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General Knowledge - Intelligence And IQ Testing 2

General Knowledge - Intelligence And IQ Testing 2

General knowledge - Intelligence and IQ testing 2

1. An IQ score of 98 for a nine-year-old boy means that he

A. scored 98 percent correct on the test
B. is better than 98 percent of all nine-year-olds taking the test
C. would be considered to be of average intelligence
D. has an IQ in the 98th percentile

2. In order to assess whether intelligence is a single trait or a collection of several distinct abilities, psychologists, have made extensive use of

A. factor analysis
B. game theory
C. regression analysis
D. calculus


3. For any given person, it would be fairly accurate to conclude that in terms of understanding the variability of IQ, roughly ____% is due to genetic factors, ____% is due to shared environment, and _____% is due to perceived environment.

A. 33 1/3%, 33 1/3%, 33 1/3%
B. 50%, 30%, 20%
C. 10%, 65%, 25%
D. 50%, 50%, 0%


4. Most intelligence tests have a mean, or average score, of _____

A. 50
B. 85
C. 100
D. 120


5. Simon and Binet assumed that children who scored well in IQ tests

A. displayed increased perceptual abilities
B. are introverted
C. are as intellectually developed as average children who are older than they are
D. are extroverted


6. The intelligence test developed by Binet and all subsequent IQ tests have been designed to

A. measure achievement
B. evaluate inherited traits
C. predict emotional status
D. predict school performance


7. Studies around the world consistently yield estimates that

A. heredity is responsible for 90 percent of the variation in IQ
B. environment is responsible for all of IQ
C. about 50 percent of the variation in IQ is due to heredity
D. there is very little interaction between heredity and environment


8. On the WAIS-III IQ test, the standard deviation score is ________.

A. 66.26
B. 1
C. 44
D. 15


9. The Bayley Scales are used to

A. predict later IQ
B. predict future school success
C. identify developmental delays
D. identify learning disabilities


10. Binet and Terman would have been most likely to disagree on

A. emotional intelligence
B. heredity issues
C. the impact of education on intelligence
D. the impact of nutrition on intelligence

Answer Key: 1.C  2.A   3.B   4.C   5.C   6.D   7.C   8.D   9.C   10.B



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