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51.Which of the constitution Amendment Acts seeks that the size of the Council of Ministers at the center and in a state must not exceed 15 percent of the total numbers in the Lok Sabha and the total number of members of the legislative Assembly of that state , respectively ?
a). 91st b). 93rd
c). 95th d). 97th

52.Consider the following statements :

1. The chairman of the committee on public Accounts is appointed by the speaker of the Lok Sabha.
2. The committee on Public Accounts Comprise Members of the Lok Sabha , Members of Rajya Sabha, and a few eminent persons of the industry and Trade.
Which of the statements given above/are correct.
a). 1 only b). 2 only
c). Both 1 and 2 d). Neither 1 nor 2

53. Which one of the following was associated with Acharya Vinoba Bhave,s Bhoodan Movement at the
beginning of the movement?

a). Udayagiri b). Rapur
c). Pochampalli d). Venkatagiri

54. Where is the famous Vijaya Vitala temple having its 56 carved pillars emitting musical noted located?

a) Belur b). Bhadrachalam
c). Hampi d). Srirangam

55. Assertion (A):
According to the wavell Plan, the Number of Hindu and Muslim members in the executive council were to be equal.

Reason ( R) :
Wavell thought that this arrangement would have avoided the partition of India.

56. Which one of the Following aroused a wave of popular indignation that led to the massacre by the British at Jaliawala Bagh?

a). The Arm Act b). The Public Safety Act
c). The Rowlatt Act d). The Vernacular Press Act

57.At which one of the following places did mahatma Gandhi first start his satyagraha in India?

a). Ahemdabad b). Bardoli
c). Champaran d). Kheda

58. Who Among the following started the newspaper Shome Prakash?

a). Dayanand Saraswati b). Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
c). Raja Rammohan Roy d). Surendranath Banerjee

59. The ruler of which on of the following states was removed from power by the British on the pretext of misgovernance.

a). Awadh b). Jhansi
c). Nagpur d). Satara

60. Who Among the following Europeans were the last to come to pre independence India Traders ?

a). Dutch b). English
c). French d). Potuguese

61. Consider the following statement :

1. Robert Clive was the first Governor General of Bengal
2. William Bentic was the first Governor general of India
Which of the statement given above is / are correct?
a) 1 only b). 2 only
c). both 1 and 2 d). Neither 1 or 2

62. Which one of the Following was the first fort Constructed by the British in India ?

a). Fort William b). Fort St. George
c). Fort St. David d). Fort St. Angelo

63. The Song ‘ Amar Sonar Bangla’ written during the Swadeshi Movement of India inspired the Liberation Struggle of Bangladesh and was adopted as the National Anthem of Bangladesh. Who wrote this song?

a) Rajni Kanta Sen b). Dwijendralal Ray
c). Mukunda Das d). Rabindra Nath tagore

64.The First factory Act restricting the working hours of women and children and authorizing local governments to make necessary rules was adopted during whose time?

a) Lord Lytton b). Lord Bentinck
c). Lord Ripon d). Lord canning

65.Who among the following wrote the book Bahubivah?

a). Raja Rammohan Roy b). Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar
c). Pandita Rambai d). Rabindranath Tagore

66. In which one of the following districts , have been reserves of diamond-bearing kimberlite been discovered in the recent past.

a). Hoshangabad b). Raipur
c). Sambalpur d). Warangal

67. Where is Copacabana Beach located?

a). Buenous Aires b). Hawaiian Islands
b). Rio de Janeiro d). Valletta

68. With reference to steel industry in India in the recent times , considering the following statements :

1. Vizag Steel Plant ( RINL ) has been declared Mini Ratna.
2. Merger of IISCO with SAIL has been completed.
Which of the statement given above is/ are correct?
a). 1 only b). 2 only
c). both 1 and 2 d). Neither 1 nor 2

69. The Stilwell Road , built in 1940s , which has recently in news connects with the following ?

a). Agartala in India and Yangon in Myanmar via Bangladesh.
b). Ledo in India and Kunming in China via Myanmar.
c). Kalimpong in India and Lhasa in Tibat via Bhutan
d). Imphal in India and Bangkok in Thailand via Myanmar .

70. Which one of the following is also known as Top Slip ?

a). Simlipal National Park b). Periyar Wildlife Sanchary
c). Manjira Wildlife Sanchary d). Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

71. Where are Shevarory Hills located ?

a) .Andhra Pradesh b). Karnataka
c). Kerala d). Tamilnadu

72. Which one of the following is the correct sequence in the decreasing order of production ( in million tones ) of the given food grains in India ?

a). Wheat – Rice – Pulses – Coarse Cereals b). Rice – Wheat – Pulse- Coarse Cereals
c). Wheat – Rice – Coarse cereals – pulse d). Rice – Wheat – Coarse Cereals – Pulse

73. What was the average distance ( apporoximate ) between the Sun and the earth ?

a). 70 * 105 Km b). 70 * 105 Km
c). 70 * 105 Km d). 70 * 105 Km

74. Which one of the following cities does not have the same clock time as that of the others cities at any given instant ?

a). London ( UK ) b). Lisbon ( Portugal )
c). Accra ( Ghana ) d). Addis Ababa ( Ethiopia )

75. Assertion ( A ) :
River Kalinadi is an east following river in the Southern Part of India.
Reason ( R ) : The Deccan Plateau is higher along its western edge and gently slopes towards the Bay of Bengal in the East.



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