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General Studies Test Paper

General Studies Test Paper

General Studies Test Paper

1) Arrange in the order of Evolution
1) Upanishads                 2) Aranyakas                 3) Vedas                4) Brahman

a) 3,1,2,4             b) 3,2,1,4                 c) 3,4,2,1            d)3,2,4,1

2) Find wrong pair
a) Amending process-South Africa
b) Fundamental duties- USSR
c)Federal natureCanada
d)Judicial Review-UK

3)2004 NobelPrize was awrded to 3 Americans Frank Wilezek, David Politzer David Gross for
a) Quark Theory                  b) Quantum Theory
c) Sensitivity Theory             d) Ultra Effect

4) Arrange according to size of planets in ascending order.
1) Venus                2) Mars                 3) Uranus                 4) Neptune

a) 1,2,3,4                     b) 1,2,4,3                 c) 2,1,4,3                 d 2,1,3,4

5)Find X
5/8, 11/18, x , 47/78
a)17/36                 b)19/46                 c) 31/63             d) 23/38

6) Masole, a type of shifting cultivation is practiced in
a) Malaysia                 b) Venezula                 c) Brazil                 d)Zaire basin

7) I) Jainism split into two sects after first Jaina Council at Pataliputhra.
II) Budhism split into two sects after Second Budhist Council at Vaishali

a)I True                     b)II True                     c)Both True                 d)Both Wrong

8) What are true about Igneous Rocks?
1) Acid Rocks Contain mostly Silicon.
2) They are normally non crystalline 3) Don’t occur in Layers 4) Don’t contain fossils
a) 1,2,3                     b) 2,3,4                     c) 1,3,4                 d) 1,2,3,4

9) I) In Berubari case preamble was held to be not part of Constitution.
II) In Kesavanda Bharati case Preamble was held to be part of Constitution.
a)I True                     b)II True                 c)Both True                 d)Both Wrong

10) I) James Princep found the Rock Edicts of Ashoka in 1837.
II) The edicts were in 4 languages and the main was Prakarit and Written in Brahmi
a)I True                 b)II True                 c)Both True             d)Both Wrong

11) Woodbridge (Australia) won 9th Doubles Title with Bjormanof-----
a) Austria                 b)Russia                 c) Swedon                 d) France

12) Vishnugupta was the last Gupta King. Who was the last GREAT Gupta ruler?
a)Skandagupta                     b) Kumaragupta
c) Chandragupta II              d) Samudragupta

13) What are true about Cirrus Clouds?
1) They are silky by appearance and high clouds
2) They are entirely composed of ice crystals
3) When they are arranged irregular they indicate fair weather.
4) When they are systematically arranged they indicate hot weather.
a) 1,2,3                 b) 2,3,4                 c) 1,2,4                 d) 1,2,3,4

14) What is wrong about Pacific Ocean?
a) Largest and Deepest Ocean
b) Continental shelves in Eastern Coast are extensive and on western Coast are less extensive
c) There are more scattered ridges
d) Its area is more than the land area of the world.

15) Which Fundamental Right is available to Citizens only?
a) General Equality b) Religious right
c) Right against Exploitation
d) Freedom of Residence

Answers key:

1)c         2)d         3)a         4)c         5)d

6)d        7)a         8)c         9)c         10)c

11)c      12)a       13)a      14)c        15)d




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