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126. NASA’ s Deep impact space mission was employed to take detailed pictures of which comet nucleus?
a). Halley’s comet b). Hale-Bopp
c). Hyakutake d). Temple 1

127. MCA -21 is a major initiate taken up by the Government of India in which one of the following areas?

a). Foreign Direct investment in India b). Attracting international tourism
c). e-governance d). Modernization of Airports

128.Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
List-I (Person) List-II ( Known as )

A. John C Mather 1. Co-founder of Microsoft
B. Michael Griffin 2. space walker
C. Paul G Allen 3. Administrator of NASA
D. Piers Sellers 4. Nobel prize winner , 2006 in Physics

a). 4 1 3 2
b). 2 3 1 4
c). 4 3 1 2
d). 2 1 3 4

129. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

a). Cosmic Background : Satellite Programme Explorer ( COBE )
b). Falcon : Under sea cable system
c). Discovery : Space shuttle
d). Atlantis : Space station

130. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
List-I (Company) List-II ( Major Area/product)

A. Chevron 1. Wind Energy
B. AT&T 2. Oil
C. AMD 3. Telephone ,Internet
D. Enercon GmbH 4. Micro-processor
a). 2 1 4 3
b). 4 3 2 1
c). 2 3 4 1
d). 4 1 2 3

131. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

a). Williams Dickson : Motion Picture Film
b). Charles Babbage : Programmable Computor
c). Nicholas Stern : Construction Technology
d). Brian Greene : String Theory

132. What is the Galileo project which has been in news recently ?

a). An intercountry programme of missile shield developed by United State of America.
b). A Project developed by India with Assistance from Canada.
c). An Environmental Protection being developed by Japan.
d). A Multi-satellite navigation project being developed by the European Union.


Amit has five friends: 3 Girls and 2 boys . Amit’s wife is also has five friends: 3 boys and 2 girls. In How many maximum number of different ways can they invite 2 boys and two girls such that two of them are Amit’s friends and two are his wife’s?
a). 24 b). 38
c). 46 d). 48

Five balls of different colours are to be placed in the three different boxes such that any ox contains at least one ball. What is the maximum number of different ways in which this can be done?
a). 90 b). 120
c). 150 d). 180

All six letters of the name SACHIN are arranged to form different words without repeating any letter in any one word. The words so formed are then arranged as a dictionary . what will be the position of the word SACHIN in that sequence ?
a). 436 b). 590
c). 601 d). 751

Three dice (each having six faces with each face having one number from 1 to 6 are rolled. What is the number of possible outcomes such that at least one dice shows the number 2 ?
a). 36 b). 81
c). 91 d). 116

Groups each containing 3 boys are to be formed out of 5 boys – A , B , C , D and E such that no one group contains both C and D together. What is the maximum number of different groups?
a). 5 b). 6
c). 7 d). 8

Six faces of a cube are numbered from 1 to 6 , each face carrying one different number , further
1. The Face 2 is opposite to the face 6
2. The Face 1 is opposite to the face 5
3. The Face 3 is between the face 1 and face 5
4. The face 4 is adjacent to the Face 2 .
Which one of the following is correct?
a). The face 2 is adjacent to the Face 3
b). The Face 6 is between the face 2 and the face 4
c). The Face 1 is between the face 5 and the face 6
d). None of the above

. Each of the 3 persons is to be given some identical items such that product of the numbers of items received by each of the three persons is equal to 30. In How many maximum different ways can this distribution be done.
a). 21 b). 24
c). 27 d). 33

. 6 equidistance vertical lines are drawn on a board. 6 equidistance horizontal lines are also drawn on the board cutting the 6 vertical lines and the distance between any two consecutive horizontal lines is equal to that between any two consecutive vertical lines. What is the maximum number of square thus formed?
a). 37 b). 55
c)126 d). 225

A person has to completely put each three liquids , 403 liters of petrol , 465 liters of diesel and 496 liters of mobile oil in bottles of equal size without mixing any the above three types of liquids such that each bottle is completely filled.
What is the least possible number of bottles required?
a). 34 b).44
c). 46 d). None of the above

. A and B can complete work together in 5 Days. If A works at twice his speed and B at half of his speed, this work can be finished in 4 days. How many days would it take for A alone to complete the Job.
a). 10 b). 12
c). 15 d). 18

If all the numbers from 501 to 700 are written , what is the total number of times does the digit 6 appear?
a). 138 b). 139
c). 140 d). 141

Amit starts from a point A and walks to another point B and then returns from B to A by his car and thus takes a total time of 6 hours and 45 minutes. If he had driven both ways in his car , he would have taken 2 hours less. How long would it take for him to walk both ways?
a). 7 hours 45 minutes b). 8 Hours 45 minutes
c). 8 hours 30 minutes d). 8 hours 45 minutes

A Train completes a journey with a few stoppages in between at an average speed of 40 Km per hour. If the train had not stooped anywhere , it would have completed the journey at an average speed of 60 Km per hour . On an average , how many minutes per hour does the train stop during the journey ?
a). 20 minutes per hour b). 18 minutes per hours
c). 15 minutes per hours d). 10 minutes per hours

The average salary of 100 employees in an office is Rs 16000 per month . The management decided to raise salary of every employee by 5 % but stooped a transport allowance of Rs 800 per month which was paid earlier to every employee. What will be the new average monthly salary?
a). Rs 16000 b). Rs 16500
c). Rs 16800 d). cannot be known since data are insufficient

Three identical vessels A, B and C are filled with water , mercury and Kerosene respectively up to the equal height . The three vessels are provided with identical taps at the bottom of the vessels. If three taps are opened simultaneously, then which vessel is emptied first ?
a). Vessel B b). All the Vessels A , B and C will be emptied simultaneously
c). Vessel A d). Vessel C



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