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(GK) General Knowledge Question And Answers (4)

(GK) General Knowledge Question And Answers (4)

(GK) General Knowledge Question And Answers (4)

  • Theosophical Society is associated with

  • Ans : Annie Besant

  • Which is the first state in India has been formed on purely linguistic basis?

  • Ans : Andra Pradesh

  •   The famous Thirumala Thirupathi Venkateswara Temple is in which district?

  • Ans : Chittoor

  • Which is known as twin cities?

  • Ans : Hyderabad and Secunderabad

  • Which state is known as the 'Orchid Paradise of India?

  • Ans : Arunachal Pradesh

  • Which place in Assam is said to be the meeting place of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam?

  • Ans : Hajo

  •   Lord Mahavira breathed his last at

  • Ans : Pavapuri

  •   Goa become the 25th state of the Indian union on

  • Ans : 30th May 1987

  • The ancestral home of Mahendra Chaudhari, the Indian origin former prime minister of Fiji who was overthrown in a military coup is from

  • Ans : Haryana

  • Jammu & Kashmir was acceded to India on

  • Ans : 26th October 1947

  • Sea of Tranquility' and 'Ocean of Storms' are in

  • Ans : Moon

  • The alliance of non-communist parties against congress in the 1972 elections were known as

  • Ans : Grand Alliance

  •   Who advocated for the ‘Total Revolution’ during 1974–75

  • Ans : Jayaprakash Narayan

  •   Which Government introduced the food for work program first

  • Ans : Janatha Government (1977)

  • Which program introduced in schools aimed at providing basic amenity to the schools

  • Ans : Operation Blackboard

  • The first ‘baby friendly’ state in India is

  • Ans : Kerala

  • Who gave the slogan ‘Garibi Hato’

  • Ans : Indira Gandhi

  • Name the state with the largest number of registered newspapers

  • Ans : Uttar Pradesh

  •   National Literacy Mission launched in 1988 aims at attaining a sustainable 75% literacy rate level by

  • Ans : 2007

  • The word ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the abacus of the state emblem of India was taken from

  • Ans : Mundaka Upanishad Muharram, Safar, Rabi ul aval, Rabi u

  •   Months in Islamic calendar

  • Ans : akhir, Rajab, Shaban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhual-Qadah, Dhual-Hijjah

  •  In a vacuum flask, silvering reduces the loss of heat by

  • Ans : radiation

  • The period of oscillation of a pendulum depends on

  • Ans : length of the spring

  • The boiling point of a liquid ......... if pressure is decreased

  • Ans : decreases

  •  No sound is heard on the moon because there is ..... on the moon

  • Ans : no atmosphere

  •  Why do water pipes, in hilly areas, often burst on a cold, frosty night?

  • Ans : When water in the pipe freezes, it expands. So pipes break

  •  Why do we sweat on a hot day?

  • Ans : In order to maintain a constant temperature, sweating is necessary

  • Why do the clothes keep us warm during winter?

  • Ans : Clothes prevent the heat of the body to escape.

  • Why do we hear better on water than land?

  • Ans : Sound travels faster in water than air

  •  Why are the mountains cooler than plains?

  • Ans : Air on the mountains is less dense so it absorbs less heat.

  •  Why is it easier to swim in sea water than in river?

  • Ans : Density of sea water is higher

  •   The only paramilitary force which has an exclusive 'Mahila Battalion' is

  • Ans : CRPF batch – 88

  • The largest paramilitary force in India

  • Ans : Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

  • Who is legally competent to declare war or conclude peace treaty

  • Ans : The President

  •   Thumba rocket launching station is in which state

  • Ans : Kerala




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