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Sample Paper Of Examination For Assistant Jailer Grade II (Jail) (Kerala PSC)

Sample Paper Of Examination For Assistant Jailer Grade II (Jail) (Kerala PSC)

Sample Paper Of Examination For Assistant Jailer Grade II (Jail) (Kerala PSC)

Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Maximum: 100 marks

1. The words 'Socialist', Secular and 'Integrity' were added in the Constitution by:

(a) The Constituent Assembly (b) First Amendment act 1951 (c) Forty Second Amendment Act, 1976 d) Eightieth amendment Act, 2000

2. How many states in India have Legislative Council or Vidhan Parishad?

(a) 7 (b) 9 (c) 11 (d) 5

3. Chattisgarh, Uttaranchal and Jharkhand were formed in:

(a) 1956 (b) 2000 (c) 1998 (d) 2005

4. A person who is too ready to believe is called:

(a) Cynic (b) Crafty (c) Incredible (d) Credulous

5. One who leaves his country to settle in another is called:

(a) Emigrant (b) Tourist (c) Immigrant (d) Forigner

6. Which of the following is correct?

(a) What time is it? He asked (b) What time it is he asked (c) “What time is it†he asked (d) “What time it is†he asked

7. Which of the word comes first in dictionary? (a) Presumption (b) Pressure (c) Precipitation (d) Presence

8. Pick out the wrong sentence:

(a) Neither A nor B is present (b) Neither of us is ready (c) Her arrival and departure were not even noticed (d) She, not I responsible

9. Time is to clock as heat is to:

(a) temperature (b) thermometer (c) fire (d) sun

10. Which pair is different?

(a) liberty and freedom (b) honesty and integrity (c) pleasure and pain (d) surplus and excess

11. A clock shows the time as 6 a.m. If the minute hand gains 2 minutes every hour, how many minutes will the clock gain by 9 p.m.?

(a) 30 minutes (b) 25 minutes (c) 28 minutes (d) 34 minutes

12. Find the right number, from the given options, at the place marked by the question mark: 2, 4, 8, 32, 256, ?

(a) 4096 (b) 8192 (c) 512 (d) 1024

13. Find the number missing at question mark: 10, 11, 23, 39, 64, ?, 149

(a) 100 (b) 103 (c) 78 (d) 128

14. Sangam age in Indian history:

(a) First 3 or 4 centuries of AD (b) 4th and 5th centuries of AD (c) 7th century of AD (d) The period between 700 AD to 1000 AD

15. The Viceroy at the time of Jallianwalla Bagh Tragedy:

(a) Lord Curzon (b) Lord Minto II (c) Lord Chelmsford (d) Lord Irwin

16. Atlas Mountains situated in:

(a) Europe (b) Africa (c) South America (d) North America

17. The longest river of USA which drains into the Pacific Ocean:

(a) Missouri – Mississippi River (b) Colorado River (c) Rio Grande River (d) Colimbia River

18. At the time of extensive physical exercise, heart beat in a man is the maximum. In an average man this is:

(a) 100-125 per minute (b) about 200 per minute (c) about 250 per minute (d) 250 to 350 per minute

19. The term anemia means:

(a) lack of blood (b) blood clotting (c) lack of plasma (d) reduction in oxygen carrying capacity of blood

20. The social security scheme for the workers of the unorganized sector was launched in 2001 by:

(a) Dr. Manmohan Singh (b) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (c) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (d) Sonia Gandhi

21. The barbaric terrorist acts of serial blasts in Mumbai killing close to 200 people injuring over 700 others occurred on:

(a) 11 July 2006 (b) 7 July 2006 (c) 19 July 2006 (d) 2 July 2006

22. The smallest district in Kerala:

(a) Idukki (b) Wayanad (c) Kasargod (d) Alappuzha

23. The number of westward flowing rivers in Kerala:

(a) 44 (b) 41 (c) 40 (d) 38

24. The state surrounded on three sides by the international border:

(a) Arunachal Pradesh (b) Meghalaya (c) Nagaland (d) Mizoram

25. Which of the following is not correct for Money Bill?

(a) It can be introduced only in the Lokh Sabha (b) It can be introduced only on the recommendation of the President (c) It can be detained by the Rajya Sabha for a maximum period of six months (d) It can be introduced only by a minister

26. The Panchayat President is presiding ...... the function

(a) in (b) for (c) over (d) at

27. I saw an insane person ........ the road

(a) in (b) on (b) at (d) over

28. Choose the correct form of the word

(a) inflammatary (b) inflammatery (c) inflamatory (d) inflammatory

29. Which of the following is correctly spelled?

(a) collaberate (b) contraversy (c) incorrigible (d) harasment

30. “Ultra Virus†means:

(a) beyond one's strength or capacity (b) the other way around (c) in private (d) very good performance

31. Tom is the brother of Sunny. Tom is a son of Chandy. Thomas is Chandy's father. In terms of relationship what is Tom of Thomas?

(a) Grandson (b) Grandfather (c) Son (d) Father

32. Five girls are standing in the bus stop in a row facing South. Ambily is standing to the right of Divya. Anju is in between Divya and Mary. Bindu is standing extreme right. Who is standing exactly in the middle?

(a) Anju (b) Divya (c) Mary (d) Ambily

33. If independence day falls on Saturday and Thiruvonam is on 9th September, which day is Thiruvonam?

(a) Thursday (b) Monday (c) Friday (d) Wednesday

34. A super fast bus of KSRTC starting from Trivandrum and reaches Attingal in 45 minutes with an average speed of 40 km/hr. If the speed is increased by 10 km/hr how much time it will take to cover the same diatance?

(a) 34 minutes (b) 36 minutes (c) 38 minutes (d) 40 minutes

35. Bindu is older than Manju, but not as old as Devu. Indu is younger than Bindu but older than Lekshmi. Who is the oldest?

(a) Devu (b) Manju (c) Bindu (d) Indu

37. The difference between 6 times and 8 times of a figure is 14. what is the figure?

(a) 12 (b) 9 (c) 7 (d) 6

38. Cube of ¼ is:

  (a)1/32 (b)1/64 (c)1/16 (d)1/28

39. One fourth percent of 180 is:

(a) 4.5 (b) 0.45 (c) 0.045 (d) 45

40. A candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 40% marks to pass paper I. But he secured only 40 marks and failed by 20 marks. What is the maximum mark for paper I?

(a) 100 (b) 200 (c) 180 (d) 150

41. Which of the following sentences is correct?

(a) Five hundred rupees are big sum (b) Five hundred rupees is big sum (c) Five hundred rupees is a big sum (d) Five hundred rupees are a big sum

42. “Pedant†means:

(a) A person who makes an excessive show of learning (b) A person who knows the art or science of teaching (c) A person having a pen name (d) A person who tells a lie in a court

43. Something to be corrected in a printed book is:

(a) Conscript (b) Corrigendum (c) Choreography (d) Bibliography

44. Which is the opposite of the word “Meagre�

(a) Ample (b) Frugal (c) Scanty (d) Sparse

45. In a certain code language 'THOUGHT' is written as 7358237 and 'ROW' is written as 659. How is 'GROWTH' written in that code?

(a) 265982 (b) 659837 (c) 273573 (d) 265937

46.The first Buddhist Council was held during the reign of:

(a) Asoka (b) Kanishka (c) Ajatshatru (d) Samudra Gupta

47. Who invaded India 17 times between 1000-1026?

(a) Babar (b) Mahmud Ghazni (c) Mohammad Ghori (d) None of the above

48. Who was the first hero of the first war of Independence (1857)?

(a) Nana Sahib (b) Ahmed Shah (c) Baji Rao (d) None of the above

49. Kittur Rebellion (1824 – 29) led by:

(a) Chittur Singh (b) Narasimha Reddy (c) Annie Besant (d) Channamma

50. President of Amravati Session of Indian National Congress (1897)

(a) Dadabhai Naoroji (b) W.C. Banerjee (c) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (d) C. Sankaran Nair

51. Alaknanda is the source of the river:

(a) Indus (b) Ganga (c) Sabarmati (d) Tapi

52. Tidal forests are found in:

(a) Rajasthan, Saurashtra and Kutch (b) Parts of Haryana and Punjab (c) Ganga-Brahmaputra delta (d) Western Ghats

53. Kalahari desert is in:

(a) Africa (b) South America (c) West Asia (d) Europe

54. The republic of Cote D'Ivoire lies on the:

(a) West Coast of South America (b) West Coast of Africa (c) East Coast of Africa (d) Central Africa

55. Only continent which is crossed by equator, tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn:

(a) South America (b) Asia (c) Africa (d) North America

56. Refrigerator is invented by:

(a) Humphrey Devy (b) Claude (c) A.H. Taylor and L.C. Young (d) J. Harrison and A. Catlin

57. The total number of bones in the average human skeleton:

(a) 206 (b) 258 (c) 180 (d) 115

58. Prawn and Shrimp are examples of:

(a) Annelida (b) Mollusca (c) Protozoa (d) Crustaceans

59. In normal atmospheric air oxygen contains:

(a) 20 percent (b) 21 percent (c) 18 percent (d) 25 percent

60. The property by virtue of the bodies try to retain their constant linear motion is called:

(a) force (b) accelerator (c) inertia (d) energy

61. International year of Deserts and Desertification:

(a) 2006 (b) 2004 (c) 2001 (d) 2000

62. World's largest producer of pepper:

(a) India (b) Indonesia (c) Vietnam (d) Philippines

63. Magsaysay Award is based on the country:

(a) France (b) Germany (c) Japan (d) Philippines

64. National Institute of Sports is situated in:

(a) Patiala (b) Jhansi (c) Gwalior (d) Dera Dun

65. The country with the largest postal network in the world:

(a) U.S.A (b) India (c) Russia (d) China

66. Kerala's population as per 2001 census:

(a) 254.48 lakhs (b) 290.90 lakhs (c) 318.39 lakhs (d) 328.53 lakhs

67. In Kerala rice production touched its peak level in:

(a) Mid 1970's (b) Mid 1980's (c) Mid 1990's (d) After 2000

68. The most populated district in Kerala:

(a) Ernakulam (b) Malappuram (c) Thiruvananthapuram (d) Alappuzha

69. The first Malayalee to become Governor:

(a) Sardar K.M. Panikar (b) K.K. Viswanathan (c) Vakkom Purushothaman (d) V.P Menon

70. The Moplah Rebellion was in:

(a) 1906 (b) 1921 (c) 1927 (d) 1931

71. Elementary education became a fundamental right in India in:

(a) 1950 (b) 1921 (c) 1927 (d) 1931

72. Which one of the following is not an All India Service (It is Group A Central Service)?

(a) Indian Administrative Service (b) Indian Police Service (c) Indian Forest Service (d) Indian Postal Service

73. The term of office of Attorney General:

(a) 4 years (b) 5 years (c) up to the age of 65 (d) none of the above

74. The number of Schedules in Indian constitution:

(a) 12 (b) 9 (c) 11 (d) 8

75. Total number of seats in Lok Sabha:

(a) 540 (b) 543 (c) 550 (d) 525

76. “Circa†means;

(a) correct (b) alone (c) about (d) sure

77. “Vis-a-Vis†means:

(a) Face to face (b) the other way around (c) in private (d) none of the above

78. Which of the following is the correct form of the word?

(a) Jealousy (b) Jealesy (c) Jealasy (d) Jelousy

79. Pick out the word which is not the synonym of “Zealâ€Â

(a) Ardor (b) Distress (c) Fervor (d) Passion

80. Which is the opposite of the word “Demolish�

(a) Devastate (b) Raze (c) Erect (d) Ruin

81. If 'red' is called 'air', 'air' is called 'black', 'black' is called 'sky', 'sky' is called 'blue', 'blue' is called 'wind' and 'wind' is called 'white', where do birds fly?

(a) sky (b) air (c) black (d) blue

82. In a certain code language '069' means 'grapes are sweet', '476' means 'very sweet fruit' and '509' means 'grapes are ripe'. Which of the following digits means 'ripe' in that language?

(a) 9 (b) 7 (c) 5 (d) 0

83. If FINANCE is coded as GKQESIL then BANK is coded as:

(a) CCQO (b) CCPN (c) CBOL (d) CDRP

84. A mother is five times as old as her daughter. In 15 years she will be twice as old. How old is the mother at present?

(a) 20 years (b) 25 years (c) 30 years (d) 35 years

85. In one set there is one word which is different from the other. Find it out:

(a) Wheat, Rice, Barley, maize (b) Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (c) Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter (d) Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kanpur, Goa

86. The commencement of permanent Muslim rule in India in:

(a) 1030 (b) 997 (c) 1192 (d) 1236

87. Krishnadevaraya ruled Vijayanagar empire during the:

(a) First half of the 16th century (b) Second half of the 16th century (c) Second half of the 15th century (d) First half of the 17th century

88. Wahabi movement aimed at:

(a) Propagating teaching of Quran (b) Reorganize popular education system (c) Spreading liberal education among Muslims (d) Creating a homeland for Muslims

89. Which of the following continent is is nearer to Strait Gibralter?

(a) Asia (b) Africa (c) Australia (d) America

90. The Republic of Croatia lies in:

(a) Western Europe (b) Central Europe (c) North Eastern Europe (d) South Eastern Europe

91. Red soils are generally found in India in:

(a) Southern states (b) Northern states (c) Western states (d) North eastern states

92. Which of the following is Green house gas?

(a) Methane (b) Carbon dioxide (c) Nitrous oxide (d) All the above

93. Alzheimer's disease is a degenerative disease of the:

(a) lungs (b) brain (c) kidney (d) heart

94. Which of the following provides highest calories (Keal)?

(a) human milk (b) cow's milk (c) sheep's milk (d) buffalo's milk

95. Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority:

(a) President (b) Prime Minister (c) Union Minister of Environment and Forests (d) none of the above

96. Which of the following is the latest devastating natural disaster in India?

(a) The Kashmir earthquake (b) Hurricane Kathrina (c) The Indian ocean Tsunami (d) Earthquakes of Lathur and Bhuj

97. Which of the following is correct for the Hindu Succession Amendment Bill 2004 which the Parliament has passed in 2005?

(a) Giving equal rights to Hindu, Muslim and Christian women in the parental property as the sons have (b) Giving equal rights to Hindu women in paternal property as the sons have (c) Giving equal rights to Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh women including married daughters, in the parental property as the sons have (d) Giving equal rights to all women including married daughters in the parental property as the sons have

98. Which of the following is correct for the seasoned Malayalam film maker Adoor Goplakrishnan?

(a) He has been selected for the Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2004 (b) He has been selected for the Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2005 (c) He won the National Award for best film direction in 2004 (d) All the above

99. The number of ministries in the first communist government in Kerala:

(a) 9 (b) 11 (c) 14 (d) 19

100. At the time of formation Kerala on 1st November 1956, which was the form of government in the state?

(a) Congress government (b) Communist government (c) President rule (d) A caretaker government


1 C 11 A 21 A 31 A 41 C 51 B 61 A 71 C 81 D 91 A
2 D 12 B 22 D 32 B 42 A 52 C 62 A 72 C 82 C 92 D
3 B 13 A 23 B 33 D 43 B 53 A 63 D 73 B 83 A 93 B
4 D 14 A 24 A 34 B 44 A 54 B 64 A 74 A 84 B 94 D
5 A 15 C 25 C 35 A 45 D 55 C 65 B 75 C 85 D 95 B
6 D 16 B 26 C 36 D 46 C 56 D 66 C 76 C 86 C 96 A
7 C 17 A 27 B 37 C 47 B 57 A 67 A 77 A 87 A 97 B
8 D 18 B 28 D 38 B 48 A 58 D 68 B 78 A 88 A 98 B
9 B 19 A 29 C 39 C 49 D 59 A 69 D 79 B 89 B 99 B
10 C 20 C 30 A 40 D 50 D 60 C 70 B 80 C 90 B 100 C



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