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Model Tests For IAS-Prelims History Test Part - 2

Model Tests For IAS-Prelims History Test Part - 2

Model Tests for IAS-Prelims History Test Part - 2

1. From the third century AD when the Hun invasion ended the Roman Empire, the Indian merchants relied more and more on the
African trade
West-European trade
South-East Asian trade
Middle-Eastern trade

2. The paintings of Abanindranath Tagore are classified as

3. The first writer to use Urdu as the medium of poetic expression was
Amir Khusru
Mirza Ghalib
Bahadur Shah Zafar

4. Consider the following statements: 1. Arya Samaj was founded in 1835. 2. Lala Lajpat Rai opposed the appeal of Arya Samaj to the authority of Vedas in support of its social reform programmes. 3. Under Keshab Chandra Sen, the Brahmo Samaj campaigned for women's education. 4. Vinoba Bhave founded the Sarvodaya Samaj to work among refugees. Which of these statements are correct?
1 and 2
2 and 3
2 and 4
3 and 4

5. Who among the following Indian rulers established embassies in foreign countries on modern lines?
Haider Ali
Mir Qasim
Shah Alam II
Tipu Sultan

6. Which one of the following is NOT a feature of the Government of India Act of 1935?
Diarchy at the Centre as well as in the provinces
A bicameral legislature
Provincial autonomy
An All-India Federation

7. Which one of the following animals was NOT represented on the seals and terracotta art of the Harappan culture?

8. Who among the following presided over the Buddhist Council held during the reign of Kanishka at Kashmir?

9. Which one of the following ports handled the north Indian trade during the Gupta period?

10. The Congress policy of pray and petition ultimately came to an end under the guidance of
Aurobindo Ghosh
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Lala Lajpat Rai
Mahatma Gandhi



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