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General Knowledge Animals

General Knowledge Animals

General knowledge Animals

1.which is the most long lived creature in the world? Ans: Tortoise
2..Which snake is the most poisonous? Ans: King Cobra
3.Which animals are left handed? Ans: Polar bears
4.Which bird can rotate its head to 270 degrees? Ans: Owl
5.Which is the largest bird in the world? Ans: Ostrich
6.Which insect has appr.12,000 eyes? Ans: Butterfly
7.What is the original name of Butterfly? Ans: Flutterby
8.How many species of animals in the world? Ans: About 12,00,000
9.How many species of birds in the world? Ans: About 1,00,000
10.Which bird can't make its nest? Ans: Cuckoo
11.Which is the largest hunter bird? Ans: Candour
12.Which is the fast moving bird? Ans: Swift bird
13.Which is the largest sea bird in the world? Ans: Albatros
14.Which fish can't see? Ans: Shark
15.What is Tapetum lucidum? Ans: A layer of Extra reflecting cells which absorb light.
16.Which animal has that absorbing light cells? Ans: Cat
17.Which is the largest frog in the world? Ans: Goliath frog
18.Which fish has the sensitivity of the sound? Ans: Shark
19.Which bird can sleep standing on one leg? Ans: Crane
20.Which insects don't sleep? Ans: Ants



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