dostoevsky
How India Votes–Election Laws, Practice and Procedure : Rama Devi and S. K. Mendirata
How Late It .Was, How Late : James Kelman
How to Win Friends and Influence People : Dale Carnegie
Human Factor : Graham Greene
Human Knowledge : Bertrand Russell
Humour : Ben Johnson
Hungry Stones : Rabindranath Tagore
Husband of a Fanatic : Amitava Kumar

I am Not an Island : K. A. Abbas
I Dare : Parmesh Dangwal
I Follow the Mahatma : K. M. Munshi
I Muse; Therefore I Am : V. N. Narayanan
I Too Had A Dream:Dr. Verghese Kurien
I Will Lie Down in Peace : Usha Jesudasan
IC 814 Hijacked : Anil Jaggia & Saurabh Shukla
Ideology and Social Science : Andre Beteille
Identity and Violence–The Illusion of Destiny : Prof. Amartya Sen
Idols : Sunil Gavaskar
Idylls of the King : Lord Alfred Tennyson
If I Am Assassinated : Z. A. Bhutto
Imperial Woman : Pearl S. Buck
Importance of Being Earnest : Oscar Wilde
Impossible Allies : C. Raja Mohan
In Mghanistan's Shadow : Salig S. Harrison
In Confidence : Anatolyu Dobrynin
In Defence Qf Globalisation : Jagdish Bhagwaci
In Evil Hour : Gabriel Garcia Marquez
In Light of India : Octavio Paz
In Memoriam : Lord Alfred Tennyson
In Retrospect–The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam : Robert S. McNamara
In Search of Gandhi : Richard Attenborough
In Search of Identity : Anwar el-Sadat
In the Mternqon of Time : Dr. Rupert Snell
In the Bluest Eye : Toni Morrison
In the City by the Sea : Kamilla Shamsie
In the Company of Women : Khushwant Singh
In the Light of the Black Sun : Rohit Manchanda
In the Shadow of Pines : Mandeep Rai
In the Stream of History–Shaping Foreign Policy for a New Era : Warren Christopher
Inconceivable : Ben Elton
India Mter Gandhi–The History of World's Largest Democracy : Ram Chandra Guha
India Betrayed : The Role of Nehru : B. N. Sharma
India Changes : Taya Zinkin
India Discovered :John Keay
India Divided : Rajendra Prasad
India First : K. R. Malkani
India in Mind : Pankaj Mishra
India in Slow Motion : Sir Mark Tully
India in Transition–Freeing the Economy : Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati
India is for Sale : Chitra Subramaniam
India of Our Dreams : M. V. Kamath
India Remembered : Percival & Margaret Spear
India Remembered–A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power : Pamela Mountbatten and India Hicks
Imdia Today : Rajni Palme Dutt
India Unbound : Gurcharan Das
India We Left : Hymphry Trevelyan
India Wins Freedom : Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
India's China Perspective : Subramanian Swamy
India's China War : Neville Maxwell
India's Culture, the State, the Arts & Beyond : B. P. Singh
India's Development As Knowledge Society : K. Venkatasubramanian
India's Economic Crisis : Dr. Bimal Jalan
India's Economic Reforms and Development Essays for Manmohan Singh : I. J. Ahluwalia & I. M. D. Little
India's March to Freedom; The Nehru Epoch; The Post Nehru Era : D. P. Mishra
India's Neighbours–Problems And Prospects : Ayanjit Sen
India's Politics–A View From the Backbench : Bimal Jalan
India's Priceless Heritage : N. A. Palkhivala
India's Rise to Power in the Twentieth Century & Beyond : Sandy Gordon
India's Unending Journey-How its Future will Affect Us All : Mark Tully
India–A Million Mutinies Now : V. S. Naipaul
India–A Wounded Civilisation : V S. Naipaul
India–Facing the Twenty–First Century : Barbara Crossette
India–From Curzon to Nehru and Mter : Durga Dass
India–From Midnight to the Millennium : Shashi Tharoor
India–Independence Festival (1947­1997) ~ Raghu Rai
Indian Arms Bazaar : Maj-Gen. Pratap Narain
Indian Economy–Essay on Money and Finance : Dr. C. Rangarajan
Indian Home Rule : M. K. Gandhi
Indian Judiciary–A Tribute : Poornima Advani .
Indian Mansions : Sarah Tillotson
Indian Philosophy : Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
Indian Summer–The Secret History of the end of an Empire : Alex Von
Tunzelmann Indian Summers : John Wright
India-Pakistan–History of Unsolved Conflicts : Lars Blinkenberg
India–The Critical Years : Kuldip Nayar
Indica : Megasthenes
Indira Gandhi's Emergence and Style : Nayantara Sehgal
Indira Gandhi-The "Emergency" And Indian Democracy : P. N. Dhar
Indira's India : S. Nihal Singh
Indira–The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi : Katherine Frank
Indomitable Spirit : Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Inferno : Alighieri Dante
Ink : John Preston
Inside Asia (also Inside Europe and Inside Mrica) : John Gunther
Inside the CBI : Joginder Singh
Inside the Olympics : Dick Pound
Inside the Third Reich : Albert Spencer
Insulted and the Injured : Fyodor M. Dostoevsky
Intelligence Services : Dr. Bhashyam Kasturi
Internet–The Rough Guide : Angus J. Kennedy
Intimacy : Jean Paul Sartre
Intruder in the Dust : William Faulkner
Iran Awakening–A Memoir of Revolution and Hope : Shirin Ebadi
Iron Harvest : C. P. Surendran
Iron in the Soul : Jean Paul Sartre
Ironhand : J. W. Von Goethe
Is New York Burning? : Dominique Lapierre & Larry Collins
Is Paris Burning? : Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre
Isabella : John Keats Islamic Bomb : Stev Weissman and Herbert Krousney
Islamic Seal on India's Independence : Abul Kalam Azad–A Fresh Look : Syede Saiyiadan Hameed
Island in Chains : Indres Naidoo
Islands in the Streams : Ernest Hemingway
It's Always Possible : Kiran Bedi
Ivanhoe : Sir Walter Scott
Ivanov : Anton Chekhov

J. K.-Biography of J. K. Rowling : Seen Smith
Jack and Jackie–Portrait of an American Marriage : Christopher Anderson
Jaguar Smile : Salman Rushdie
Jai Somnath : K. M. Munshi
Jane Eyre : Charlotte Bronte
Jankijeevanam : Prof. Rajendra Mishra
Japan–South Asia Security and Economic Perspectives : K. V Kesvan
Jawaharlal Nehru, Rebel and Statesman : B. R. N anda
Jawaharlal Nehru–A Communicator & Democratic Leader : A. K. Damodran
Jazz : Toni Morrison
Jean Christopher : Romain Rolland
Jewel : Danielle Steel
JFK–An Unfinished Life : Robert Dallek
Jobs for Millions : V. V. Giri
Julius Caesar : William Shakespeare
Jungle Book : Rildyard Kipling
Jungle Girl : Ginu Karnani
Jurassic Park : Michael Crichton
Kabeer Aur Eesaayee Chintan : M. D. Thomas
Kadambari : Bana Bhatt
Kagaz Te Kanwas : Amrita Pritam
Kailasb Mansarovar : Lt. Col. A. S. Berar (Retd.)
Kaleidoscope of India: Tomoji Muto
Kali Aandhi : Kamleshwar
Kamadhenu : Kubernath Ray
Kamasutra : S. H. Vatsyayan
Kamayani : Jai Shankar Prasad
Kanyadaan : Vijay Tendulkar
Kanya–Exploitation of Little Angels: Ms. V. Mohini Giri
Kapal Kundala : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Kargil War–Past, Present & Future: Colonel (Rtd.) Bhaskar Sarkar
Kargil–Cross Border Terrorism: M. K. Akbar
Kargil–From Surprise to Victory : Gen. V. P. Malik
Kashmir Diary–Psychology of Militancy: Gen. Arjun Ray
Kashmir in the Crossfire :Victoria Shaffield
Kashmir Underground : Sati Sahni
Kashmir, the Untold Story : Humra Qureshi
Kashmir–A Tale of Shame : Hari Jaisingh
Kashmir–A Tragedy of Errors : Tavleen Singh
Kashmir–Behind the Vale : M. J. Akbar
Kashmir–The Wounded Valley : Ajit Bhattacharjee
Kasturba–A Life : Amn Gandhi
Katghare Main : Ram Sharan Joshi
Kayakalp : Munshi Prem Chand
Kenilworth : Sir Walter Scott
Khak-i-Dil : Jan Nissar Akhtar
Khushwant Singh...In the Name of the Father : Rahul Singh
Khushwant Singh–An Icon of Our Age : Kaamna Prasad
Kidnapped : Robert Louis Stevenson
Killer Angels : :Michael Shaara
Kim : Rudyard Kipling
King Lear : Wilham Shakespeare
King of Dark Chamber : Rabindranath Tagore
Kipps : H. G. Wells
Kiran Bedi–The Kindly Baton : Meenakshi Saxena
Kiss of God : Marshall Stewart Bell
Kohima to Kashmir–On Terrorist Trail : Prakash Singh
Koraner Nari : Taslima Nasreen
Kore Kagaz : Amrita Pritam
Kshuditta Pashan (Hungry Stone) : Rabindranath Tagore
Kubla Khan : Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Kulliyat : Ghalib
Kumar Sambhava : Kalidas

L'Allegro : John Milton
La Divine Comedia : A. Dante
La Peste : Albert Camus
Lady Chatterley's Lover : D. H. Lawrence
Lady of the Lake : Sir Walter Scott
Lady with the Lapdog : Anton Chekhov
Lajja : Taslima Nasreen
Lal Bahadur Shastri : C. P. Srivastava
Last Analysis : Saru Bellow
Last Burden : Upamanyu Chatterjee
Last Days of Pompeii : Edward George Lytton
Last Orders : Graham Swift
Last Things : C. P. Snow
Law, Lawyers & Judges : H. R. Bhardwaj
Laws Versus Justice : V. R. Krishna lyer
Laws, Ideas and Ideology in Politics–Perspective of an Activist : Ashwani Kumar
Le Contract Social (The Social Contract) : J. J. Rousseau
Lead Kindly Light : Cardinal Newman
Leaders : Richard Nixon
Learning to Forget–The Anti­Memoirs of Modernity : Dipankar Gupta
Leaves of Grass : Walt Whitman
Legacy of a Divided Nation : Mushirul Hasan
Les Miserables : Victor Hugo
Lest We Forget : Amarinder Singh
Letter from Peking : Pearl S. Buck
Letters Between a Father and Son : V. S. Naipaul
Letters From the Field : Margaret Mead
Leviathan : Thomas Hobbes
Liberty & Death : Patrick French
Life and Death of Mr. Badman : John Bunyan
Life and Times of Michael K : J. M. Coetzee
Life Divine : Aurobindo Ghosh
Life is Elsewhere : Milan Kundera
Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee : Meera Syal
Life of Pi : Yann Martel
Light That Failed : Rudyard Kipling
Lighting : Danielie Steel
Like Water for Chocolate : Laura Esquivel
Line of Control : Tom Clancy & Steve Pieceznik
Lines of Fate : Mark Kharitonov
Lipika : Rabindranath Tagore
Listening Now : Anjana Apachana
Little Angels : Ms. V. Mohini Giri
Living History–An Autobiography of Hillary Rodham Clinton : Simon & Schuster
Living Room : Graham Greene
Lolita : V. Nabokov
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner : Allan Sillitoe
Long Day's Journey into Night : Eugene O'Neill
Long Road Home : Danielle Steel
Long Shadow–Inside Stalin's Family : Svetlana Allilyuyeva
Long Walk to Freedom : Nelson Mandela
Look Back in Anger : John Osborne
Lord Jim : Joseph Conrad
Lord of the Flies : William Golding
Lost Child : Mulk Raj Anand
Lost Honour : John Dean
Lost Illusion : Honore de Balzac
Lotus Eaters : A. Tennvson
Love and Longing in Bombay : Vikram Chandra
Love in a Blue Time : Hanif Khureshi
Love in a Dead Language : Lee Seigel
Love Story : Eric Segal
Love, Truth and a Little Malice : Khushwant Singh
Lycidas : John Milton

M.A. Jinnah : Ayesha Jalal
Macbeth : William Shakespeare
Madame Secretary–A Memoir : Madeleine Albright
Magic Mountain : Maharishi Ved Vyas
Magic Seeds : V. S. Naipaul
Mahabhashya : Patanjali
Mahatma Gandhi : Romain Rolland
Main Street : Sinclair Lewis
Main Waqt Ke Hoon Samane : Girija Kumar Mathur
Major Barbara : George Bernard Shaw
Making Peace With Pakistan : Radha Kumar
Making Sense of Chindia–Reflections on China & India : Jairam Ramesh
Malavikagnimitra : Kalidas
Malgudi Days : R, K Narayan
Malti Madhav : Bhavabhuti
Mama : Terry McMillan
Man and Superman : George Bernard Shaw
Man for Moscow : G Wynne
Man of Destiny : George Bernard
Shaw Man of Property : John Galsworthy
Man Who Changed China : Pearl S. Buck
Man, Beast and Virtue : Luigi Pirandello
Man, The Unknown : Lewis Carroll
Management and Cultural Values : Henry S. R. Kao
Managing for Results : Peter F. Drucker
Managing for the Future : Peter F. Drucker
Mandela–The Authorised Biography : Anthony Sampson
Maneaters of Kumaon : Jim Corbett
Mangal Pandey : Brave Martyr or Accidental Hero? : Rudrangashu Mukherjee
Mankind and Mother Earth : Arnold Toynbee
Mansfield Park : Jane Austen
Manviya Sanskriti Ke Rachnatmak Aayam : Prof. Raghuvansh
Many Worlds : K. P. S. Menon
Mao, the Unknown Story : Jung Chang & Jon Halliday
Marriage and Morals : Bertrand Russell
Mars & Venus–A Match In Heaven? : John Gray
Mass Media in Contemporary Society : P. B. Sawant
Mati Matal : Gopinath Mohanty
Maurice : E. M. Forster
Maximum City : Suketu Mehta
Meditations on First Philosophy : Rene Descrates
Meghdoot : Kalidas
Mein Kampf : Adolf Hitler
Memoirs of a Bystander–Life in Diplomacy : Iqbal Akhund
Memories of Hope : Charles de Gaulle
Memory and Identity–Conversations Spanning
Millenniums : Pope John Paul II
Men from Stone Age to Clone Age : Bob Beale
Men Who Kept the Secrets : Thomas Powers
Meri Rahen Meri Manzil : Krishna Puri
Metaphysics : Aristotle
Middle March : George Eliot
Midnight Diaries : Boris Yeltsin
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil : John Berendt
Miguel Street : V. S. Naipaul
Mill on the Floss : George Eliot
MirrorImage : Danielle Steel
Mirror of the Sea : Joseph Conrad
Missed Opportunities : Indo-Pak War 1965 : Major General Lakshman Singh
Mistaken Identity : Nayantara Sehgal
Moby Dick : Herman Melville
Mod Classics : Joseph Conrad
Modern Jihad : Loretta Napuleoni
Modern Painters : John Ruskin
Modern South Asia–History, Culture, Political Economy : Sugata Bose & Ayesha Jalal
Modernity, Morality And The Mahatma : MadhuriSanthanam Sondhi
Mohandas : A True Story of a Man, His People and an Empire : Rajmohan Gandhi
Mondays on Dark Night of Moon : Kirin Narayan
Monsoon : Wilbur Smith
Mookhajjiva Kanasugalu : K. Shivram Karanth
Moon and Six Pence : W Somerset Maugham
Moonlight Sonata : L Beethoven
Moonwalk : Michael Jackson
Mortal Fea! : : Greg Iles
Mother : Maxim Gorky
Mother India : Katherine Mayo
Mountbatten and Independent India : Larry Collirs and Dominique Lapierre
Mountbatten and tne Partition of India : Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre
Mrichchhakatikam : Shudraka
Mrinalini : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Mrityunjaya : Shivaji Sawant
Mrs. De Winter : Susan Hill
Mrs. Gandhi's Second Reign : Arun Shourie
Much Ado About Nothing : William Shakespeare
Mudrarakshasa : Vishakhadatta
Mughal Maharajas and the Mahatma : K. R. N. Swami
Murder in the Cathedral : T. S. Eliot
Murder on the Orient Express : Agatha Christie
Murky Business : Honore de Balzac
Muslim Law and the Constitution : A M.Bhattacharjea
My Country,
My Days:R. K. Narayan
My Early Life : M. K. Gandhi
My Expetiments with Truth :M. K. Gandhi
My Father, Deng Xiaoping : Xiao Rong
My God Died Young : Sasthi Brata
My India : S. Nihal Singh
My Life : Bill Clinton
My Life and Times : V. V. Giri
My Music, My Love : Ravi Shankar
My Own Boswell : M. Hidayatullah
My Own Witness : Mrinal Pande
My Presidential Years : Ramaswamy Venkataraman
My Several Worlds : Pearl S. Buck
My Side : David Beckham
My Son's Father : Dom Moraes
My South Block Years : J. N. Dixit
My Struggles : E. K. Nayanar
My Truth : Indira Gandhi
Mysterious Universe : James Jeans
Myth of Sisyphus : Albert Camus

9-11: Noam Chomsky
Naari: Humavun Azad
Nai Duniya Ko Salam & Path or Ki Dewar: .Ali Sardar Jafri
Naivedyam (The Offering) : N. Balamai Amma
Naked Came the Stranger: Penelope Ashe
Naku Thanthi: D R. Bendre
Nana: Emile Zola
Natya Shastra: Bharat Muni
Neela Chand: Shiv Prasad Singh
Nehru and the Language Politics of India: Robert D. King
Nehru Family and Sikhs: Harbans Singh
Nehru–A Political Life: Prof. Judith Brown
Neither Here Nor There ~ Bill Bryson
Nelson Mandela–A Biography: Martin Meredith
Netaji Subhash–Ideology & Doctrine: Amlendu Guha
Netaji–Dead or Alive: Samar Guha
Never At Home: Dom Moraes
New Dimensions of India's Foreign Policy: Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Nice Guys Finish Second: B.K Nehru
Nicholas Nickelby : Charles Dickens
Nile Basin: Sir Richard Burton
Nine Days' Wonder: John Mansfield
Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) : George Orwell
1999–Victory Without War: Richard Nixon
Nirbashita Narir Kabita : Taslima Nasreen
NirmaJa : Prem Chand
Nisheeth : Uma Shankar Joshi
Niti-Sataka : .Bhartrihari
Nixon and Kissinger–Partners in Power: Robert Dallek
No Full Stops in India: Mark Tully
Non-Violence in Peace and War: M. K. Gandhi
North: Seamus Heaney
Northanger Abbey: Jane Austen
Nostromo : Joseph Conrad
Notebook of a Foot Soldier: Randhir Khare
Notes from a Big. Country: Bill Bryson
Notes from a Small Island: Bill Bryson
Nothing Like The sun : Anthony Bugess
Nuclear Deterrence in Southern Asia–China, India & Pakistan: Arpit Rajan
Nuclear India: G. G. Mirchandani and P. K S. Namboodari
Numbered Account: Christopher Reich
Nursery Alice: Lewis Carroll
Nurturing Development: Ismail Serageldin

173 Hours in Captivity : Neelesh Mishra
O is for Outlaw : Sue Grafion
O'Jerusalem : Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre
Occasion for Loving : Nadine Gordimer
Oddakkuzal : G. Shankara Kurup
Odyssey : Homer
Of Human Bondage : W Somerset Maugham
Of Some Consequence–A Soldier Remembers : General K. Sundarji
Old Curiosity Shop : Charles Dickens
Old Goriot : Honore de Balzac
Old Path–White Clouds : Thich Nht Hanh
Oliver Twist : Charles Dickens
Oliver's Story : Erich Segal
Omeros : Derek Walcott
On History : Eric Hobsbawm
On the Edge of a Century : Amlan Datta
One Day Cricket–The Indian Challenge : Ashis Roy
Once was Bombay : Pinki Virani One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich : Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn One Hundred Years of Solitude : Gabriel Marquez
One World : Wendell Wilkie
One World and India : Arnold Toynbee
One World to Share : Sridath Ramphal
One-eyed Uncle : Laxmikant Mahapatra
Open Secrets–Indian Intelligence Unveiled : M. K. Dhar
Operation Black Thunder : Sarbjit Singh
Operation Bluestar–The True Story : Lt. Gen. K. S. Brar
Operation Parakaram–The War Unfinished : Lt. Gen. V. K. Sood and Pravin Sawhney
Operation Shylock : Philip Roth
Origin of Species : Charles Darwin
Oru Desathinte Katha : S. K. Pottekkatt
Oscar and Lucinda : Peter Carey
Othello : William Shakespeare
Other People's Children : Joanna Trollope
Our Fathers : Andrew O'Hagan
Our Films, Their Films : Satyajit Ray
Out of My Comfort Zone : Steve Waugh

Paddy Clarke Ha, Ha, Ha : Roddy Doyle
Painted Veil : W Somerset Maugham
Painter of Signs : R. K. Narayan
Pak Proxy War : Vijay Karan
Pakistan Between Mosque and Military : Hussain Haqqani
Pakistan Crisis : David Loshak
Pakistan Cut to Size : D. R. Mankekar
Pakistan in the 20th Century–A Political History : Lawrence Ziring
Pakistan Leadership Challenge : Lt. Gen. (Rtd.) Jahan Dad Khan
Pakistan Papers : ¥ani Shankar Aiyer
Pakistan's Failed Gamble : Col. (Retd.) Anil Shourie
Pakistan–The Gathering Storm : Benazir Bhutto
Panchatantra : Vishnu Sharma
Paradise : Alighieri Dante
Paradise Lost : John Milton
Paradise Regained : John Milton
Param Vir–Our Heroes in Battle : Major Gen. Ian Cardozo
Past and Present : Thomas Carlyle
Past Forward : G. R. Narayanan
Path to Power : Margaret Thatcher
Pavilion of Women : Pearl S. Buck
Pay the Devil : Jack Higgins
Peculiar Music :Emily Bronte
People Like Us : Pawan Kumar Verma
Perceptions, Emotions Sensibilities : Tapan Raychaudhuri
Perfect Hostage–A Life of Aung San
Suu Kyi : Justin Wintle
Perils of Democracy : P. C. Alexander
Personal Injuries : Scot Turow
Perspectives on Indian National Movement; Selected Corres­pondence of Lala Lajpat Rai :
Dr. Joginder Singh Dhanki
Persuasion : Jane Austen
Peter Pan : J. M. Barrie
Philosophical Investigations : Ludwig Wittgenstein
Pickwick Papers : Charles Dickens
Pillow Problems and the Tangled Tale : Lewis Carroll
Pinjar : Amrita Pritam
Plans for Departure : Nayantata Sehgal
Platform : Michael Houellebecq
Platform No. Chaar : Dr. Himanshi Shelat
Pleading Guilty : Scott Turow
PMO Diary-I, Prelude Emergency : B. N. Tandon
Point of Origin : Patricia Cornwell
Poison Belt : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Politics : Aristotle
Portrait of India : Ved Mehta
Post Office : Rabindranath Tagore
Power and Glory : Graham Greene
Power of Movement in Plants : Charles Darwin
Power That Be : David Halberstan
Prateeksha : Harivansh Rai Bachchan
Pratham Pratishruti : .Ashapurna Devi
Prelude : William Wordsworth
Prem Pachisi : Munshi Prem Chand
Premonitions : P. N. Haksar
Preparing for the Twentieth Century : Paul Kennedy
Press Freedom–The Indian Story : K. G. Joglekar
Price of Partition : Rafiq Zakaria
Price of Power–Kissingerin the Nixon White House : Seymour M. Hersh
Pride and Prejudice : Jane Austen
Princess in Love : Ann Pasternak
Principia : Isaac Newton
Prison and Chocolate Cake : Nayantara Sehgal
Prison Diary : Jayaprakash Narayan
Prithviraj Raso : Chandra Bardai
Profiles & Letters : K. Natwar Singh
Promises to Keep : Chester Bowels'
Prospects for Democracy in Asia : Tatu Vanhanen
Pulsating Presence of a Painful Past : Taisha Abraham
Punjab, The Knights of Falsehood : K. P. S. Gill
Purgatory : Alighieri Dante
Pygmalion : George Bernard Shaw
Pyramids of Sacrifice : Peter L. Berger

Quarantene : Jim Crass
Quest for Conscience : Madhu Dandvate

Rabbit, Run : John Updika
Radharani : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Raga Mala–Autobiography of Ravi Shankar : George Harrison
Rage of Angels : Sydney Sheldon
Raghuvamsa : Kalidas
Rags to Riches : M. G. Muthu
Ragtime : E. L. Doctorow
Rahul Dravid–A Biography : Vedam Jaishankar
Rains Came : Louis Bromefieid
Raj Kapoor Speaks : Ritu Nanda
Rajtarangini : Kalhana
Raj–The Making & Unmaking of British India : Lawrence James
Ram Charita Manas : Twsidas
Ramanujar : Dr. Indira Parthasarathy
Ramayana : Maharishi Valmiki
Rangbhoomi : Munshi Prem Chand
Rang-e-Shairi : Raghupati Sahai 'Firaq' Gorakhpuri
Rape of Bangladesh : Anthony Mascarenhas
Rape of Nanking (Nanjing)–An Undeniable History of Photographs : SIll Young
Ratnavali : Harsha Vardhan
Ravi Paar (Across the Ravi) : Gulzar
Razor's Edge : W Somerset Maugham
Real Time : Amit Chaudhuri
Rebirth : Leonid Brezhnev
Red and Black : Stendhal
Red Star Over China : Edgar Snow
Rediscovering Asia : Prakash Nanda
Rediscovering Dharavi : Kalpana Sharma
Rediscovering Gandhi : Yogesh Chadha
Reflections on the French Revolution : Edmund Burke
Regional Security in South Asia–The Ethno-Sectarian Dimensions : Muchkund Dubey & Nancy Jetly
Remembering Babylon : David Malouf
Reminiscences : Thomas Carlyle
Reminiscences of the Nehru Age : M. O. Mathai
Remorseful Day : Colin Dexter
Rendezvous with Rama : Arthur C. Clark
Reprieve : Jean Paul Sartre
Republic : Plato
Resurrection : Leo Tolstoy
Rethinking Early Modern India : Richard B. Barnett (Ed.)
Return of the Aryans : Bhagwan S. Gidwani
Returning to the Source : Acharya Rajneesh
Revenge and Reconciliation–Understanding South Asian History : Rajmohan Gandhi
Reverse Sweep–Confessions of a Cricket Junkie : Gautam Bhimani
Revolutionary Wealth : Alvin and Heidi Toffler
Rich Like Us : Nayantara Sehgal
Riding the Nuclear Tiger : N. Ram
Riding the Storm : Harold MacMillan
Rights of Man : Thomas Paine
Rise and Fall of the Great Powers : Paul Kennedy
Ritu Ka Pehla Phool : Vijendra
Ritu Samhara : Kalidas
Road to Folly : Leslie Ford
Road to Freedom : K. K. Khullar
Romantics : Pankaj Mishra
Romeo and Juliet : William Shakespeare
Room at the Top : John Braine Roots
Routine Violence : Gyanendra Pandey
Rubaiyat : Omar Khayyam
Rubaiyat-i-Omar Khayyam : Edward Fitzgerald
Rukh Te Rishi : Harbhajan Singh
Runaway Jury : John Grisham


Saaket : Maithili Sharan Gupt
Sacked or Sunk ? Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat : Brigadier R. P. Singh & Comdre Ranjit B. Rao
Sacred Games: Vikram Chandra
Sadar-i-Riyasat : Karan Singh
Saddam's Bomb : Shyam Bhatia and Daniel McGrory
Saket : Maithili Sharan Gupt
Sakharam Binder : Vijay Tendulkar
Samler's Planet : Saul Bellow
Sanctuary : William Faulkner
Sands of Time : Sidney Sheldon
Santa Evita : Tomas Eloymartinez
Sardar Patel and Indian Muslims : Rafiq Zakaria
Satanic Verses : Salman Rushdie
Satyartha Prakash : Swami Dayanand
Saving Capitalism From The Capitalists : Raghuram G. Rajan and Luigi Zingales
Saving Faith : David Baldacci
Savitri : Aurobindo Ghosh
Scarred–Experiments with Violence in Gujarat : Dionne Bunsha
Scenes from a Writer's Life : Ruskin Bond
Sceptred Flute : Sarojini Naidu
Schindler's List : Thomas Keneally
Scholar Extraordinary : Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Second Wind : Dick Francis
Secret Agent : Joseph Conrad
Sense and Sensibility : Jane Austen
Sesame and Lilies : John Ruskin
Seshan–An Intimate Story : K. Govindan Kutty
Seven Lamps of Architecture : John Ruskin
Seven Summers : Mulk Raj Anand
Sex, Art and American Culture : Camille Paglia
Shadow from Ladakh : Bhabani Bhattacharya
Shadow Line : Joseph Conrad
Shadow of a Princess : Patrick Jephson
Shahnama : Firdausi
Shakuntala : Kalidas
Shalimar : Manohar Malgonkar
Shalimar The Clown : Salman Rushdie
Shall We Tell the President ? : Jeffrey Archer
Shame : Salman Rushdie
Shape of Things to Come : H. G. Wells
She Stoops to Conquer : Oliver Goldsmith
Sher-e-Shor Angez : Shamsur Rahman Faruqi
Ship of Fools : Katherine Anne Porter
Shivaji, The Great Patriot : Lala Lajpat Rai
Shivaji–Hindu King of Islamic India : James Laine
Siddharta : Hermann Hesse
Silas Marner : George Eliot
Silent Spring : Rachel Carson
Single & Single : John Le Carre
Single in the City–The Independent Woman's Handbook : Sunny Singh
Six Characters in Search of an Author : Luigi Pirandello
Slaughter House Five : Kurt Vanuegut
Slumming India : Gita Dewan Verma
Small Island : Andrea Levy
Small Land : Leonid Brezhnev
Small Remedies : Shashi Deshpande
Smell : Radhika Jha
Snakes & Ladders–A View of Modern India : Gita Mehta
Snow Country : Yasunari Kawabata
Social Justice & the Constitution : Ajit Bhattacharjea
Socialite Evenings : Shobhaa De
Sohrab and Rustam : Matthew Arnold
Sole Survivor : Derek Hansen
Something Barely Remembered : Susan Visvanathan
Song of Solomon : Toni Morrison
Sons and Lovers : D. H. Lawrence
Soul And Structure of Governance in India : Jagmohan
Soul Mountain : Gao Xingjian Mabel Lee
South Asia on a Nuclear Fuse : Praful Bidwai & Achin Vanaik
South from the Limpopo; Travels Through South Africa : Dervla Murphy
South-East Asia on a Shoestring : Hugh Finlay
Soz-i-Watan : Munshi Prem Chand
Special Tests–The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness–A Soviet Spymaster : Pavel Anatolievich Sudoplatov
Speed Post : Shobhaa De
Spirit of the Age : William Hazlitt
Spouse : Shobhaa De
Spy Catcher : Peter Wright
St. Cyril Road : Amit Chaudhuri
St. Joan : George Bernard Shaw
Stability in South Asia : Ashley J. Tellis
Stalin : Edvard Radzinsky
Starry Nights : Shobhaa De
Stars of New Curfew : Ben Okri
Stolen Harvest : Vandana Shiva
Stopping by Woods : Robert Frost
Storm in the Sea Wind–Ambani Vs Ambani : Alam Srinivas
Story of My Life : Moshe Dayan
Story of Real Man : Nikolayev Polevoi
Straight From Heart : Kapil Dev
Strangers and Brothers Omnibus : C. P. Snow
Street Lawyer : John Grisham
Strife : John Galsworthy
Stripped Steel : N. K. Singh
Struggles of Indian Federalism : Bonica Aleaz
Studies in the Psychology of Sex : Havelock Ellis
Subsidies–A Bottomless Bucket : K. S. Ramachandran
Sula : Toni Morrison
Sultry Days : Shobhaa De
Summa Theologica : Thomas Aquinas
Summer Sisters : Judy Bloom
Sun Stone : Octavio Paz
Sunny Days : Sunil Gavaskar
Surrender at Dacca : Lt. Gen. J. F.R. Jacob
Surviving Men : Shobhaa De
Surviving Women : Jerry Pinto
Swapnavasvadatta : Bhasa

2003 World Cup Cricket–Action Replay1983 : Rahul Sehgal
Tahqiq-i-Hind : Alberuni
Tales from Shakespeare : Charles Lamb
Tales of Sherlock Holmes : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Taliban-Islam-Oil and the New Great Game in Central Asia : Ahmed Rashid
Talisman : Sir Walter Scott
Tar Baby : Toni MorrisonTarkash : Javed Akhtar
Tarzan of the Apes : Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tears of Renewal : Henry Kissinger
Tehriq-e-Mujahideen : Dr. Sadiq Hussain
Temple Tiger : Jim Corbett
Temptations of the West–How to be Modern in India, Pakistan and Beyond : Pankaj Mishra
Tess of D'Urbervilles : Thomas Hardy
Thank You, Jeeves : P. G. Wodehouse
The 21st Century Ambassador : Kishan S. Rana
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer : Mark Twain
The Affairs : C. P. Snow
The Affluent Society : J. K. Galbraith
The Afghan Turmoil–Changing Equations : Sreedhar & Mahendra Dev
The Age of Extremes : Eric Hobsbawm
The Agenda–Inside the Clinton White House : Bob Woodward
The Agony and the Ecstasy : Irving Stone
The Alchemy of Desire : Tarun J. Tejpal
The Animal Farm : George Orwell
The Argumentative Indian : Dr. Amartya Sen
The Asian Elephant-A Natural History : J. C. Daniel
The Assassination : K. Mohandas
The August Coup : Mikhail S. Gorbachev
The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian : Nirad C. Chaudhuri
The A-Z of Bradman : Alan Eason
The Banyan Tree : Hugh Tinker
The Beach Tree : Pearl S. Buck
The Beauty of These Present
Things : Avtar Singh.
The Believers : Abdul Sultan P. P.
The Betrayal of East Pakistan : Lt. General A. A. K. Niazi
The Big Fisherman : Lloyd C. Douglas
The Big Idea : Robert Jones
The Birth of Europe : Robert S. Lopez
The Black Arrow : Robert Louis Stevenson
The Black Economy in India : Arun Kumar
The Black Pharaoh : Christian Jacq
The Blackwater Lightship : Colm Toibin
The Blessing : Jude Deveraux
The Blind Assasin : Margaret Atwood
The Blue Bedspread : Raj Kamal Jha
The Book I Won't Be Writing And Other Essays : H. Y. Sharda Prasad
The Book of Shadows : Namita Gokhale
The Brethren : John Grisham
The Bride's Book of Beauty : Mulk Raj Anand
The British Conquest and Dominion of India : Penderal Moon
The Bubble : Mulk Raj Anand
The Buddha & The Terrorist : Satish Kumar
The Butcher of Amritsar; Nigel Collett
The Calcutta Chromosome : Amitav Ghosh
The Canterbury Tales : Geoffery Chaucer
The Cardinal : Henry Morton Robinson
The Career & Legend of Vasco de Gama : Sanjay Submmanyam
The Castle : Franz Kafka
The Changing Global Order : World Leaders Reflect : Nathan Gardels
The Changing World of the Executive : Peter Drucker
The Cinemas of India : Yves Thoraval
The Clash of Civilisations and the Remaking of World Order : Samuel Huntington
The Class : Erich Segal
The Clown : Heinrich Boll
The Cocktail Party : T. S. Eliot
The Commitments : Roddy Doyle
The Company of Women : Khushwant Singh
The Confessions of an English Opium Eater : Thomas De Quincy
The Confidential Clerk : T. S. Eliot
The Conservationist : Nadine Gordimer
The Contemporary Conservative : Dhiren Bhagat
The Corrupt Society : Chandan Mitra
The Count of Monte Cristo : Alexander Dumas
The Coup : John Updike
The Crisis in India : Ronald Segal
The Critique of Pure Reason : Immanuel Kant
The Crown and the Loincloth : Chaman Nahal
The Crown of Wild Olive : John Ruskin
The Cutting Edge : Javed Miandad
The Dangerous Summer : Ernest Hemingway
The Dark Room : R. K. Narayan
The Dark Side of Camelot : Seymore Hersh
The Day in Shadow : Nayantara Sehgal
The Day of the Jackal : Frederick Forsyth

Ulysses : James Joyce
Uncle Tom's Cabin : H. B. Stowe
Under Western Eye : Joseph Conrad
Understanding Partition : Yuvraj Krishan
Unhappy India : Lala Lajpat Rai
Until Darkness : Parvin Ghaffari
Unto This Last : John Ruskin
Untouchable : Mulk Raj Anand
Urvashi : Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar'
Utopia : Thomas More
Uttara Ramcharitam : Bhava Bhuti

Vairagya Shataka : Bhartri Hari
Vajpayee's Foreign Policy–Daring the Irreversible : Prof. M. L. Sondhi & Prakash Nanda
Valley of Dolls : Jacqueline Susann
Value Reporting & Global Comparative Advantage–Banking and Finance : Vipin Malik
Vanity Fair : William Thackeray
Vector : Robin Cook
Vernon God Little : D. B. C. Pierre (peter Finlay)
Very Old Bones : William Kennedy
Victory : Joseph Conrad
Video Nights in Kathmandu : Pico lyer
View from the UN : U. Thant
Vikram and the Vampire : Sir Richard Burton
Vikram Sarabhai–A Life : Amrita Shah
Vinay Patrika : Tulsidas
Virangana : Maithili Sharan Gupta
Vish Vriksha : Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Voice of Conscience : V. V. Giri
Voice of the Voiceless : Ruth Harring


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