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UPSC MODEL PAPER PATTERN 2008-09 (General Ability, General Medicine, Paediatrics) Paper - 3

UPSC MODEL PAPER PATTERN 2008-09 (General Ability, General Medicine, Paediatrics) Paper - 3

UPSC MODEL PAPER PATTERN 2008-09 (General ability, General medicine, Paediatrics) Paper - 3

81.Nikolsky’s sign is charachteristic of which one of the following?
a.steven-johnson’s syndrome
c.darier’s disease

82.A 60 yr old man with DM presents with painless, swollen rt ankle jt.radiograph of ankle shows bony distortion with joint disorganisation & a no. of loose bodies.What is the most probable diagnosis?
c.Charcot’s joint
d.Clutton’s joint

83.Following are features of MARFAN’S syndrome except:
b.reduced joint mobility
c.dislocation of lens
d.mitral regurgitation

84.Which is not the first rank symptom of schizophrenia?
a.auditary halluconation
b.insertion of thoughts
c.delutional percetion
d.compulsive acts that releives the tension

85.sECT is currently advocated as line of treatment in following conditions except:
a.catatonic schizophrenia
b.severe depression with psychosis
c.maniac depressive psychosis

86.Which of the following antiepileptic drug can be used as mood stabilising drug?
c.sodium valporate

87.Following are complication of cocain poisoning except:
a.angina & MI
b.epileptic seizures

88.Which one of the following disorder is auto. Recessive?
b.G6PD deficiency
c.myotonic dystrophy

89.ALPORT’S syndrome is charachterised by following except:
b.collagen type IV defect
d.sensorineural deafness

90.Which one of the following is not an alkalyting agent?

91.Following factors shift the oxygen dissociation curve to rt except:
c.increase in 2,3 DPG

92.Which one of the following doesn’t cause small vessel vasculitis?
a.churg-strauss syndrome
d.microscopic polyangitis

93.Following type of cancer commonly metastasize to CNS except:

94.High anion gap metabolic acidosis is seen in :
b.hyporeninemic hypoaldosteronism
c.proximal(type 2) renal tubular acidosis

95.Following biochemical markers are a measure of bone resorption except: phosphatase N-telopeptidase cross-linked C-peptidase
d.urine deoxy-pyridinoline

96.Following is not a charachteristic feature of rh.arthritis?
b.metacarpophalangeal joint involvement
c.symmetrical arthritis
d.positive rh. Factor

97.Read the following description of a cardiovascular examination :
“cardiac apex is displaced downward & putward with forcible apex & hyperkinetic precordium.There is no systolic thrill.First sound is masked by systolic murmur.Second sound is wide split,that becomes wider with inspiration.Athird sound is heard at apex.There is pansystolic mumur heard at apex & also left sternal border.Chest X-ray reveals elevation of theleft bronchus.â€
Which of the following disorder best siuts the description given above?
b.mitral regurgitation
d.tricuspid regurgitation

[snip].Usual causative organism of bronchiolitis in children ?
a.H.influnza type B
c.parainflunza type II

99.Consider the following :

Which of the above food item shud not be given to a child with celiac disease?

a.1 only
b.1 & 2only
d.3 only

100.Which of the following a/w anti-glomerular basement mebrane antibody?
a.IgA nephropathy
b.membranous glomerulonephritis
c.goodpasture syndrome
d.membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis

101.Match list I with listII & select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

        list I                                     list II
(hemolytic anemia)             (peri.smear finding)

A.ABO hemolytic ds.             1.microspherocytes

B.G6PD def.                         2.Heinz bodies

C.thalasemia                       3.basophilic stippling

D.rh.hemolytic ds                 4. nucleated red cells

a. 1 2 3 4
b. 1 3 2 4
c. 4 2 3 1
d. 4 3 2 1

102.Pseudohypoparathyroidism is charachterised by the following except:
b.index finger longer than middle
c.increase in space between fingers
d.normal serum calcium level

103.Massive aminoaciduria without a corresponding increase in plasma aminoa cid level is charachteristic of which one of the following diseases?
b.hartnup disease
d.maple syrup urine disease

104.What is the period of infectivity in measles?
a.from 7 days before to 7 days after rash
b.from 3 days before to 5 days after rash
c.from 9 days before to 12 days after rash
d.from 5 days before to 9 days after rash

105.Primary dentition is complete by which age?
a.1.5 yrs
b.2.5 yrs
c.3.5 yrs
4.5 yrs

106.Following about prenatal steroids are true except:
a.They cause 50% reduction in respiratory distress syndrome & intraventricular haemorrhage
b.These are advocated to mothers at risk of preterm delivery at 24-34 wks of gestation
c.These can be safely administered to mothers with hypertension & DM
d.These can be given even in presence of chorioamnionitis clinically

107.Following factors contribute to hypothermia in preterm babies except:
a.decreased subcutaneous fat & brown fat
b.large surface area in relation to body wt
c.less oxygen consumption
d.increased muscular activity

108.What is the defect in vit-D dependent type II rickets?
a.end-organ resistance to 1,25(OH)2 D
b.defective 25 hydroxylation in liver
c.defective 1 hydroxylation in kidney
d.defective absorption of calcium

109.You were posted at PHC catering to a population of 1,20,000.In the yr 2006,a total number of 2500 live born babies were delivered.Number of children dying under one yr of age during 2006 was 150.What is the infant mortality rate of this population?

110.When can a severely malnourished child be safely discharged from the hospital?
a.the child attins his ht. For age
b.the child reaches his ideal wt for ht
c.the child loses edema & starts gaining wt
d.the child attains wt for his age

111.In this q. a pedigree chart was given & its dianosis was asked!
Options were
c.color blindness
d.vit-D resistant rickets

112.Consider the following first aid measures with reference to a child with burns:
a.extinuish flames by rolling the pt. On ground
b.apply cold water or ice to burn area
c.apply a topical medication up the blisters

Which of the above first aid measures is/are recommended as immediate management of burns?
a.1 only
b.1,2 & 3 only
c.2& 4 only
d.1,2,3 & 4

113.Hair on end appearance on skull radiograph classically seen in which one of the following conditions?
d.chronic malaria

114.Match list I & list II & select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

      list-I                                                   list-II
    (tumor)                                     (histopath.characteristic)

a.rhabdomyosarcoma                     1.nodular sclerosing
b.hodgkin’s disease                       2.birbeck’s granules
c.langerhans cell                            3.small round cells


a. 3 1 2
b. 1 3 2
c. 3 2 1
d. 2 1 3

115.In a child with OP-poisoning which one of the following is correct order of priority in management?
a.Pralidoxime,diazepam,atropine,clear airway
b.clear airway,atropine,diazepam,prelidoxime
c.diazepam,atropine,clear airway,pralidoxime
d.atropine,pralidoxime,diazepam,clear airway

116.Measles vaccine at a primary health center shud be stored at which temprature?
a.–20 degree ceti. deg.cent
c.+2 to +8 degree.cent
d.any temp.not exceeding room temp.

DIRECTIONS: the following four items consists of two statements,one labelled as the “Assertion(A)†& the other as “Reason( R )â€.U are to examine these two statements carefully & select the answers to these items using the codes given below:
a.Both A & R are individually true & R is correct explanation of A
b.Both A & R are individually true but R is not the correct explanation of A
c.A is true but R is false
d.A is false bur R is true

117.Assertion ( A) :mortality rate is high for pneumonia due to MRSA
Reason (R ) : MRSA mainly affects individuals of extreme ages

118. Assertion (A) : For treatment of an episode of severe asthma,inhalation is the preffered route for inducing bronchodilatation.
Reason ( R) :Intravenous administration of bronchodilator offers no advantage over inhaled route.

119. Assertion (A) :proximal renal tubular acidosis is chracterised by hyperkalemia.
Reason ( R ) : metabolic acidosis leads to hyperkalemia by shifting potassium from intracellular to extracellular space.

120. Assertion (A ) : Preffered thrombolytic regimen for treatment of pulmonary thromboembolism is 100 mg of tPA administered as continuous peripheral intravenous infusion over 2 hrs
Reasons (R ): Pateints appear to respond to thrombolysis for upto 7 days after the pulmonary thromboembolism has occurred.



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