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General Studies - 1999 (Main) (Paper - I) & (Paper - II)

General Studies - 1999 (Main) (Paper - I) & (Paper - II)

General Studies - 1999 (Main) (Paper - I) & (Paper - II)


  How did Communalism manifest in Indian political scene? Explain the background of the passing of the momentous Pakistan Resolution.        (About 250 words)                                   35
What were the proposals of the Cabinet Mission ? Analyse there actions of the Congress and the League to the proposals.          (About 250 words)                                                                 35

2. Answer any two of the following :        (About 150 words on each)

(a) Trace the formation of the Swaraj Party. What were its demands.

(b) 'What began as a flight for religion ended as a war of independence, for there is not the slightest doubt that the rebels wanted to get rid of the alien government and restore the old order of which the king of Delhi was the rightful representative.' Do you support this viewpoint?

(c) How far Curzon's policy towards Tibet was influenced by strategic consideration. 15x2=30

3.    Answer any three of the following :      (About 75 words on each)

(a) Assess the contributions of Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar to the making of  modern India.

(b) In what way did Ramakrishna infuse a new vigour and dynamism into Hinduism ?

(c) 'Tagore's poetry is a written record of his religious experience.' Elucidate.

(d) How did Nehru's plan for modernization make rapid stride during the decade 1951-61? 10x3=30
4. (a)
Write about the chief features of the following :  (About 20 words on each)
(i) Chola  architecture                     (ii) Baisakhi
(iii) Neo-art movement

(b) What do you know about the following ?
(iv) Munda Movement  
(v) Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science  
(vi) Ilbert  Bill                          (vii) Sarda Act  
(viii) Education Despatch of 1854

(c) Why have the following become famous ?  
(ix) Rammanohar Lohia                      (x) C. Y. Chintamani  
(xi) Henry Cotton                              (xii) Tej Bahadur Sapru  
(xiii) Veeresalingam P.K.                  (xiv) Bhulabhai Desai  
(xv) Kamladevi Chattopadhyay                 2 x 15 =30


5. What are the highlights of the draft nuclear doctrine formulated by the National Security Advisory Board ? What shortcomings have been pointed out in media reports relating to the same?        (About 250 words) 35 
What are the reasons for the recent diplomatic confrontation between the  U.S.E. and China? What specific measures have been taken by the U.S.E. to defuse the tension building up the Taiwan strait?   (About 250 words)                          35

6. Attempt any three of the following :     (About 100 words on each)

(a)    What new type of satellite is proposed to be inducted for bolstering surveillance on India



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