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IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Philosophy (1979)

IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Philosophy (1979)

IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Philosophy (1979)

Paper-I-Philosophy-1979 (Mains)


1. Distinguish critical realism from neo-realism. Discuss briefly the critical realists’ theory of perception.

2. Distinguish between idealism from subjective idealism and absolute idealism. Is the idealistic position tenable?

3. Discuss briefly the empiricist’s view of the origin of ideas. How does Locke show that reflection is based on sensation?

4. Explain briefly the different types of Existentialism. Analyze the existentialistic conception of freedom.

5. Are metaphysical statements meaningless? Answer with reference to logical positivism.


6. Can Vyapti be established? Answer with reference to Carvaka.

7. Explain and examine Nyaya theory of extra-ordinary perception. (Alaukikia Pratyaksa).

8. Discuss briefly the Samkhya view of the relation between Pursua and Prakriti.

9. What is the nature of liberation? Answer with reference to Samkara.

10. Write notes on an, two of the following:
(i) Upamana
(ii) Satkaryaváda
(iii) Abhava
(iv) Atman

Paper-II-Philosophy-1979 (Mains)


1. What is the nature of Philosophical thinking? Show how Philosophy affects life.

2. With reference to the Indian Constitution elaborate the meaning of ‘Secularism’.

3. Explain the values which Democracy upholds.

4. Compare and evaluate the ideologies of Communism and Sarvodaya.

5. Write critical notes on any two of the following:
(i) Theocracy
(ii) Total Revolution
(iii) Caste System
(iv) Modernity


6. What is the subject-matter of Philosophy of Religion? Clearly distinguish it from Theology.

7. Bring out the elements of Reason and Faith underlying religious belief.

8. Mention the various arguments for the existence of God and critically explain any one of them.

9. What is the problem of Evil? What, in your opinion, is its solution?

10. Write critical notes on any two of the following:
(i) Mysticism
(ii) Immortality of Soul
(iii) Religious Conversion
(iv) Universal Religion



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