CurrentGK General Knowledge Computer GK Federal Bank Clerk Exam Question Paper With Answer

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Federal Bank Clerk Exam Question Paper With Answer

Federal Bank Clerk Exam Question paper with Answer

1. The expansion for the BIS, in the context of the banking industry is:

(A) Bank for International Settlements
(B) Bank for Industrial Settlements
(C) Bank for Industrial Sectors
(D) Bank for International Services

2. The expansion for BIFR, in the context of the Indian Industry is:

(A) Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
(B) Bureau for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
(C) Board for Investment and Financial Reconstruction
(D) Bureau for Investment and Financial Reconstruction

3. Cash Reserve Ratio ( CRR) and Stautory Liquidity Ratio (SLR ) are terms most closely related to which of the following industries/markets:

(A) Stock Exchange
(B) Banking
(C) Mutual Fund
(D) Income Tax

4. Which of the following programs aims at the promotion of savings among rural women?

(A) Rashtriya Mahila Kosh
(B) Mahila Samriddhi Yojna
(C) Indira Mahila Yojna
(D) Javhar Rozgar Yojna

5. Which of the following programs meets the credit needs of poor women?

(A) Mahila Samriddhi Yojna
(B) Rashtriya Mahila Kosh
(C) Indira Mahila Yojna
(D) Mahila Samakhya Programme

6. Which of the following deals with economic offences?


7. Chelliah Committee of 1992 deals with the overhauling of our

(A) public sector undertakings
(B) financial system
(C) tax system
(D) patents and copyrights

8. The terms TRIPS and TRIMS are related to


9. Which of the following taxes is a progressive tax?

(A) Income tax
(B) Custom tax
(C) Sales tax
(D) Excise duty

10.When did Regional Rural Banks start functioning in India?

(A) 1975
(B) 1947
(C) 1956
(D) 1960

Federal Bank Examination Paper For Mathematics

1. The sum of two consecutive numbers is 55, which is the largest number?
(a) 25
(b) 28
(c) 26
(d) 27
Answer : (b) 28

2. The radii of two spheres are in the ratio 2:3. What is the ratio of their surface areas?
(a) 4:9
(b) 2:3
(c) 8:27
(d) 4:6
Answer : (c) 8:27

3. What is the chance of getting a 2 or 4 in rolling a die?
(a) 2/3
(b) 1/6
(c) 1/3
(d) 1/2
Answer : (b) 1/6

4. What is the common ratio of the progression 3√2, 6, 6√2 ?

(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) √2
(d) √3
Answer : (c) √2

5. Five times an unknown number is 5 less than 50. The unknown number .
(a) 10
(b) 11
(c) 9
(d) 5
Answer : (c) 9

6. Water is filled in a cylindrical vessel in such a way that its volume doubles after every five minutes. If it takes 30 minutes for the vessel to be full, then the vessel will be one fourth full in .
(a) 20 minute
(b) 25 minutes
(c) 7 minutes 30 seconds
(d) 10 minutes
Answer : (a) 20 minutes

7. At what rate of simple interest per annum an amount will be doubled in 10 years?
(a) 10%
(b) 7.5%
(c) 16%
(d) 15%
Answer : (a) 10%

8. If 10 cats can kill 10 rats in 10 minutes how long will it take 100 cats to kill 100 rats .
(a) 1 minutes
(b) 10 minute
(c) 100 minutes
(d) 10000 minutes
Answer : (b) 10 minutes

9. The acute angle between the hour hand and minute hand of a clock at 4 PM.
(a) 900
(b) 1200
(c) 1500
(d) 2400
Answer : (b) 1200

10. When a shop keeper sold 2/3 of an item, he got the cost price of the whole lot. What is the percentage of his profit?
(a) 33 1/8 %
(b) 66 2/3 %
(c) 25 %
(d) 50 %
Answer : (d) 50%

11. If you add 100 to a certain number, the result will be more than, if you multiply that number by 1000 what is that number?
(a) 1.5
(b) 1.0
(c) 2.5
(d) 2.0
Answer : (b) 1.0

12. If 75 % of a number is added to 75, the result is the number itself, then the number is:
(a) 250
(b) 750
(c) 400
(d) 300
Answer : (d) 300

13. A student has to secure 40 % marks to pass. He gets 150 marks and fails by 30 marks. What is the maximum marks?
(a) 400
(b) 500
(c) 475
(d) 450
Answer : (d) 450

14. A school has enough food for 400 children for 12 days. How long will the food last if 80 more children join them?
(a) 6 days
(b) 7 days
(c) 10 days
(d) 8 days
Answer : (c) 10 days

15. The height of a cone and its base diameter are equal. If the base radius is ‘r’ what is its slant height?
(a) 3r
(b) 4r
(c) √5r
(d) √3r
Answer : (c) √5r

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