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Computer Basics That You Must Know Nowadays

Computer Basics That You Must Know Nowadays

Computer Basics that you must know nowadays

One can’t undermine the importance of computer in a person’s life in today’s world. No matter in which field you are working or what you are studying, if you are not using computer then it can be said that you are unnecessarily missing out on a big advantage. There are people who have this phobia for computers and they think that it is too complicated to handle. Operating a computer hardly requires any special skill that you need to possess. All that you need to do is get to know certain computer basics which will provide you with a general idea about the functioning of a computer and then nothing will seem difficult.


If you don’t have any idea about how a computer works then the first thing that you should do is to get acquainted with all the devices of a computer. Have a clear idea about the various input and output devices of a computer and know which device is used for what purpose. It may sound strange but it is true that initially people often find it difficult to put the mouse pointer at a desired place on the screen. Certain things like knowing the difference between a hardware and software or what are the various operating systems that are available and used mostly can increase your computer knowledge remarkably.


An operating system can be called as the main driver of your computer which makes it possible for you to perform various computer activities by linking different hardware to different applications. The most widely used Operating Systems are the ones made by Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. There are other Operating Systems like MAC or Linux which are mainly used for specialized purposes.


As most people use the Windows Operating Systems so if you want to know the computer basics then it is sensible for you to start with MS Office. MS Office is a program consisting mainly of MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint which makes writing, calculating and making presentations convenient for us. MS Word is used all across the globe by everyone for writing purposes. It is an application which makes you write error free English in whatever size or font you prefer. It has a built in thesaurus which can provide you with a god stock of words and it also detect any spelling mistake or grammatical error in your writing. MS Excel is mainly used by people for data entry. It is a spreadsheet where you can put quantitative details in an organized manner. By using this application, you can do long and tiresome calculations within no time. MS PowerPoint is an application used by people in order to make presentations.


Among computer basics, another thing which should be known to you is how to use the internet. Visiting a website, sending mails, chatting etc. are some of the things which you should be aware of. There are various Internet Browsers using which you can access the internet. Knowing how to use an internet browser is extremely important nowadays. Computer is also a device which you can use effectively for entertainment purposes like listening music or watching movies. So, when you are learning the computer basics, knowing how to operate a media player in a computer might also become handy.

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